Multi-billion dollar E-cigarette industry virtually unregulated by FDA, but vaccines and painkillers distributed like candy
02/25/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Multi-billion dollar E-cigarette industry virtually unregulated by FDA, but vaccines and painkillers distributed like candy

You can quit wondering why, now. How many people go to MULTIPLE doctors in the U.S. and lie about back pain or knee pain and get prescribed painkillers they in turn deal to friends and strangers for money? Alot. How many people die each year taking prescription drugs exactly the way the doctor prescribed them? Thousands upon thousands! And how many establishments con the masses into getting flu shots, when those very flu shots give you the flu, and contain toxins you wouldn’t even want to touch, much less inject into muscle tissue. We’re talkin’ big, big money makers, these people who have no immunity left and whose bodies are invaded by pathogens, genetically modified bacteria, genetically modified viruses, opiates, mercury, aluminum, and new strains of superbugs for which there is no cure, because they’ve just recently been concocted in a lab by pharma scientists in little white coats who make billions of dollars brewing up your demise. So what does all of this have to do with electronic cigarettes–with vaping? Vaping is getting millions of people OFF cigarettes, so it’s actually the nemesis of the FDA. Cigarettes are a driving force of sickness in the US, and all over the world. This sends people directly to MDs for prescriptions. They don’t care how many they write or to whom. They sell you what the FDA recommends and the AMA and CDC, and that’s that. You stay sick. They make money. End of story.

The ONLY reason the FDA would regulate e-cigs is to try make more money, but not promote, because that undermines the sick care system. Do you see?



Interesting and Mind-Blowing Factoids:


Electronic cigarettes are MASSIVELY POPULAR right now.

Inside of ten years, at this rate, vaping will be a bigger money maker than cancer sticks.

There are more than 10,000 vape shops in the USA right now.

60% of smokers who try e-cigs never go back to smoking.

The FDA will NEVER promote e-cigs or vaping as a tool to quit smoking (because it works)

More kids and teens vape than smoke.

The main risk in e-cigs is nicotine addiction.

There are NO pesticides in vaping products.

There is NO ammonia in e-cigarettes.

There is NO bleach in vapor


The leading preventable cause of death in the world just got easier to prevent!

Yes, smoking is a preventable cause of death, obviously, but those who start can’t seem to help themselves. That’s because the nicotine is 5 to 7 times more potent than Big Tobacco has everyone believing. If you don’t think that’s true, study what affect ammonia has on the nicotine in tobacco when used to freebase it. Smokers are really getting over 100 milligrams of nicotine from cancer sticks thanks to ammonia, which has been utilized in this way for 50 years and counting. Check it out.


So when they use the word preventable, is it really? Who prevents it? Does the CDC, the FDA and the AMA help. No. They are businesses run by corporate bureaucrats and always have been. Lifelong politicians, CEOs, CFOs, VPs and lobbyists that use a revolving door with the regulatory agencies to promote anything that makes people sick and inflates their bottom line investments, in chronic care management, tobacco, and big pharma. //


Mind-Blowing Facts Continued:

How many people died in the Holocaust? 6,000,000.

How many people die each year from cigarettes? 6,000,000.

How many people in the US die every 12 years from cigarettes? 6,000,000.

Lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease and diabetes are all END RESULTS of smoking.

Most adult smokers over 40 have tried to quit at least 10 times.

Nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medications are manufactured by the same corporations and companies that support cigarettes

There are 42,000,000 smokers in the USA right now–if they ALL switched to e-cigs, 60% would never go back to smoking, leaving only about 25,000,000 smokers.


Success rates for cessation programs compared:


CDC scare-you-out-of-smoking commercial and magazine advertising campaign: 4% success (yet 50% of those smokers go back to smoking within 6 months, so really it’s only 2% success).

Nicotine patch: 4-6% success

Medications Chantix and Zyban: 6% success

Nicotine gum: Less than 1% success

Hypnotherapy: 10% success

Acupuncture: 15% success

E-cigs/vaping: 60% success at getting people off cigarettes.


“14AndOut” Natural Method (features behavior modification and nutrition): 90% success for people who stick to the ten steps for 14 days. (For a free preview from the Health Ranger – Mike Adams – click on the title above)

Of course, major health and medical organizations in the US will never recommend a program or invention (e-cigs) that has a sixty percent chance of getting someone off the leading preventable cause of death in the world, so don’t look for that kind of feedback, advice, research or conversation going on in the mass media, like TV, mainstream magazines,, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, or on WebMd, the biggest hoax for medical advice known to mankind.

Oh, but e-cigarettes are part of the National Health Service smoking cessation program in the UK now. Yep. They sure are.

Mixed messages about E-cigs are planned and propagated by Big Tobacco

cuff cigs (2)

Are you being barraged with mixed messages about safety, chemicals, dangers, benefits, ingredients, nicotine content and regulations for e-cigs? Well that’s because that’s the way the mass media wants it. Only the FDA can make health claims about anything these days, and 90% of that stuff is lethal to health. So who’s waiting to see what the FDA has to say about e-cigs or their safety? Nobody but Big Tobacco, who will be writing the script.

It’s too late for the FDA to make vaping illegal. Sorry ’bout yer luck there, big guys. Many people like e-cigs because they CAN ACTUALLY REGULATE the amount of nicotine they get, they can reduce it on their own, and then eliminate it. This is something impossible to do with cigarettes.

So Big Tobacco is beginning their campaign by throwing around warnings that e-cigs are dragging ex-smokers back to cigarettes (total bs!), or blowing up in your face (there’s only been a couple of these reports in five years), or containing antifreeze (vegetable alcohol is not antifreeze, btw). It’s all a ploy to keep the smokers they’ve got hitched as customers for life, the way they’ve been engineering it all since the 1930s to 1970s, when thousands of US MD quacks recommended their “favorite brand” of smokes and told America it’s good for digestion! What a load of crap and tens of millions of people fell for it. So go ahead Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, lie to us some more, we need the material to help get MORE people off cigarettes and back to living pure and organic, the way they were born. Thanks alot! We appreciate the great hypocrisy.

In 2009, the FDA tried to regulate e-cigarettes as a “drug-device combination” but failed to do so. Plus, Obama’s fake “Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act” did not include e-cigarettes or hookahs (again, because too many people would actually quit smoking cigarettes and the oncology centers would lose money, by the $$$$$ billions).

What’s next for regulating e-cigs? Childproofed caps for the e-juice/nic-juice containers? You know, if you touch pure nicotine with your hands, it can kill you via overdose? It’s true. Will there be a minimum age for purchasing vape products? What about all those online stores across the world, and the kiosks at the malls where all the preteens and teenagers hang out and vape all day, after their parents drop them off? E-cigarettes are NOT tobacco products, remember.

Special thanks goes out to Michael P. Eriksen, professor and dean of the School of Public Health at Georgia State University, for some of the great factoids shared in this article.

Hey, everybody smoking out there … you’re addicted to cigarettes. Get off ’em, any way you can! The multi-billion dollar industry of E-cigarettes is not the FDA’s big concern and you can quit wondering why, now. People around the world are finding great ways to quit smoking cigarettes. Here’s one with better results than e-cigs, and there’s no medications, chemicals, nicotine, or side effects at all. Watch the free preview for “14AndOut” Natural Method and make an informed decision about your health and life, based on the facts, right now.


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Enjoy your journey to ideal health!






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