Top 20 things non-smokers hate about smokers – and why you should quit
01/14/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Top 20 things non-smokers hate about smokers – and why you should quit

Why should smokers care about non-smokers when most non-smokers don’t seem to care much about smokers – right? Where’s the sympathy for the plight, the blight, the addiction? Some non-smokers try to help the smokers, sometimes, because they feel bad for them, or empathize, or they’ve heard a great method for quitting, but most smokers already have put up barriers – they’ve told all the people around them they know EVERYTHING and they don’t want to hear it. But maybe, just maybe, if the smokers really took the time to think of what it’s like to be around a smoker as a non-smoker, and see what they see, and breathe what they breathe, and KNOW what they know – well – then maybe they would WANT to quit and would ALSO KNOW HOW!

Top 20 things non-smokers hate about smokers – and why you should quit

  1. The smell almost suffocates you
  1. The way smokers look – holding the cigarette, their brown and yellow teeth, and their skin corrosion (looks like a worn out catcher’s mitt after 10 – 20 years)
  1. Their voice sounds weird, like a broken instrument
  1. Being stuck in the car with a smoker
  1. Seeing someone pregnant smoking or someone smoking near someone who is pregnant
  1. Smelly breath
  1. When you walk by
  1. Paranoid about secondhand smoke, which is proven to be as bad for health as actually smoking
  1. To see that they’re paying to die early
  1. Influencing youth to smoke
  1. Kids have to follow their parents to designated smoking areas, like at amusement parks/theme parks
  1. The smoker’s family members hate that they’re wasting money that could be used for vacations, new clothes, etc
  1. The smell follows them into the room, and they don’t even know or care
  1. When the cigarette hangs unlit from their mouth and they talk like it’s cool
  1. When they smack the pack on their palm over and over and over again
  1. Waiting in line at 7/11, the convenient store or grocery store for the clerk to figure out which kind they want
  1. When smokers think they look cool smoking
  1. When someone blows smoke at you – whether on purpose or not
  1. When a non-smoker’s clothes stink because they walk into a smoke-filled room, restaurant or bar, etc
  1. When a smoker asks you to buy their cigarettes for them because you look like a smoker to the clerk, and it’s embarrassing!


So, do you HATE being HATED? Want to be free and clean of nicotine and all the DIRT that comes along with it, like black tar lungs and pesticide-laden sickness? There’s not just a light at the “end of the tunnel,” heck, there’s the sunshine, the ocean, the world. Join the clean food movement and come LIVE IT! You’ll feel the difference immediately and all you have to do is read Natural News daily. Let’s go!


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