EXCLUSIVE details on Trump’s MASS DEPORTATION plan to save America from being overrun
By Mike Adams // Dec 29, 2023

The following transcript is from the Dec 29, 2023 Brighteon Broadcast News episode by Mike Adams, revealing exclusive details about Trump's mass deportation plan and how law enforcement will be achieving huge deportations without violating the civil liberties of Americans.

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Welcome to Brighteon Broadcast Bews for Friday, December 29 2023. Mike Adams here. Thank you for joining me today. I've got some really unique exclusive news to share with you, and quite a story behind it.

In essence, I was kind of summoned into a meeting by some high level, Texas law enforcement personnel that needed me to understand something really important about what's about to happen. And they're actually pretty excited about it. I'm going to share that with you here. But let me just back up a little bit of background.

As you know, Trump is leading the race for President of the United States. And I've voted for Trump twice. Trump also won twice, by the way. And he'll probably win a third time. I've expressed some reservations about Trump, though, however, I don't agree with everything that he did, or every single policy that he's talking about. One of the issues that I had some reservations about recently, which is what this was all about, is his massive deportation program that he had announced. He said that if elected president again, that he would run the largest deportation program in America's history. And while I completely agree in principle on getting the illegals out of this country, after all, they have no right to be here, they broke the law to get here. And many of them are criminals, and they're tearing up our cities and our streets and our communities. They're not all bad people, but most of them are. And they should stand in line and go through the process like all the other immigrants.

But my concern about that program was, what about our civil rights as Americans? I did not have any information about what this program was going to look like. Because as far as I know, none of that has been publicized. I was concerned that we would see door to door, like illegal alien roundup squads or something. And then we would all have to show our papers like are you an illegal aren't? I was very concerned about what this would look like. And I expressed that publicly. I did so with with reason, you know, I'm a civil rights person, I believe in the principles of civil liberties in America. And I don't want to turn this country into a police state.

Apparently, my comments caught the attention of some pretty high level people in Texas law enforcement, which once again reminds me that some pretty connected and very important people listen to this podcast, sometimes more than what I ever expect. These individuals reached out to me, and I was essentially summoned into a meeting, which I'll describe, as, I don't know, a combination of being educated and a little bit of a dressing down. I was a little bit put in my place on this. I had ruffled a few feathers with my comments. But now, what from what they told me that I'm going to share with you here, I understand how this program is going to work. And now that I know, I fully support it, and it's not what I was afraid of, it's not going to be some civil liberties violation that's going to, you know, trampling on the rights of the American people or Texans, it's not going to target people based on their ethnicity. You're not gonna be targeted just because you go to a mosque, just because you're Muslim, just because you're Asian looking, or whatever. That's not how this is going to work. So here's what I was told.

And I should preface this by saying, the reason I was called into this meeting, is because well, they recognize that I'm an American, I'm a Texan. I love Texas. I love America. I am a law and order guy. And I have always supported law enforcement. I support our veterans, even though I don't support our current Pentagon leadership, obviously. But I'm a law and order guy. And I believe in the rule of law. I believe that we have the right to defend our communities and to defend our nation against an invasion. And I've been the victim of illegals driving around without a driver's license and no car insurance and slamming into my vehicle. And I see what happens to societies when illegals rush in and take over and you get more drug crime and human trafficking crime you get carjackings and lootings and home break ins and more shoplifting and all kinds of things. I understand the cost to society I see it. I mean, I live in Texas, I see it every day.

These guys understood that I care about taxes. I'm not some, you know, radical Left wing lunatic who wants to see America overrun, because those leftists hate America. I love America. I love what America was founded on. I love what America stands for, the real America. Not the twisted, distorted version that we are being subjected to by the Biden administration. I'm talking about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, you know, First Amendment, the Second Amendment, I am a huge supporter of what America was founded on and what it stands for. And so, so these guys understood that and that's why I think they gave me the time to help educate me, knowing that I would share this information. So so here it is.

Law enforcement largely believes Trump will win the election (if we make it to Election Day)

Number one, law enforcement across Texas, by and large, absolutely expects Trump to win the election. And they're very enthusiastic about it. They're also enthusiastic about the fact that Governor Abbott, the governor of Texas, has passed a law and signed it into enforcement that allows Texas based law enforcement to arrest illegals for trespassing, to arrest them and charge them with trespassing.

I was told that that law is so new, that it's not yet clear to many sheriffs and police chiefs across the state, how exactly these arrests are supposed to be made in a manner that follows the rule of the law. Apparently, there's a lot of concern that this law is going to be challenged. I mean, of course, it will. Even maybe the ACLU might challenge it. And the people making the arrests, and the sheriffs that that are supporting them, they don't want to do anything that would give these lawsuits a chance of overturning the law. So there are some briefings that are going to be made coming up early next year, that will help inform law enforcement of how exactly they're supposed to make these arrests, how the charges are supposed to be laid out how it's supposed to be documented, the process that happens, and so on. So in effect, the mass arrests of illegals for trespassing has not yet begun in Texas, but it's going to very early in 2024.

There will be no door-to-door rounding up of illegals

Now then, about my concern that our civil rights would be violated. I was given information that completely laid that to rest, I was told the following, that nobody's gonna go door to door. Nobody's going to be ripped out of their homes, not even illegals, and nobody's going to be separated from their families, in their neighborhoods, in their homes in their workplace, that's not the way this is going to work. This was a surprise to me. How it's gonna work is that the illegals are going to be rounded up through traffic stops. That's all that is necessary to deport millions of illegals from America, including many hundreds of thousands out of Texas, is to run traffic stops. Just do traffic enforcement, you enforce the speed limit, you enforce stop signs, you enforce traffic lights, and you just run a heavy enforcement traffic interdiction operation which requires extra personnel, by the way, because a lot of these police and sheriff's departments, they're obviously on limited budgets. They don't have enough resources right now to expand this, but they hope that they can get grant money from the state of Texas and perhaps even federal grant money under Trump. And they can do this to pay for overtime, for example, of existing officers, or they can recruit new officers to do basically traffic enforcement.

The way this is going to work is they'll just run a lot of patrol cars, you know all over the roads and highways and they will pull people over or with more aggressive enforcement, but they won't pull you over unless they have probable cause. You have to be speeding, or you have to have made an illegal turn or you have to have, you know, whatever, failed to stop at a stop, sign, all kinds of things. So they're going to do a lot of enforcement. The main purpose of this enforcement, and they will never say this publicly, but the main purpose of this enforcement is to actually round up illegals. So when they stop somebody, of course, driver's license, proof of insurance registration, at that moment, then they realize often Oh, this is an illegal, they don't have driver's license, they don't have insurance. And then there might be a bunch of felonies that might have outstanding warrants, who knows what else is going on. Also, at the same time, there might be some Texans, some Americans who also have outstanding warrants.

So they're going to do a lot of traffic stops, basically, if it if the driver is identified as an illegal, then they will be arrested at that moment, and they will be taken to jail. They will then be processed at the local level, typically in city or county jails. Then the hope is that under the Trump administration, these illegals can be turned over to federal authorities for deportation operations, basically put back on buses and driven to the border with Mexico and dropped off there or put on airplanes and flown back to Venezuela or wherever they came from.

Local jails are already filled with so many illegals that few arrests can be made until the jails are cleared

Now, Texas law enforcement, they told me that they have a problem right now, which is with their local jails being full. They don't have the capacity to put more people in the jails, by and large. So they can't make more arrests at the moment, even under the new Texas law, because the jails are full. And the federal government doesn't want to take illegals and deport them, because of course, it's the Biden administration. So right now, gumming up the works, so to speak, the whole reason why your communities are more dangerous, is because the jails are filled with illegals. They're just occupying the jail cells, which is preventing law enforcement from going out and making more arrests of the felons and the carjackers and traffickers, you name it. But if the jails can get cleared out under a new the Trump presidency, then what I'm told is that law enforcement across Texas can go make mass arrests on the roads merely through traffic stops. That this is how they can take hundreds of thousands of illegals off the roads out of Texas without violating the civil rights of the American people.

I did not know this, obviously, I didn't realize Oh, traffic stops can do all this. Yeah, but in retrospect, thinking about it, sure enough illegals, they're the worst drivers on the roads in Texas. Number one, they violated the law by coming to Texas illegally. So they're obviously you know, criminals in that respect. But they typically do not have a driver's license, they don't have insurance. And they don't follow the rules of the road. Don't use the shoulder as a third lane all the time. They'll pull out in front of you. Without any kind of yielding, you know, they'll do crazy things. The stuff that I've seen in Texas on the highways is mind boggling. And it's almost always illegals.

Now. Look, if they are legit Texans, then they're going to be let go with just a ticket. You know, so Americans or Texans, even if you're a Hispanic Texan, you're not going to be harassed by this. And by the way, if you're not speeding, and if you're not violating traffic rules, you're not going to be pulled over anyway. I mean, this is the big aha in all of this. You can determine the level of harassment that you are subjected to by changing your driving habits. If you don't want to be pulled over, stop speeding, you know, stop rolling through stop signs, stop blowing through red lights, things like that, and you're not going to be pulled over whether you're legal or illegal.

Every cop out there those of you listening, you know this, the vehicles that are most likely to be driven by people with outstanding warrants, and felony possession and things like illegal weapons, you name it, those are the vehicles that look like crap. Those are the vehicles that have very poor maintenance. It's like a rust bucket on four wheels cruising down the highway, you know, if you pull over that vehicle, you're gonna find a warrant, you're gonna find maybe a felon, you're gonna find something on that person, most likely. So for those of you who, who don't want to be pulled over, stop speeding, stop breaking traffic laws, and keep your vehicle in good condition. You know, do the inspections as required and, you know, keep your license plate up to date and all that stuff. Pay your tolls, or whatever wash your car ever wants in a while.

And you're very unlikely to be pulled over unless you're driving something like a, you know, 85 Camaro or some some kind of style of car that is driven by drug smugglers. And every cop knows this too. There's certain types of cars like Camaros that just drug felons are attracted to. They love those cars. They think they're awesome. Yeah, if you seriously don't ever want to get pulled over drive a minivan. A family minivan, you know, looks good. Keep it clean.

This is not going to go door to door violating our civil rights. And you're not going to be subjected to checkpoints. This is what I was told. But there will be more traffic enforcement and that's going to be the gateway to deportation. And I gotta say, as a Texan I fully support this - this is the best news I've had all week. This is great. Because number one I'm sick and tired of all these illegals on the roads smashing into everybody, including smashing into me. I'm sick and tired of it. I think we need more traffic enforcement frankly. I know some of you are gonna balk at like what you want more cops on the roads? Well, I'll tell you why I certainly want fewer illegals driving on the roads and if that means we need more cops out there taking them off the roads then hey, I'm happy to do that. And you know, if I get pulled over for whatever reason, I know it's not speeding or some some cop pulls me over or highway patrol or whatever pulls me over Hey, you know how you doing officer? Here's my concealed carry permit. And you know, here's my registration. How can I help you? What's up? And you know, it's probably like, Do you have any firearms in the vehicle, sir? My answer? Yeah. All kinds. How can I help you what's up?

I have no concerns about civil rights violations from Highway Patrol and law enforcement just enforcing, you know, traffic. I think that's a great answer to this whole thing. And if you think about it, then nationwide, any counties, even in blue states, even in, let's say, Oregon, you got a lot of pro constitution sheriffs in Oregon, in rural counties that would love to be able to take a bunch of illegals off the streets, put them in jail and process them out through the border patrol and get them out of the country and make room in the jails for other felons. This is gonna happen nationwide, except not in the cities, because you know, the city police, although I know that there's a county sheriff that overlaps the city jurisdiction. But the city police usually are these anti American anti gun liberals and the sanctuary cities, they're not going to endorse the arrest of any illegals for any reason whatsoever. So guess what? Their cities will be overrun by illegals. And they'll have all these carjackings and kidnappings and child trafficking and whatever and every honest citizen is gonna move out of cities. Cities like LA are already losing record tax revenues, because who wants to stick around and pay for this crap, you know, people are leaving. So this city is just gonna be a collapsed hellhole, which is kind of what they have common. I mean, they brought it on themselves. Whereas the rest of the country, if you have a good honest sheriff in place, you can start arresting illegals via traffic violations and booting them out of the country.

The financial burden of illegals and their crimes across America

Now, this is going to have a huge financial benefit for the counties that decide to round up illegals in this way that decide to arrest and deport illegals using this method. Their jails will be freed up to actually then do more local enforcement of other crimes. Because, you know, in every county, you have the drug smugglers, and you have the pedophiles. I mean, you know, there's always a criminal element in every city in every county. But right now, a lot of counties are overrun with so many crimes carried out by illegals that they don't have time to deal with the other serious domestic local crimes that are being committed by Americans. But through this deportation process here, then those law enforcement resources will be able to focus on more of the actual, you know, American criminals, and some of the things that they're doing like drug trafficking or weapons trafficking or what have you.

I fully support that again, because, folks, you got to realize without law enforcement, your cities will be unlivable, your counties will be unlivable. Without law enforcement, you know, that thin blue line, you will be living in a collapse society with no hope whatsoever, you couldn't conduct business, you couldn't go buy groceries, you couldn't get gas at a gas station, you couldn't do anything without being robbed, or threatened or shaken down. So, you know, you should thank thank a cop today thank the sheriff deputy for doing their jobs because without them, our societies would be utterly unlivable. So being able to remove these illegal immigrants, from from these counties and cities and states means that more resources will be available for local operations of law enforcement all across the country.

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