Quit smoking without putting on a single pound!
04/11/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Quit smoking without putting on a single pound!

The following are breaking revelations and cures for ending cigarette addiction and controlling your weight. Invaluable research has been done for smokers by scientists, nutritionists, reporters and health journalists and compiled and synthesized into one study–that reveals most smokers who quit smoking without any nutritional advice will quickly put on weight and keep it on for years; however, those smokers who quit and obtain this invaluable and long-term advice can end cigarette addiction within two weeks and never put on one single unwanted pound, in fact, the new non-smokers can easily lose weight, if that’s the goal, in addition to living smoke-free for life.


First Things First: Addressing and Preventing Inflammation!

Some people want to lose weight. Some people just don’t want to put on new weight. Whatever the goal, the outcome should be your IDEAL weight, where you look healthy, feel healthy, eat healthy, and don’t suffer from stupid head colds, the flu, the sinus congestion, the bronchitis, the ulcers, the acid reflux, the cavities, the coughing–that every chronic smoker knows TOO well. When you catch a cold or virus, your immune system should be READY, and in tact, because you take vitamin D supplements all winter, and because you drink spring water, and because you eat organic produce. Inflammation drives all kinds of chronic health problems, including headaches, stomach aches, allergies, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, you name it. Inflammation comes from too much processed salt (MSG) and too many pesticides (GMO) and toxic sodium fluoride in your water (tap water USA) and of course, the ammonia in the cigarettes. Cut out the chemicals, infuse the organics and powerful superfoods, and the inflammation disappears like a fart in a hurricane.



Acid vs. Alkaline: The War is on Everyday in Your Body–Win it!

 acid vs alk


Ever had a fish tank? You gotta keep the pH right or the fish get ick (white fuzzy infections) and die. Some fish like pH of water to be in the low 6’s, but other fish thrive when the pH is in the low-to-mid 7’s. Humans are similar. We need our pH around 7 (cancer can’t live in the 7’s where cells get oxygen) or higher on average, but most people are in the 6’s and even the 5’s (cancer-breeding acidic range) most of the time. Why? They eat pizza, subs, burgers, chicken, chips, drink beer, liquor, wine, take medications and drugs, eat candy and gum with artificial sweeteners, and of course, they eat GMO all day. Their bodies are WAY acid, when they should be more alkaline. Your body needs a balance, some omega 3s for those 6s and 9s you’ve been piggin’ out on. Your body wants some hemp seed oil. Your body wants some organic kale, cabbage, spinach, chards, broccoli and cauliflower. Your body wants vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and so on. Your body wants spring water, not soda or Gatorade or Powerade or any of that sugar-free artificially sweetened diet crap.


Quit smoking without putting on a single pound

The reason most smokers put on weight when they quit smoking is two-fold. One reason is depression. Nicotine, in the short term, acts as a stimulant. which keeps chain smokers from having a huge appetite. However, in the long term, nicotine is a depressant, especially when you come off it, and your dopamine levels are SHOT. Second reason people put on weight is the artificial stimulant is gone, so the appetite basically “returns” to them, and if they keep eating the junk food they’ve been eating when they were smokers, suddenly they find themselves eating twice as much and sometimes twice as often. There you have it. No nicotine-increased appetite-battle depression with food-massive weight gain.

Want some natural stimulants that people don’t overdose on and that come from the natural earth and are not processed, cooked, or mixed with chemicals? Try maca, mucuna, and phytoplankton. These are superfoods that pack a super punch of energy, positive feelings and tons of immunity. Dark organic chocolate also fights depression and helps with moods! Forget about the sugar and grease at the fast food huts, go organic and never look back. You won’t ever put on a single pound and you’ll love yourself for it. The reward is in how you look and feel, at your ideal weight. Get there!


Open this new window in your life called healthy.

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Now ask yourself, how great would your life be WITHOUT cigarettes?


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