DHA: Heals the Brain After Effects of Unhealthy Diet
05/20/2016 / By Michael Bundrant / Comments
DHA: Heals the Brain After Effects of Unhealthy Diet

I have recently made it a habit to check every label before consuming a product, which has led me to some significant research and conclusions about the way we eat here in America. If I had a penny for every time I asked myself “What the heck is that?” after reading a list of indecipherable ingredients, I would be a much more wealthy person than I am today.

But what stood out to me more than anything (even the amount of artificial crap we’re consuming, which is absolutely ridiculous all by itself), is the amount of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup we’re shoveling into our mouths on a daily basis.

There is sugar in everything, and it’s showing in our health.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression… All of these things are more prevalent in our society than they ever have been before, and though there may be other factors involved, studies are showing that the amount and type of sugars we are consuming heavily impact our chances of contracting one of these diseases.

But I have good news!

There may be a way to heal ourselves of the damage that our years of ruthless sugar consumption has done to our bodies and brains, and it lies in the nutritional supplement DHA!

According to an article titled “A Magic Bullet to Reduce the Damaging Effects of Sugar on Your Brain” published by Healthiest Blog, a study was done by UCLA, “Rats were divided into three groups for six weeks. During this period one group only drank water with no fructose and no DHA. The second group consumed fructose water and a DHA rich diet. The other group received water with fructose equivalent to a litre of soda per day.

The tests run on the rats showed that a high-fructose diet impaired the rats’ memory. However, the fructose and DHA group showed similar results to those that drank only water. This strongly suggested that the harmful effects of fructose were eliminated by DHA.”

A few simple ways to incorporate DHA omega-3 fatty acids into your diet include coconut oil, avocados, fish, and chia seeds. I enjoy coconut oil in my coffee and find that it adds a delicious coconut flavor.



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