Society must be defen-estrated
By News Editors // Nov 06, 2022

I. First principles

This is a genocide.

This is a genocide.

This is a genocide.

(Article by Toby Rogers republished from

I know, it’s hard to wrap one’s head around it. We’re all in shock and it’s hard to see the bigger picture. But the sooner we face the world as it is, the better our chances of survival.

Pharma murdered the most beloved public health figure in the world (Paul Farmer), the head of the AFL-CIO (Richard Trumka), and the Oracle engineer who set up the V-Safe tracking system (Joel Kallman) — and no one in mainstream society said a word.

Pharma murdered Hank Aaron, DMX, Michael Kenneth Williams, Marvin Hagler, Midwin Charles, and Coolio — and no one in the mainstream Black community said a word.

Blue green milk pours from mothers’ breasts. Menstrual cycles are completely out of whack. Fertility is plummeting to zero. Pfizer, the FDA, and CDC lied about miscarriages. And not a single mainstream women’s group has said a word.

All cause mortality is up even though Covid fatalities are down. Kids keel over at soccer practice, reporters collapse live on air, Tony Fauci has wiped out 2 years of life expectancy for the average American. And no one in mainstream society says a word.

The inventors of CRISPR received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry during a global pandemic caused by CRISPR. Tony Fauci received a million dollar prize for “Speaking Truth to Power” during a pandemic that he started that has killed more than 6 million people. Career FDA administrator Janet Woodcock, who helped to created the opioid epidemic and the Covid-19 vaccine iatrogenocide, was recently given a lifetime achievement award. Because:

This is a genocide.

This is a genocide.

This is a genocide.

II. What’s driving this?

The most lethal force in the world right now is the unholy alliance of Pharma, Bill Gates, the WEF, the WHO, DoD, the Davos crowd, the global financial industry, and the tech industry.

They are eagerly and actively destroying our health, the food supply, and the energy sector so that they can monopolize the world economy.

Their dream is global totalitarianism based on 24/7 surveillance and control over every living being on the planet. If they can control the inputs they can control the outputs. We are the inputs.

Our entire system is set up to develop, select for, and reward psychopaths.

Over time the system seems to accelerate and get better and better at producing psychopathy.

But none this would be possible without the willing participation of society itself.

III. The bougie worldview — “Society Must be Defended”

The phrase, “Society must be defended” emerged from the lectures delivered by philosopher Michel Foucault at the Collège de France in 1975-1976. Foucault was trying to figure out how societies work, what makes them tick, and what unseen forces guide the decisions and values of a society. He called it a “genealogy of power”.

The lectures were a critique and a criticism of the way that society deals with “the other” — whether that other is someone of a different race or someone considered “abnormal”. Society is not all that different from the tribalism of a high school clique that derives its power from defining an “in group” and an “out group”. Once the in group has been established it takes on a life of its own and members will say or do anything to protect the privileges that come from being on the inside. Values no longer matter — except the value of belonging to the tribe.

The tragedy and paradox of Foucault is that his legions of followers have now taken power throughout the developed world and they are the most rigid, vile, clueless fascists ever. Our society is now organized around the iatrogenocide — it gives society purpose and meaning. Yet our society is so poisoned and confused, everything is an other that is suspect — the air, our food, our neighbor, our own bodies.

The in group is the Pharma cartel and everyone who works for them and thinks like them. Like all totalitarian systems it is not enough to simply obey — one must actually believe in the Safe & Effective(TM) Orwellian nonsense that they spew. Mainstream society appears neurologically injured by too many shots, unable to access the wisdom that has developed since the Enlightenment. Instead, mainstream society in the U.S. has regressed into a primitive tribalism akin to the human sacrifice practiced by the Mayans and Aztecs to appease the gods and thus make the crops grow. Everyone in those societies knows who is in and who is out.

By now everyone has seen the heartbreaking video of the Canadian actor, Jennifer Gibson, talking about her vaccine-induced Bell’s Palsy.

She literally says, “I would do it again because it’s what we have to do to see people.”

This is the face of someone who will say or do anything to stay in the club. She fears exile more than death or permanent disability.

IV. Our alternative — Society Must Be Defenestrated

I have come to the conclusion that “Society Must Be Defenestrated” (thrown out the window). Our society cannot be redeemed, it must be dismantled. At this point I’m not even sure we need to rebuild it. Bougieness is the antithesis of truth because you have to believe a lie in order to stay in the club — why would we preserve that!? Our society is so toxic and deadly, if it came in a bottle it would have a skull and crossbones on the side.

Think I’m wrong? Try to name a single mainstream institution that performed well during the pandemic:

  • Hospitals? Used the wrong protocols (still do).
  • AMA, AAP, ACOG? Took money from industry, did not care how many people they killed.
  • CDC, FDA, NIH? Designed and implemented the iatrogenocide.
  • Mainstream media? Enthusiastic promoters of the iatrogenocide.
  • The tech sector? Set up the largest censorship system in the history of the world to protect the cartel.
  • Universities? Don’t make me laugh.
  • Teachers unions? Skipped school for 18 months, got paid, and then sold the students in their care to the cartel once again when they got back.

Pharma, with some admittedly sophisticated help from PR firms and DoD, erased science, logic, reason, ethics, tradition, common sense, and the instinct for self-preservation faster than you can say, “15-days to flatten the curve.” Pharma’s ultimate weapon was to control who belonged and who was exiled from mainstream society. All heretofore existing bourgeois institutions instantly fell into line.

None of these institutions is capable of reforming itself.

  • Is any university really going to admit that it was wrong to require the bivalent “booster” that was only tested on 8 mice?
  • Is Trump ever going to admit that Operation Warp Speed killed his ex-wife Ivana (the mother of Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump)?
  • Are any of the Josef Mengele clones at NIH/FDA/CDC — Tony Fauci, Robert Califf, Francis Collins, Peter Marks, Doran Fink, Rochelle Walensky, Sarah Oliver, Tom Shimabukuro, John Su, Matt Oster, Vivek Murthy, Ashish Jha — ever going to admit that maybe, just maybe, these shots are dangerous and don’t work?

No. All of these institutions and actors believe that “society must be defended” — no matter how pathological it has become.

The death toll from this vaccine campaign is already more than 1,000-fold higher than any vaccine program in American history and it has not changed their worldview one bit — because their worldview consists of a single thought: “society must be defended.”

V. Hold up sport, the elites are trying to destroy society, our dim view of society is just playing into their hands

There is a widely-held view in the medical freedom movement, based on astute observation, that the megalomaniacal elites are actively trying to destroy society and that our disgust toward mainstream institutions is just playing into their hands.

Utobian reader Kathleen Williams recently pointed me to this article by Miri AF that lays out the case.

It’s a fair point.

  • The elites have destroyed the health of kids since 1986 and destroyed the health of everyone in the developed world since 2020.
  • A surprising number of warehouses in the food supply chain are burning down under mysterious circumstances.
  • The U.S. goaded Russia into invading Ukraine and now the Biden administration is trying to start World War III by blowing up a Russian pipeline.

Like a Batman movie, the elites appear to want chaos, because they believe that they will profit from The Great Reset™? and Build Back Better™?.

But it is also true that our institutions are rotten and incapable of reforming themselves. Just because some billionaires want regime change in Russia (in order to steal their oil and minerals) does not mean that the CDC is suddenly trustworthy. The bad guys want to destroy the world AND bougie institutions are helping them do it.

Just believing in the system in order to spite Bill Gates is not going to save us. We need a political philosophy that goes beyond oppositional defiant disorder.

VI. When we take power

When we take power there must be a comprehensive war crimes tribunal, modeled after Nuremberg, to prosecute the architects of the genocide.

But that is just the tip of a very large iceberg. We need to de-Nazify all of American society:

  • All universities that required Covid-19 shots should lose accreditation.
  • AMA, AAP, and ACOG should lose their charter and all of their leadership should be barred for life from serving on any corporate board.
  • The entire non-profit sector should be eliminated. It is nonsense that our tax system treats some people as better than others.
  • The budget for the federal government should be cut in half. That’s easy to do because…
  • The Department of Defense budget should be cut in half. At this point, DoD is just creating conflicts in order to justify their gargantuan budget.
  • NIH, FDA, and CDC must be eliminated. Their sprawling campuses should be turned into residential facilities to help the vaccine injured, led by doctors from FLCCC. Those who worked to get Covid-19 shots authorized should be sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor, breaking rocks.
  • Pharmaceutical ads must be barred from TV, streaming services, social media, and the metaverse, forever.
  • All intellectual property protections for pharmaceutical products must be eliminated (just as we made all German patents available for free after World War II).
  • All liability protection for pharmaceutical products must be eliminated. No industry deserves special treatment. All Americans deserve the right to a jury trial (as guaranteed by the 7th Amendment).
  • Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, GSK, and Sanofi must be dismantled, their corporate charter revoked, their leadership prosecuted, and their assets used to pay reparations to the vaccine injured.

What else would you add to this list?

I know, I know, you’re thinking to yourself, in what universe is this even possible? But I actually think we are surprisingly close. Vaccines very nearly cost Democrats control of the Senate when Ben Ray Luján suffered a stroke after a booster. John Fetterman’s stroke after a booster very well could cost Democrats a winnable Senate seat in Pennsylvania. 98% of parents know that these shots are toxic for their little kids. And 98% of adults are avoiding the bivalent booster that was only tested on 8 mice.

We have two massive advantages right now:

1. We have logic, reason, science, common sense, and love on our side; and

2. The bougiecrats are killing themselves at an astonishing rate.

So yes, we are up against the most sophisticated propaganda operation in history. Yet we are also dealing with the dumbest fascists ever because they are offing themselves. While Rochelle Walensky is off getting another booster we need to be organizing politically to take power.

Tony Fauci and Bill Gates are two of the most hated people on the planet. If Republicans would pull their heads out of their *sses for one minute and run on prosecuting these monsters, they would sweep the midterms.

Anyone who runs for President in 2024 on a platform of stopping the iatrogenocide will win in a landslide. Giorgia Meloni's recent election as Prime Minister of Italy shows how it can be done. Medical freedom voters, as the largest voting block in the country that is not tied to any one party, decide every Presidential election. It’s only a matter of time before politicians realize this and act accordingly.

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