Smoker’s Trivia: Learn the facts about your habit!
01/20/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Smoker’s Trivia: Learn the facts about your habit!

How much do you REALLY KNOW about your habit? If you knew more – maybe you could quit. Knowledge is power, after all, so won’t you check your trivia now?! Here are eight common sense questions that just might STUMP YOU:

#1. How hot is the tip of a burning cigarette during the inhale?

#2. What are the three common household chemicals used to manufacture cigarettes?

#3. On average, how many years does a pack-a-day smoker remove from the end of his or her life? What about a two-pack-a-day smoker?

#4. What’s the worst side effect listed by the stop-smoking medications Chantix and Zyban?

#5. Why do cigarette filters take up to 15 years to disintegrate?

#6. Why do cigarettes burn so evenly from one end to the other and not blow out in the wind?

#7. Why does the nicotine patch fail nearly everyone who tries to use it to quit smoking?

#8. If you smoke a pack a day for 10 years, how many MILES of cigarettes would that equal if you put them all end to end?



  1. 1700 degrees Fahrenheit!
  1. Ammonia – freebases the tobacco to make nicotine 35 times as strong

Bleach – most cigarettes are white – paper comes from trees – trees are brown (until the paper is bleached)

Pesticideweed killer and bug killer are used in tobacco fields so farmers can save money

  1. One pack a day smoked takes away 10 years of life, where two packs a day shortens life by an average of 20 years.
  1. Suicide
  1. They’re comprised of glass wool – like fiberglass
  1. Plastic particles called cellulose acetate (part of what photo film is comprised of) are weaved into the wrapping (mats of) papers.
  1. Three to four milligrams of nicotine while ONE CIGARETTE contains up to 100 milligrams of nicotine potency
  1. Four miles.

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