5-Day, 5-step nic-quit: The five basic steps to quitting nicotine forever
05/16/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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5-Day, 5-step nic-quit: The five basic steps to quitting nicotine forever

Are you ready to do the 5-step “nic” quit? It’s easy. It’s scientifically proven to help you kick the cravings for nicotine without any drugs or chemical prescriptions. In America, there are 35 million smokers, 10 million vape connoisseurs, plus over 5 million smokeless tobacco users (think chew or dip).

That’s 50 million people in this country alone who have a “nic fit” every 20 to 40 minutes, and simply must get their fix to remove the nicotine hangover when the previous drag wears off. Yes it’s a vicious cycle, but that fire can be extinguished, and it’s not as difficult as people might think. In fact, it’s rather easy, if you know the 5 steps, but if you don’t, you may remain a user for years, even decades. Are you one of them?

One day soon you’ll try to quit, again. You’ll want to quit, but will you know how? There are some really bad choices out there for “quit methods” and there are some sensible, natural ones. Nothing, though, works as well as the 5-Day, 5-Step Nic-Quit. It’s natural. It’s organic. It’s clean. You’ll have no nicotine cravings anymore. Here’s what you do.

The 5-Day, 5-Step Nic-Quit

Follow these steps to quit nicotine forever:

  1. Filter food chemicals OUT of your daily intake, including bleached foods (white), tap water, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and canola oil.
  2. Raise your dopamine levels naturally with a superfood called mucuna that’s safe, effective, and science-backed by clinical and peer-reviewed research.
  3. Take vitamin B-12 supplement, such as methylcobalamin, that’s easily used by your body to help balance your central nervous system.
  4. Take high quality trace minerals that include zinc to boost your immune system that’s been severely compromised by the nicotine that’s constricted your blood vessels all this time and constricted blood and oxygen flow throughout your body.
  5. Find a way to exercise for about 20 minutes a day (can be two 10-minute segments). Light exercise is fine, like walking or jogging. Do not strain yourself or make yourself miserable. Just enough to get the heart pumping, the vitamins flowing, and to help you detoxify. Add in some breathing exercises and you’re on your way!

Phenomenal, effective natural remedies to add into the mix for energy, pleasure and relief

There are also other natural remedies you can combine with mucuna, trace minerals, and vitamin B-12 to help supplement your needs and desires as you journey through to this natural lifestyle that will reward you for decades to come. Consider ginger, ginseng, lobelia (for reducing anxiety), cayenne pepper (sold as supplement and helps with lung health), valerian root (helps with sleeping), arginine (helps with libido, along with the mucuna), and start getting a full body massage from a therapist regularly.

Many nicotine “veterans” have problems with their sex drive or “libido.” This can have to do with many imbalances of hormones in your body, including serotonin and dopamine. There are foods that can enhance the libido, especially once you come off the nicotine and supplement with mucuna and zinc.

Start off with some almonds that are high in zinc. This works for both women and men, by the way. Then get some black raspberries, preferably organic so there’s no pesticides to kill the potency and flavor. This will help with long-term sexual vitality. If you want some extra L-arginine, as mentioned earlier as a supplement, grab some organic oatmeal, and boost that blood flow.

Lastly, chow down on some juicy watermelon, as it contains citrulline, a nutrient proven by science to have that “Viagra-style” effect on the libido.

Tune your internet dial to StopSmoking.news for updates on ways to build up your immunity so you won’t catch COVID-19. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News. Enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

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