Trump’s INSANE-o-nomics: Govt. will pay Americans to sit at home and collect $15 / hour while small businesses collapse from lack of labor during attempted “recovery”
04/12/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Trump’s INSANE-o-nomics: Govt. will pay Americans to sit at home and collect $15 / hour while small businesses collapse from lack of labor during attempted “recovery”

Clarification: The comments about this article led me to realize I didn’t do a good job explaining the timing of all this. The lockdowns are ending May 1st, based on current talk from the White House. Yet the “bailout money” paychecks will keep being paid to people for three additional months (at least), and probably extending through the election. So as the employers and small businesses are trying to reopen in May, which workers will have any incentive to go back to work when they get paid as much as $965 / week in some states to sit home and NOT work? I can understand the temporary payments during mandatory lockdowns, but to keep paying people to NOT work when the economy is open again and jobs need to get done is totally insane. That’s the issue here. And no, I never called for any bailouts at all. I’ve also called for ending the lockdowns in a sensible way to get America back to work.

Here’s the original article:

We’re not sure how President Trump thinks there’s going to be anything resembling an economic “recovery” when tens of millions of American workers are being paid $15 / hour by the government to sit at home and do nothing. For millions of Americans, this create zero incentive to get a job, since most of the lower-level jobs pay less than $15 / hour.

At the same time, the U.S. government has now largely paused the H-2B visa program for foreign workers, depriving millions of U.S. businesses the labor pool that’s normally needed to fill jobs in agriculture, landscaping, manufacturing and other sectors. These are jobs that many American workers refuse to accept, since Americans largely feel they should not have to “stoop” to low-level labor jobs.

By paying American workers to stay home and do nothing while blocking the visa program for foreign workers, President Trump is strangling small business to death. No workers means no business, and that will very quickly lead to widespread bankruptcies. In fact, it has already begun.

We are looking at the deliberate extermination of small businesses across America

The economic damage of the coronavirus is nothing compared to the economic damage now being caused by the Trump administration paying tens of millions of Americans $15 / hour to sit at home and not work. No economy can function when the labor force is paid to do nothing.

The massive liquidity pumping of the Fed may temporarily reinflate the stock market to create the appearance of economic activity, but if small businesses can’t get anyone to show up and work, it’s all a cheap facade. The markets will crumble sooner or later as economic reality hits home. And this time, it will go far beyond “too big to fail” and reach too big to BAIL.

A catastrophic market collapse is coming, and the GDP is about to get slaughtered. Small businesses across America will declare bankruptcy by the hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — and the only businesses left standing will be the large, politically-connected corporations that are getting bailout money from the Trump administration.

In other words, the government now decides the winners and losers, not the free market. It’s not capitalism, in other words. It’s cronyism.

The free market has ceased to function in America

The free market is now dead in America. Asset prices are no longer decided through “price discovery,” they’re set by the Fed which is now¬†buying up corporate bonds including junk bonds. Capitalism has been suffocated to death under the flood of helicopter money. The economic policies being rolled out by President Trump, the Treasury and the Fed are national suicide in the long run, as they will collapse the small business sector, destroy the dollar and lead to mass unemployment at a scale no living American has ever seen.

A wave of the “new homeless” will soon appear in cities and towns across America. Food bank lines will extend for miles. The unemployment rate will hit 30% and keep climbing. The GDP will plunge and America will be headed for financial collapse followed by social collapse. America is on track to become Venezuela, in other words.

As this is happening, Trump will extend the free money bailouts through the November elections, essentially buying off the voters to vote for more Trump-style socialism, all while small businesses suffocate and die from a lack of labor. This is sheer insanity.

Here’s a visual representation of the total market insanity that has been unleashed. This viral photo captures CNBC broadcasting “The Dow’s Best Week Since 1938” while a ticket subhead declares, “More than 16M Americans have lost jobs in 3 weeks.” The disconnect is nauseating.

Here’s another example: As airport traffic is down 96% from last year, Airline stocks are booming thanks to bailouts and fiat currency liquidity pumping by the Fed:

Despite all the Soviet-style efforts to artificially pump up the numbers for a little longer, Trump’s policies have become the economic equivalent of a nuclear bomb, and the radiation cloud of economic fallout will poison the economic landscape of America for decades to come. No one will be left untouched by this government-induced economic catastrophe.

And no, a Democrat couldn’t have done any worse because Trump’s policies skipped over “progressivism” and went right to socialism. President Trump is carrying out the Bernie Sanders economic plan for America, right in front of our eyes. The central planners have won. Functioning markets have been abandoned. Price discovery is a distant memory and the central planners are now controlling all the (broken) knobs and levers of the economy, leading us all to certain disaster.

The most important principle of any free market economy is to let the markets determine the efficient allocation of resources. That means you let the free market determine when to fire employees and when to hire them. Right now, some businesses are thriving and well positioned to grow, yet they cannot hire employees because everyone is being paid to sit at home and do nothing. Trump’s economic “recovery” will never materialize in real numbers, even if the stock market can be reinflated with fake fiat currency. We are about to witness a world where the unemployed masses will be told the economy is awesome because the stock market is artificially inflated to create the illusion of “growth.”

It’s all a sick, suicidal joke.

This misguided effort to protect the paychecks of the workers will heavily burden employers with excessive labor costs at a time when they should be adapting for survival by trimming payrolls, thereby protecting the existence of the company so that some of the jobs can be saved. Instead, Trump’s policies will obliterate many companies from top to bottom, leading to mass unemployment and a broken economy.

President Trump, in other words, is ushering in an almost Biblical-scale economic apocalypse that wasn’t caused by the virus, but rather by fiscal stupidity and hubris. For the sake of trying to create the impression of a rising stock market, President Trump is sacrificing millions of small businesses across America and throwing in with the few surviving mega-corporations run by globalists: Amazon, Google, Walmart and so on.

Peter Schiff explains touches on some of this in his recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show, where I was a fill-in host:

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