Anxiety is the number one reason smokers can’t quit cigarettes
01/11/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Anxiety is the number one reason smokers can’t quit cigarettes

Life can be quite trying for the nerves. All kinds of things go wrong, and the central nervous system tries to send out messages, via hormones and “feel good” chemistry, but it’s not always enough to “deal.” What do you do to calm down if you almost get in a car wreck? Smoke a cigarette. What if you’re nervous about a job interview? Light a cigarette. What if you get in an emotional fight with your spouse, or a friend, family member or even business partner? Cigarette. You probably can’t name ONE type of food or herbal supplement that makes you feel the same way–that does the same job naturally that a cigarette does artificially–to your central nervous system. When people TRY to quit smoking, SOMETHING must replace the nicotine, but what? First, before that answer is revealed, let’s review the top 10 reasons why smokers just “can’t seem to quit.”

Top 10 Reasons Smokers “Can’t Quit”

Starting with number ten and working up to number one …

#10. Bills, bills, bills: You just can’t seem t save money, or get ahead, and it seems you’re always behind, unable to handle any financial surprises, like a car breaking down or a job change. Bills stress you out. Period. How else would you deal with THAT without cigarettes?

#9. Habit: It’s a habit you’ve become so used to over years and years–hard to break the routine and rituals, like work breaks, packing the pack on your palm, packing the end of the cigarette, talking with it hanging out of your mouth before lighting it, the whole hand-to-mouth action, going outside even in the cold or heat, the breathing ritual of inhale-hold-exhale- the stimulation, the relaxation, and it all keeps your hands and mind busy. What do you substitute for all of that?


#8. Smokers all around: People around you smoke too – coworkers, friends, family, spouse, siblings, roommates, etc, etc.

#7. Quit methods are scams: There’s no program (you know of) that really works. The patch, medications, gum … all scams.

#6. Work stress: Your job is just too stressful to quit smoking. You’re actually brainwashed into believing the cigarettes are helping you cope, when they’re actually making things worse and unchangeable.

#5. Desire: You just don’t want to quit smoking.

#4. “We all die one day:” You’re stuck in the mentality that “we all die one day” so why quit smoking?

#3. You’re not worried about it: You’ve only been smoking for (insert double digit number here) years and you haven’t got cancer yet – at least not that you know about – so you’re not really worried about it, yet.

#2. You can’t resist the cravings: Cigarettes are just TOO addictive – the cravings are too strong.

… And now for the #1 reason people can’t quit cigarettes …

Anxiety – Nicotine artificially boosts dopamine and serotonin production that temporarily quells anxiety (but that only works for 20 to 30 minutes). What most people don’t realize is that the majority of that anxiety is brought on from the consumption of pesticides and ammonia contained in the tobacco vapor that just went up in flames when they smoked the previous cigarette. The filter does NOTHING to protect the smoker from smoking highly toxic insecticide and herbicide used to kill the bugs, beetles, worms and weeds that take away profits from the Big Tobacco industry. Your bad health is your own self-inflicted and inherited liability, and cancer is just MORE profit for an industry that invests in smokers’ health demise.

Conclusion: Replace and Replenish

The ultimate way to unhook yourself from “the hook” is to replace nicotine with all natural foods and herbal supplements that do the exact same thing – boost dopamine and serotonin production, but naturally. There are no more side effects, depression or anxiety caused by your “medicine” because your “medicine” is organic food. Get it? Your body is severely depleted of nutrients, and for years you have artificially supported the normal body chemistry you would have otherwise had, and when you consume the right foods, like leafy greens, fresh organic local produce, mucuna, maca, superfoods like Goji berries and acai, well, then you realize that you can feel wonderful, even when somebody riles up your emotions, or a car almost hits you on the road, or some boss thinks he/she is better and smarter than you, when they’re not. Find some organic vitamin A, B, C and D3. Your body is waiting for YOU to rescue it. It’s all up to you. Get smart, get over the habit by flying UNDER THE RADAR of the nicotine fit. You have the answer in your hands right now. Replace and replenish!

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