Nutrition is the key to quitting cigarettes
04/05/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Nutrition is the key to quitting cigarettes

Neither the pill, the patch nor the scary CDC commercials say ONE THING about a smoker’s critical need to replenish nutrients and use herbal remedies to win back their health so they DON’T CRAVE cigarettes anymore. Not a single mention. Nicotine gum and electronic cigarettes don’t come with a nutritional guide, or a spokesperson, or a free trip to the naturopath. Nope. No FDA warnings about low vitamins and nutrients. No warnings about low vitamin D and B. No mention of organic vitamin C. No mention of maca or mucuna. No mention of melatonin supplements. Not a word ever printed by mainstream media or any pink ribbon campaigns about alkalizing the body.

It’s time to think this through. The nicotine patch delivers about 3 to 4 milligrams of nicotine per hour steadily throughout the day. This is NOTHING like smoking a cigarette, the average nicotine delivery of which, because they are laced with ammonia, is over 100 milligrams. This is why smokers have what’s termed a “cigarette hangover.”

The 7,000 chemicals, namely pesticide combinations, overwhelms the central nervous system, robbing it of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B complex. The super-powered nicotine relieves the smoker of this anxiety and unnatural, uneasy reeling feeling. It simply makes things seem normal. That’s why the patch fails almost all smokers who try it. Nary is the testimonial about the patch. The smoker’s body is weak and immunity nearly non-existent. Energy and positive attitude? What’s that?

“Cigarettes… deliver a pharmacologically active dose of nicotine to the body through inhalation,” states an FDA document.

“Nicotine in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco causes other psychoactive (mood-altering) effects, including tranquilization and stimulation.”

Some people actually brag about pharmaceutical medications getting them off cigarettes. Chantix and Zyban, though, have a laundry list of insane side effects. With all the other zombie medications that block serotonin uptake, and disrupt dopamine and other feel-good chemicals made by your body, these “medicines” conjure up horrible nightmares, depression and INCREASED ANXIETY that stress the body even more, leaching vitamins and minerals — making nicotine withdrawals worse. Often, this sends the “ex-smoker” back to the well for more cancer sticks. The CDC’s scary commercials don’t talk about how the human body is breaking down quickly, losing all nutrition and healthy gut bacteria to the bleach, ammonia and pesticide in cigarette smoke, not to mention lethal heavy metal toxins that affect hormone balance, sex drive, critical thinking and IQ. The CDC’s scary commercials only talk about cancer, but they don’t offer any solutions, so for all the smokers who would LOVE TO QUIT but don’t know how, the scare campaign does nothing but create negative feelings about ever trying to quit again.

Where is the talk of organic food, filtered or spring water, baking soda and food-grade hydrogen peroxide to help bring the body pH back into the 7s, and many other health strategies for replenishing nutrition — like superfoods? Let’s shift out of failure and into success, where easy planned steps mean fast and lasting success. Let’s talk about organic tobacco and behavior modification that makes 10 bad habits into 10 empowering, healthy ones.

How great would your life be without cigarettes?

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