This little legume has big benefits
09/05/2016 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
This little legume has big benefits

If you’ve never had homemade lentil stew, you’re missing out. Lentils are one of the most easy-to-cook dried legumes on the market; they’re delicious, and they have a great nutritional profile as well.

Lentils are considered edible pulses (dried seeds within pods), and unlike many other dried legumes, they do not require an overnight soaking to be cooked. In fact, you can cook lentils in about 15 minutes. Lentils are also extremely versatile and come in many varieties. Lentils can be the base of a delicious soup, added as a great source of protein for a vegetarian rice dish, and can even be made into a tasty meat-free burger. And with the wide variety of colors and flavors in lentils, they’re sure to be as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. A colorful lentil and veggie salad tossed with some olive oil and your favorite seasonings would be a perfect lunch or side dish. Lentils can also be pureed and used to replace some of the fat in your favorite baked goods.

Lentils are also an excellent source of protein – one cup contains 18 grams! A one-cup serving also includes 16 grams of fiber, more than half the daily recommended intake. This means lentils are a low-glycemic index food, and an excellent choice for people looking to control their blood glucose levels. While lentils are a starchy protein source, the fiber and protein found in lentils will keep your blood sugar steady. Not only that, but lentils are also quite rich in valuable vitamins and minerals such as folate, iron and potassium.

Regular consumption of legumes like lentils is also proven to lower risks of some cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Can you believe this disease-preventing deliciousness that’s easy to cook can be purchased for a dollar a pound in some places!?

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