Top 10 non-mainstream ways to stop smoking without any medication whatsoever!
01/19/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Top 10 non-mainstream ways to stop smoking without any medication whatsoever!


  1. Hypnosis: Much of the cigarette addiction is mental. Nicotine addiction is broken in three to four days. Many people need proper nutrition and exercise, and the rest is mental. You can try to ‘psyche’ yourself out of smoking, or you can visit a trained professional who can help you train your brain that you don’t need to smoke, that you don’t want to smoke, or that you associate smoking with something very negative that deters you from even trying cigarettes ever again. For some people, hypnosis really does work, and it’s medication free, nicotine free and poison free.
  1. Cold Turkey: This is by far the toughest way to quit, but will power goes a long way, and if you want something bad enough, like great health and adding ten to twenty years to your life, then go for it. Want your health back? How bad?
  1. 14AndOut – The Natural Method: Learn How to Quit Smoking Naturally in 60 Minutes! You can do this – quit smoking while using simple behavior modification strategies and super nutrition … There’s a natural method and it’s recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and athletic trainers … Watch the free preview: 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!
  1. Acupuncture: So, for many decades, modern medicine fought the idea that acupuncture could work at all, and once again, there’s still a lot of denial (especially in the minds of older doctors) that acupuncture has any use whatsoever. For the more pioneering doctors in modern organized medicine, they are beginning to accept acupuncture, but only as a complementary therapy. //
  1. Chiropractic: A recent case study published in the November 2011 edition of the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, & Family Health documents a case of a four-year-old child who had terrific results stabilizing her blood sugar through chiropractic care. The patient was diagnosed with spinal subluxation in the upper cervical region. She began chiropractic care and was seen a total of 24 times over a two-month period. During this two-month period, she experienced a decrease in hemoglobin A1C from 7.2 percent to 6.5 percent. She also decreased the amount of insulin used from 15 units to 11 units per day. These results are quite remarkable because the literature states that intensive medical treatment of type I diabetes often does not succeed in lowering A1C levels under 7.0 percent. Chiropractic care works by optimizing the neural connections throughout the body. This enhanced brain-body connection works to better coordinate immunity and hormone function throughout the body. //
  1. Superfoods: One great example is MUCUNA: This wondrous Ayervetic Indian herb is known by many names, including sea beans, buffalo beans, Dopabean, Pruriens, Cowitch, Kapikachu and Atmagupta. The main medicinal benefits come from the seeds, but the pod and the roots can also be used. The velvety beans are actually drift seeds, meaning they can float away on ocean currents and re-plant themselves all over the world. Research shows L-Dopa provides a wide variety of health benefits. All non-smokers should peruse these benefits as well: • Regeneration of organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs) • Dramatically strengthen immune system • Improved sleep • Reduced body fat and cellulite • Improved skin appearance • Increased mood and sense of well being • Increased bone density (very necessary after toxin overload from cigarettes) //
  1. Natural Detoxification Program: The prevalence of organic food consumption in the U.S. is on the rise. Chemical residue on conventional produce is more than just a concern; it’s proving to be detrimental to public and environmental safety. In order to avoid gambling with your health and livelihood, began detoxifying your body right away with organic food because the results are immeasurable. After all, you can’t put a price tag on health. //



  1. Juicing Organic Produce: Nothing cleans your system out better than clean food and that means lots of raw, organic produce. It’s easy to digest a plant based diet and you won’t believe how incredible you feel after just a few days.
  1. Start an Exercise Program with a Personal Trainer (or partner): It’s tough to really get going with an exercise plan after you’ve been a smoker for years, but you CAN do it. Start of light and be persistent. After a few days, you won’t even want to smoke because it will ruin the great exercises you’ve been engaging that are helping clean out your organs, your lungs, your heart and yes, your brain!
  1. Switch to Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping): You can begin to phase out your nicotine habit once and for all right away. Plus e-cigs don’t contain all those horrendous pesticides that Big Tobacco puts on the tobacco and in the tobacco (yes GMO tobacco). Did you know that 60% of smokers who switch to vaping NEVER go back to smoking cigarettes? That is a whopping statistic and Big Tobacco will try their best to scare you away from e-cigs and say they’re just a bad for health as cancer sticks – but there’s no way!





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