How many millions of immune-compromised Americans will catch coronavirus and die from it all because they got the flu shot first?
08/04/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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How many millions of immune-compromised Americans will catch coronavirus and die from it all because they got the flu shot first?

Are you worried about getting unnecessary infections in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic? Then definitely say NO to getting a flu shot this year. The risk of coronavirus infection goes way up if you decide to get the infamous toxic jab, and there’s scientific research to back it all up. We already know that the multi-dose flu shot is loaded with 25,000 times the mercury that the EPA says is a dangerous level to watch for when consuming fish and tap water. We already know that 75 percent of the vaccine industry settlements for injuries, totaling over $4 billion to date, attributes directly to “adverse events” from the influenza vaccine, a.k.a. the dreaded flu shot.

Now we’re finding out from randomized, placebo-controlled trials in children that flu shots INCREASE the risk by nearly 500 percent for catching coronavirus (and other acute respiratory infections caused by non-influenza viruses). Yes, the study was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) this past February, 2020. The research showed an odds ratio of 4.91 for the children who got the flu shot as being nearly five times as vulnerable to coronavirus.

Meanwhile, was there any mainstream media coverage of any of this? Crickets.

Most people who die from the seasonal flu die for several other reasons. Usually they are obese, diabetic and on prescription medications already. Most of them are fighting cancer too, even if they don’t know it yet or even ever find out. What scientists have figured out is that influenza vaccines literally ALTER our immune systems and other immune mechanisms, increasing “susceptibility to other infections,” as observed with several different vaccines, including DTP.


Realize also that DTP is a triple combination jab for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. Much like the MMR, these combo jabs are highly unpredictable by nature, and never have been proven safe for humans. The “sacred cow” flu shot isn’t so sacred anymore, unless you WANT to catch coronavirus. Mainstream media is forbidden 100 percent from ever saying anything negative about a vaccine, or publishing facts about injured children’s families getting compensation.

Bombshell study finds flu-vaccinated children have 440% increased risk of catching other respiratory infections, including coronavirus

Influenza vaccines suppress the immune system, opening the gates for the pathogens, viruses and bacterial infections. The flu shot is an enabler of covid. In other words, coronavirus is exploiting the chance to attack people who’s immune system is compromised by injections that contain “live strains” of multiple influenza viruses, high doses of mercury (thimerosal with aluminum to help it cross the blood-brain barrier), and genetically modified, infected animal cells.

Check the CDC vaccine ingredient website if you must see with your own two eyes. Watch out for the following deadly ingredients in most flu jabs:

Squalene (known to cause auto-immune disease), polysorbate 80 (synthetic oil), neomycin (yes, they’re injecting antibiotics into children), formaldehyde (embalming fluid for dead humans), mercury, canine kidney, genetically modified and mutated egg proteins, monosodium glutamate (Yes, they inject concentrated salts known as MSG that can give infants brain damage), and hydrolyzed porcine gelatin (that’s cooked and reduced pig hooves, pig muscle tissue and pig cartilage). It’s medical fraud and the CDC knows it. Guilty.

There is no way the “science is settled” on vaccines and it never will be

The irony of the entire vaccine industry “religion” is that none of it is based in science. Independent studies that the vaccine industry can’t control always reveal alarming dangers. In fact, there are no controlled trials  by the industry that demonstrate a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination, so what’s the use of getting it? Nobody seems to know. They warn you of this lack of effectiveness right on the vaccine insert that nobody ever reads. Every method of modern flu vaccination causes viral strains to mutate, so the immunity that the corrupt, liable-free industry (and the puppet masters at the CDC) claim you “might get” is not even conferred, so it’s useless.

In other words, what comes out of the lab and goes into your muscle tissue is genetically modified and manipulated, while the flu going around the country/world is a wild version that doesn’t even match any antibodies you may have produced. The science is never “settled” or it wouldn’t be science.

Most people who die from the flu have already received a flu shot, and more than once, even though the vaccine insert tells you not to get more than one in your lifetime. Last year, close to a million Americans went to the hospital with the flu, and 80,000 died from it. The flu, just like covid, is not a single, static virus. There are many strains and it morphs constantly, making it a moving target that vaccines cannot “hit” or eliminate.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on the Cannibal-Covid-Series of dirty vaccines that will contain human abortion cells and other deadly contaminants you don’t want in your blood or muscle tissue. It’s all a rigged narrative to have you succumb to poisonous vaccines that may just exterminate 100 million Americans over the next couple years.

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