SCAM ALERT? The “Zonnic” Nicotine Gum Scam – the Parent Company of the manufacturer is Reynolds American!
04/18/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
SCAM ALERT? The “Zonnic” Nicotine Gum Scam – the Parent Company of the manufacturer is Reynolds American!

Have you tried this new scam, Zonnic nicotine gum? Guess who it’s made by? Yep, Reynolds American Inc is the parent company of Niconovum, who “respects the privacy of adult consumers” – you mean the privacy to stay addicted to cigarettes because the gum doesn’t work? Why would one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of cancer sticks want to help people stop buying their cigarettes? What a joke. It’s like the devil selling you a plastic halo you can wear on your journey to hell.

“ZONNIC is a nicotine gum that helps you quit one less cigarette at a time. With ZONNIC, quitting doesn’t have to feel like all or nothing. Choose your day to start. Choose your flavor. Then choose the strength that’s right for you. And if you’re not ready to stop smoking completely, you can still start quitting with ZONNIC. When, where and how you quit is up to you.”

You’re supposed to be able, according to the new gum, to eliminate one cigarette at a time as you chew the placebo and psyche out your brain that you don’t need a cigarette, which contains over 100 milligrams of nicotine per “serving.” Wondering why some laim gum with 2 to 4 milligrams of nicotine is a big set up SCAM to make people try to quit and then go back. Reynold’s doesn’t want their smokers trying a cessation method that actually works, so they come up with a company name Niconovum and they market nicotine MAGIC GUM that makes you not need their top-selling product, the ultimate nicotine delivery machine that combines AMMONIA and FORMALDEHYDE with PESTICIDES and HERBICIDE to cause such a horrific cigarette hangover that the victims must have NICOTINE VAPOR at 100 milligrams to recover, temporarily, for about twenty minutes, before they need another cancer stick.


It’s all a cycle planned out, and the gum has ALWAYS and will FOREVER BE a major scam for the hucksters to play out on their smoking “sheeple” who follow the masses and buy nicotine gum at the 7/11 or WaWa and who get the flu shot like the CDC tells them to.

The gum that comes with instructions!

BUILT TO FAIL! – Here’s some Zonnic gum advice for chewing the joke:

“More than 30 minutes after you wake up? Then choose 2mg gum”

“Less than 30 minutes after you wake up? Then choose 4mg gum”

Remember, “Individual results may vary” – meaning for some, they’ll realize right away the gum is a scam, but for others, it may take weeks if not months before they figure it out.

The super sonic zonic gum scam is underway, folks.!

How much is recommended? Per their website: Weeks 1-6: One piece every one to two hours. (Lol). Weeks 7-9? One piece every two to four hours. (Lmao). Be sure not to use more than 24 pieces a day! Or what? Feel like you do after one drag of one cigarette?

Wait, there’s more!!!

“Chew each piece slowly. As soon as it tastes a little peppery or you feel a tingle (that’s just the nicotine), place it between your cheek and gum and give it a rest for a bit. When the peppery taste or tingle goes away, chew it again then rest it again. Repeat until the taste is gone. Remember to always chew slowly. When used as directed, one piece of ZONNIC usually lasts about half an hour.”

Sounds like when MDs said cigarettes were good for digestion and a smooth throat!

It gets better, “If after 12 weeks you feel you need to keep on with ZONNIC a little bit longer, you can.” Yeah, WTF?? So just keep chewing the nicotine sugar forever? No worries mate!

The FDA loves the Zonnic scam.

Get the most out of your waste of money and time.

Buy Zonnic – for that ultimate moron chew!!

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