Take your bug-out bag to the next level with these 8 potential upgrades
06/08/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Take your bug-out bag to the next level with these 8 potential upgrades

Your bug-out bag needs to contain the essentials, such as clothing, a first aid kit, a self-defense weapon, a tent for shelter and enough food and water to last you for 72 hours. However, if you have enough space in your bug-out bag, consider adding some other items that can increase your chances of survival. Here are eight items that may be able to help you get through whatever emergency you’re facing. (h/t to UrbanSurvivalSite.com)

Collapsible water container

Collapsible water containers are portable, durable and very easy to store. This makes them ideal to use while you’re out in a hike or during emergency situations. Having a water container around while you’re bugging out is useful as it provides you with some clean water to use for drinking, cooking or cleaning. As an added bonus, having a reusable and collapsible water container around is a very eco-friendly alternative to using multiple plastic water bottles.

Paracord spool

Having paracord in your bug-out bag is essential because it quite literally has dozens of potential survival uses. However, without a way of keeping your paracord tied up, it can get tangled in your bag and become very difficult to extract. Having a spool keeps your paracord organized and keeps it from messing up your bug-out bag.

Rain cover

A good prepper needs to be ready to handle most kinds of weather. Having a rain cover for your bug-out bag helps you in this regard. A good rain cover can protect your bag and the gear and supplies in it from getting soaked in the rain.

First aid handbook

Your first aid kit is useless if you don’t know how to use it. Ideally, you should prepare by signing up for first aid training classes that can teach you how to care for injuries and prevent them from getting any worse. But even so, there will still be many injuries and conditions that you might not be prepared for. Having a first aid handbook around gives you a better chance of dealing with these possible conditions. (Related: Why first aid training is a must for all preppers.)

Face mask

A face mask – such as a cloth, surgical or dust mask – is important to have in your bug-out bag. If you are bugging out due to a disease outbreak, having a surgical face mask can help shield you from any viral or bacterial particles in the air. A dust mask can keep your face shielded from abnormal weather patterns, and a cloth mask with a camouflage pattern on it can help you blend in with your environment and remain undetected.

Pocket chainsaw

If you need to saw through fallen trees to clear a path, cut up some branches for firewood or cut up a tree to help fortify your shelter, having a pocket chainsaw around can be helpful. It will make the work less physically straining and it will do the work faster than a machete or a wire saw.

Sanitation kit

Hygiene is important, even during survival situations. Staying clean keeps you from becoming infected with a disease that you might not be prepared to deal with. Build a proper survival sanitation kit so you can stay clean during these difficult times.

Socks and underwear

A good prepper has a set of spare clothes in his bug-out bag. However, you will need more socks and underwear, especially if you’re expecting to face inclement weather. Wearing soggy socks and underwear for long periods of time can take a toll on your morale. Keep your spirits up by bringing several sets of socks and underwear.

Bugging out is a difficult task, and to do it successfully, you need to invest a lot of time and resources into your gear and your skills. Learn more about how to do this at BugOut.news.

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