COLLAPSE of Democrat-run cities now imminent as TRUCKERS say they will refuse delivering to cities with de-funded police
06/13/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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COLLAPSE of Democrat-run cities now imminent as TRUCKERS say they will refuse delivering to cities with de-funded police

God bless the truckers! News is breaking today that nearly 4 out of 5 truckers across America will refuse to make deliveries to cities where Democrats have de-funded or abolished the police.

Truckers are the lifelines to cities, bringing food, fuel, medicine and other essential items into cities (which are artificial constructs that depend on imports just to survive). Sadly, truckers get little credit for their crucial role in keeping society running, and truckers put their lives at risk when they roll into Democrat-run cities that are collapsing into Black Lives Matter chaos and terrorism. (BLM is now understood to mean Burn, Loot and Murder.)

The mad violence, looting and “reparations” demands of lunatic Left-wing terrorist groups means that trucks full of supplies are among the high-risk targets. Truck drivers aren’t fools, and they are increasingly deciding to avoid carrying loads into cities where anarchy-oriented Leftists / Democrats are de-funding or abolishing police.

Just yesterday, the city council of Minneapolis voted to completely disband the police department. Once implemented, this will plunge Minneapolis into a third world scenario of lawlessness and total chaos, perhaps making Ilhan Omar feel right at home as she successfully brings the lawlessness of her home country to America. (Fact: Minneapolis, with an enormous number of immigrants from Somalia, is now the No. 1 radical Islamic terrorism recruitment city in America.)

77% of truckers say they will refuse to deliver to cities where police are de-funded

“Truck driving is historically ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported truck driving as the most deadly job in the country,” writes, a site dedicated to commercial trucking.

“Truck drivers have spent the last year on the front line of a global pandemic and protests. Now many are fearful of what might happen if police departs disband or are defunded.”

CDL Life, which has a mobile app, ran a poll that asked commercial truck drivers if they would deliver loads to cities where police departments have been de-funded or abolished. So far, 77% of respondents said they would refuse to deliver loads to such cities.

As explains, some of the responses from truckers include:

– I will not deliver to an area with a disbanded police department. My life matter and I do this for my family. We are already at the mercy of these towns and cities with laws and hate against us for parking, getting a meal or even using a restroom.

– For my own safety and security of my customers’ loads, I have already informed my dispatcher that I will refuse all loads to cities that have defunded their police departments.

– …if something was to happen and you have to take matters into your own hands, and then you risk being prosecuted for protecting yourself.

As I wrote in January of this year in an important story that warned about a “super supply chain crisis” hitting America’s cities:

Radical left-wing domestic terrorism groups such as Antifa routinely stage physical assaults on Trump supporters across America, using deadly weapons and mob violence to commit acts of intimidation against their political opponents. The idea that these radical left-wing groups might quickly escalate their tactics into city-wide chaos, murder and mayhem is no stretch of the imagination. This seems to be their plan.

Yes, I wrote that in January. So don’t believe those who say, “Nobody saw this coming.” We saw this coming!

Without truck loads full of goods, every city collapses into total chaos within 96 hours

By de-funding or abolishing police, radical left-wing Democrats (“DEMONcrats”) are deliberately pushing their own cities toward collapse and chaos so they can then blame Trump for all the problems they caused themselves.

Every city in America collapses into chaos inside of 96 hours if the trucks stop rolling. Grocery stores, for example, only stock enough food for about 2-3 days of normal grocery shopping. Once the deliveries cease, the sudden increase in purchasing from the locals will wipe out grocery store shelves in less than 24 hours.

If you thought the George Floyd riots were bad, that was just a tiny taste of what you’ll see once deliveries of food, fuel, medicine and consumer goods are halted.

It also begs the question: Who will be stupid enough to drive trucks full of goods into left-wing cities that have collapsed into chaos and “warlord” autonomous zones where police are banned?

Nobody, of course.

Perhaps the city council members who voted to abolish the police can try to find an available rig and deliver a few truckloads of products themselves, but it won’t be enough. Cities need a steady supply of large volumes of trucks to restock the shelves at grocery stores and big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Imagine the total panic when cities like Los Angeles run out of toilet paper and frozen burritos.

And with Walmart now donating $100 million to left-wing terrorism-linked groups, it seems that even corporate America is so stupid that they will empower the very terrorists who are going to destroy the cities and gut their own retail stores (which will be mercilessly looted).

Behold your new liberal “utopia” depicted in this video, as looters ransack the local Target store. This is what’s coming to every city in America that’s run by terror-supporting democrats:

Here’s another scene of what you can look forward to if you live in a city run by Democrats, a political party that now overtly supports left-wing terrorists, anarchy and lawlessness:

And here’s a scene from the Oakland riots from a few years ago, when looters ransacked a truck and set fire to buses. This is just a small taste of what’s to come across America’s democrat-run cities:

This underscores the critical urgency of getting out of the cities while you still can

By destroying the rule of law, Democrats are making their cities unsafe for the execution of basic functions (such as commercial deliveries) upon which the citizens rely for basic survival. A city without police protection, run by left-wing warlords and Black Lives Matter terrorist gangs, is a city that cannot function. Yet this is exactly what Democrats are doing quite deliberately, including the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington, both of whom are actively supporting rogue left-wing terrorist cells that have already seized six city blocks of downtown Seattle and declared themselves to be a new sovereign nation.

The critical takeaway from this is that every person living in a U.S. city needs to double down on their efforts to bug out from those cities as quickly as possible. This is not a temporary weekend getaway; it needs to be a permanent relocation out of the cities and into a low-density rural area. The cities are rapidly collapsing into a level of lawnessless that will soon lead to a collapse of food supplies. And once that happens, everything descends into chaos and gang warfare. The police will be unable to protect you. Heck, they can’t protect you now.

Democrat city “leaders,” if you can even call them that, have already proven that they will side with left-wing terrorists rather than protect their own citizens. Even though Americans who live in cities are paying sky-high property taxes that are supposed to provide services such as a 911 police response, the police are now being de-funded and abolished. Some sections of the cities — such as in Seattle — are being completely surrendered to terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter, which openly advocates the killing of police and executions of white people.

Thus, even if you are paying the city property taxes, you aren’t getting city services. Instead, your cities are being handed over to terrorist cells with names like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both of which are radical extremist terrorist organizations.

Only rural America will fight back (and shoot back) against left-wing terrorist groups

Since you can’t rely on clueless Democrats to assert the rule of law, your only play at this point is to get out of the cities and create physical distance between yourself and the hoards of starving looters who will soon be attempting to scour the countryside, looking for food and shelter.

Once the Black Lives Matter terrorists exit the cities and leave the protections of the corrupt Democrat mayors, they will enter rural counties where they will be met with an overwhelming kinetic response from armed rural citizens and sheriff’s departments. The Black Lives Matter terrorist groups can’t survive in rural America, because rural Americans will shoot back and hold their ground, unlike left-wing city dwellers who have been disarmed and transformed into weak-willed “white guilt” jellyfish who bow down and lick the boots of black extremist terrorist groups like BLM.

If you wish to survive the collapse of the cities — something I’ve been warning about for many years — your window of opportunity to get out is rapidly collapsing.

In 2017, we published, “ANALYSIS: The big cities most likely to collapse into violence and social unrest.”

In 2015, we published, “America’s cities will collapse into utter chaos the day the EBT cards stop working.”

Early this year, I wrote about the “super supply chain crisis,” talking about how, “America’s cities may collapse into war zones.” From that story, published in January, before the pandemic was even news:

James Lab issued a Dec. 17th press release in which he warned of “nationwide riots that will impede truckers’ ability to make deliveries of products for Americans’ consumption.” Those supplies include food, fuel, medicine, ammunition and other supplies on which Americans depend each day.

Radical left-wing domestic terrorism groups such as Antifa routinely stage physical assaults on Trump supporters across America, using deadly weapons and mob violence to commit acts of intimidation against their political opponents. The idea that these radical left-wing groups might quickly escalate their tactics into city-wide chaos, murder and mayhem is no stretch of the imagination. This seems to be their plan.

In other words, yes, we saw all this coming. We do you think I live way out in the country, far from any city, surrounded by rugged rural country? It’s because my entire ranch is basically one giant rifle range, and I know the ranges and the ballistics holds for every landmark on the ranch. The zombies won’t get far in rural Texas. You can bank on that.

You should really watch the whole series of “The Joy of Shooting” that I filmed in central Texas with some of my military buddies. Over several episodes, they teach you the basics of shooting and self-defense. Check it out:

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