GOD’S JUDGMENT WARNING? April solar eclipse to cast darkness across 7 U.S. towns named “Ninevah” from the Bible
By Mike Adams // Mar 18, 2024

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In a recent broadcast, Mike Adams from Brighteon Broadcast News discussed the upcoming solar eclipse set to pass through southwest Texas on Monday, April 8th, 2024. The event is expected to draw large crowds of people eager to witness the celestial phenomenon, with Dripping Springs residents having a particularly great view.

As the Path of Totality extends across several states in the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, many counties have declared emergencies ahead of the event. Officials from Travis County, Kendall County, and Bell County are among those issuing disaster declarations in anticipation of large crowds, increased traffic, and significant strain on first responders, hospitals, and roads during the days leading up to and after the eclipse.

County officials have advised residents to stock up on food, water, and essential supplies for at least three days, as well as filling their vehicles with gas. Hays County Director of the Office of Emergency Services, Mike Jones, recommended visiting stores and gas stations in advance to reduce traffic flow and manage expectations regarding the influx of visitors to the county.

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Despite the potential for increased traffic and crowds during the solar eclipse, it remains unclear how these factors would warrant emergency preparations on such a large scale. Critics question whether the recommendations to stock up on food and water are necessary or proportionate to the event's duration and impact.

Adams also pointed out that authorities rarely warn the public about other potential dangers, such as financial collapse or an influx of immigrants. They questioned why solar eclipses are considered more threatening than these issues.

The Allais Effect that seems to alter the laws of physics during solar eclipses

Additionally, the interviewer brought up the "Allais Effect" - a phenomenon that occurs during solar eclipses where strange occurrences or changes in behavior may be observed. The eyewitness encouraged others to look into this intriguing aspect of solar eclipses and not let misplaced fears deter them from experiencing such an awe-inspiring event.

Adams further delved into the intriguing world of the Allais Effect, a phenomenon that occurs during eclipses and has confounded scientists for centuries. According to multiple confirmed experiments, the Allais Effect causes pendulums to swing in a bizarre pattern, reversing their precession during an eclipse.

The precession of a pendulum is typically explained by traditional science as the rotation of the Earth underneath the pendulum, causing it to trace a large circle on the ground. However, during an eclipse, this precession mysteriously reverses itself, defying conventional understanding of physics.

One paper from scirp.org suggests that anisotropic dark flow acceleration could explain the Allais Effect. This phenomenon occurs when the moon someone alters the gravity effects of the sun, potentially affecting the precession of pendulums.

However, other researchers disagree with this explanation and argue that there is something else happening during eclipses. The interviewer mentions reading papers on this topic that suggest the sun's gravity well aligning with the moon's and Earth's could create a unique situation where gravity behaves in an unpredictable manner, affecting the precession of pendulums.

The ally effect remains a mysterious phenomenon that scientists have been unable to fully explain. As researchers continue to study this enigmatic occurrence, one thing is certain: eclipses hold a unique power over our understanding of physics and the natural world.

Could gravitational changes result in earthquakes that happen alongside solar eclipses?

This mysterious force has been observed and reproduced in various laboratories throughout history, though its exact nature remains unknown. Adams asked whether these changes in gravity could potentially trigger fault lines, such as the New Madrid fault line in Missouri. If tectonic plates are affected by shifts in gravity, it might cause earthquakes. While Adams did not predict an imminent earthquake, he pointed out that pendulums and other celestial bodies do exhibit strange gravitational behavior during eclipses.

Many cultures have long feared eclipses due to their association with earthquakes and other natural disasters. Adams suggested that this connection could be more than just superstition, but rather a real physical phenomenon still not understood by modern science. He emphasized that gravity is not a force, but rather a curvature of space-time, which might explain why we don't feel its effects when experiencing falling weightlessness.

In conclusion, the Allais Effect and its potential connection to earthquakes during eclipses remains a fascinating and unexplained phenomenon. As our understanding of gravity continues to evolve, so too may our comprehension of these mysterious events that have captivated humanity for centuries.

Might some government officials have knowledge of imminent events far more dangerous than an eclipse?

In the broadcast, Adams posited a theory that certain individuals within the government may have been informed about anticipated major disasters like earthquakes, leading to stockpiling of food, gas, water, and other emergency supplies. This would make sense considering hospitals would likely become overwhelmed, and high-rise buildings in areas like Austin Travis County could collapse during such an event.

Adams stated that governments and continuity of government operators might have received secret warnings about potential earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line or elsewhere in the Midwest.

Was a New York National Guard helicoper shot down by drug cartels near the U.S.-Mexico border?

Continuing with the broadcast, Adams revealed concerns over the truth behind a recent helicopter crash near the border that resulted in the death of two New York National Guard soldiers and left another soldier critically injured. The journalist shared insights from a source with extensive experience as both a civilian pilot and former military pilot.

The source analyzed the crash of the UH-72A Lakota helicopter, which struck the ground vertically or near vertically without any signs of rotational damage. The most likely cause, according to the analysis, is not a mechanical malfunction but rather a shoot down by an IR missile warhead that would have taken out the engine and damaged the rotor cyclic and collective controls, making an auto rotation impossible.

Auto rotation is a common maneuver for helicopter pilots when they lose power, allowing them to descend safely by converting their vertical descent into rotor speed. However, this requires sufficient altitude, which may have been lacking in this case. The journalist's source believes that the most likely cause of the crash was a ground-to-air missile or similar weapon, such as an RPG.

The journalist emphasized the importance of being prepared for unusual events and called into question the honesty of government officials regarding such incidents. With concerns about missing ground-to-air missiles and potential cover-ups, it is crucial that the public remains vigilant and demands transparency from those in power.

The State Department has expressed alarm over the potential use of ground-to-air missiles by these criminal organizations, which could pose a threat to commercial aircraft and US military assets in the region.

Chased in her vehicle by human traffickers near the U.S.-Mexico border

Adams also highlights the growing danger faced by residents of border communities, such as those in Texas, where human trafficking operations are preying on unsuspecting individuals. One harrowing account shared in the broadcast describes a woman being chased by drug smugglers while driving to her family's ranch near the border. The incident underscores the escalating violence and lawlessness that has taken hold in these areas, with criminal organizations becoming increasingly bold and aggressive in their activities.

The lack of action by the US government to secure the border has allowed narcos to continue expanding their operations and acquiring more powerful weapons systems. This includes potentially obtaining RPGs or other missile-like devices that could be used to shoot down military aircraft. As these criminal organizations become better equipped, the danger to both border communities and US military assets in the region will only grow.

As the situation along the US-Mexico border continues to deteriorate, it is clear that more must be done by the US government to address this growing crisis. The safety and security of both American citizens living near the border and US military assets in the region are at stake as these criminal organizations become increasingly emboldened and better equipped.

In one incident described by Adams, a concerned Texas rancher recounted the harrowing experience they faced when a group of suspected smugglers trespassed on their property, putting their family's lives at risk. The rancher described the tense situation that unfolded as the intruders attempted to roll their car and engage in high-speed chases on their land.

The rancher's account of the incident highlights the growing concern among border state residents about the escalating violence and criminal activity associated with the ongoing immigration crisis. As smugglers and other criminals continue to exploit the porous US-Mexico border, families living in affected areas are left feeling vulnerable and unsafe in their own homes.

Fortunately, the rancher's husband was able to intervene and block the intruders from entering their property. However, this is not always the case for other residents who have fallen victim to similar incidents. The rancher emphasized that it is essential for people living near the border to be prepared to defend themselves and their families against potential threats.

In conclusion, the ongoing immigration crisis has created a dangerous reality for many families living along the US-Mexico border. As smugglers and other criminal elements continue to exploit weaknesses in border security, it is crucial for residents to be prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential harm. The rancher's harrowing experience serves as a sobering reminder of the very real dangers that exist in this increasingly hostile environment.

Suspicions rise over possible 15-minute city in Maui, following the burning down of Lahaina

In an exclusive interview, concerns have been raised regarding the potential establishment of a 15-minute city project on the island of Maui. Adams played a video featuring an advertisement for what appears to be a 15-minute city project on Maui. The ad showcased paid actors promoting walkable and bikable neighborhoods designed for people to spend time together without owning cars. However, Adams pointed out that the actors seemed unnatural and suggested they were reading from a teleprompter.

Further investigation into the website mentioned in the video, housemaui.com, revealed its connection to wildfire survivors on Maui. The site provides housing resources for those affected by the recent fires. However, the interviewee believes this recovery effort is actually a cover for building a 15-minute city. The Hawaii Community Foundation is mentioned as providing financial resources to support the recovery efforts from the wildfires on Maui. Critics argue that this recovery may be more about constructing a 15-minute city than assisting those impacted by the fires.

Adams raised further concerns about the rebuilding efforts in Lahaina, Hawaii following a devastating fire. The interviewee questioned the motives behind the proposed "15 Minute Blue City" plan, expressing skepticism over the involvement of globalist organizations and government entities in the rebuilding process, suggesting that the focus should be on rebuilding homes for surviving families rather than creating a new utopian city.

The website of one of the collaborating organizations mentions working with government builders, financiers, cultural and environmental groups, and residents to design policies supporting housing affordability. This raised suspicions of a liberal "Utopian" 15-minute city being created under the guise of affordable living.

Adams also highlighted the stark contrast between the support provided to other countries and the lack of assistance given to Lahaina and US veterans. While billions of dollars are allocated to Ukraine and Israel, very little is spent on rebuilding efforts in Lahaina or addressing the US border crisis. Adams also noted the preferential treatment given to illegal immigrants in cities like New York and Chicago, who receive various benefits such as free housing, phones, insurance, legal representation, and COVID stimulus checks.

Solar eclipse to pass through seven U.S. towns named "Nineveh"

Continuing with the broadcast, Adams discussed the significance of a solar eclipse passing through seven towns in North America named Nineveh, drawing parallels to the biblical story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh. The towns, all bearing the name of the ancient Assyrian capital, have been named after the biblical city known for its repentance and divine intervention.

Adams explained that the town of Nineveh was known for its wickedness but was ultimately spared from destruction after its inhabitants repented upon hearing Jonah's message. "Jonah was essentially sent to Nineveh to preach to the people, but he didn't want to go because it was such a cesspool of filth and sin," Adams said.

The people of Nineveh ultimately heeded Jonah's warning and repented en masse. "Every single one of them, it says from the King down to the lowest peasant, they all repented," Adams stated. "Everybody fasted. That'll never happen in America."

Adams also mentioned that Nineveh was eventually destroyed, but not by God. The city's destruction came at the hands of its longtime enemy, Israel. "Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria, which is the the longtime enemy of Israel," the interviewer said. "The geolocation of Nineveh today is in Iraq."

The solar eclipse's path through seven towns named Nineveh has raised questions about whether this event could be considered a divine coincidence or a message from God. The journalist noted that if one believes in coincidences, it would be an interesting occurrence for the solar eclipse to pass through these specific towns.

In conclusion, Adams highlighted the importance of understanding the significance of events like the solar eclipse and their connections to historical stories such as Jonah and Nineveh. "If you think about the fact that this this solar eclipse is going through seven towns in North America that are named Nineveh that have been named, obviously, after this biblical town," the interviewer said, "and what an odd coincidence it is, if you believe in coincidences, that this would traverse the path of crossing all seven towns."

Adams further pointed out that the number seven holds great significance in the Bible, often representing God's presence or intervention. With this eclipse passing through seven towns named Niveh, some are wondering if it could be a sign of judgment or a call for Americans to change their ways.

The path of the solar eclipse will travel through Central Texas, Arkansas, Southeastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Southern Indiana in the United States before crossing into Canada. While these areas are predominantly Christian, the interviewee argues that the message may be intended for the entire nation, as this is a national event and the next time such an occurrence will happen in North America is in the year 2044.

Some scientists and physicists might dismiss the idea of divine intervention in the motion of celestial bodies; however, Adams poses the question that if God has knowledge of these motions due to His omniscience, and He is the one who set everything in motion, then could this not be a sign from Him?

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, may simply be an astronomical event or a fascinating coincidence. However, for some, it raises questions about whether America is being judged or warned through the celestial alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. As the nation awaits this rare phenomenon, these discussions will continue to provoke thought and reflection on the role of faith in understanding the world around us.

Is America ready to repent for its sins against children and God?

Many people believe that if America does not repent for its sins and change its ways, it will face the wrath of God in the form of natural disasters and other catastrophes. The interviewer asked whether America is ready to repent and reject its evil ways, such as abortion and transgenderism. Adams expressed skepticism, stating that most Americans are not willing to change their ways or acknowledge God's existence. He believes that only a small portion of the country would be prepared to repent, while the majority remains entrenched in evil and worships Satan instead of Jesus Christ.

When asked how one could vote in a hypothetical cosmic poll conducted by God on whether to unleash judgment against America or not, Adams emphasized that even those who are devout Christians and follow the teachings of Christ would be affected if God decides to judge the nation. The consequences of such divine intervention would be far-reaching and devastating for all Americans, regardless of their personal beliefs or actions.

Adams reiterated a call to reflect on the potential consequences of America's continued refusal to repent and turn towards God. As the country faces increasing signs of judgment, it remains unclear whether any significant change will occur before it is too late. This epic cosmic battle between good and evil will inevitably lead to collateral damage, with innocent lives being lost due to the destructive nature of the conflict.

Adams says that while they desire for God to ultimately defeat Satan, he recognizes that this war may result in significant harm to those who are not directly involved in the battle between good and evil. He explained that innocent people could be caught in the line of fire as a result of area effect weapons or other catastrophic events unleashed by God during the conflict.

Despite acknowledging the potential for harm to come to innocent individuals, God's ultimate goal is to defeat evil and restore order to the world. Those who find themselves in the path of destruction may still be granted entry into heaven. However, Adams warned that when God unleashes his wrath on a nation, it is not limited to specific targets or individuals. Instead, the entire country may be affected by the consequences of this cosmic battle. As a result, he advised Americans to prepare for potential disasters by preparing to shelter in bunkers, or other safe locations away from urban areas and blast zones.


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