Huffington Post is CENSORING news against Clinton, unpublishing their OWN WRITERS stories
10/24/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Huffington Post is CENSORING news against Clinton, unpublishing their OWN WRITERS stories

If you’ve been following something other than the crooked, lying, establishment media that is in the tank for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, you know that the same crooked, lying, establishment media has been colluding with her campaign from the outset of the campaign season. Thanks to several WikiLeaks data dumps in recent days, what tens of millions of Americans who have zero trust in the mainstream media have long suspected has now been proven.

One of those establishment media outlets is the far-left “news” site Huffington Post, which has now taken this collusion to a new level, censoring its own writers if they dare to publish truth bombs about the site’s beloved criminal candidate.

Two recent screen grabs demonstrate well that when writers dare to be honest about the negative aspects of Clinton’s campaign, her positions on the issues and her interactions and stances towards religious and cultural icons, they won’t be online for long.

When NewsTarget conducted a Google search of Clinton-related stories about recent emails showing her plotting against the Catholic Church, the following headline appeared:


But when we clicked on the link, the following appeared on the HuffPo site, indicating that, obviously, the story had been taken offline:

Honestly, no one should be surprised by this behavior by the Huffington Post. As reported last month, the site’s editorial team actually banned a journalist for writing about Clinton’s habitual health problems.

Infowars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

The Huffington Post has sensationally censored an article pertaining to questions about Hillary Clinton’s health and banned the journalist who wrote it from posting on their website altogether.

He went on to note that writer David Seaman contributed a commentary piece that bought up and dissected questions surrounding Hillary’s health problems. Included in that story was a link to Watson’s viral video about those issues.

The post had been trending No. 3 on the HuffPo site but it was deleted within hours, while Seaman’s posting rights were revoked completely. And like the example above, when anyone tried to click on the story, they got the message: “This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post.”

Of course, that story was censored though pieces that questioned GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain’s health during the 2008 race were featured heavily on the site. And in more recent days, HuffPo even featured a post speculating that Donald Trump contracted cancer, though none of these authors were banned. So yes, the double standard is glaring.

But again, we should expect this now from the Huffington Post, which doesn’t engage in journalism, only propaganda.


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