Federal authorities say they will investigate all Twitter death threats against Trump
11/21/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Federal authorities say they will investigate all Twitter death threats against Trump

During his campaign, Donald Trump made enemies of leftists of all kinds. All of the oversensitive crybabies could not grasp the idea that average Americans could relate to Trump’s politically incorrect rhetoric and that is why none of them could believe it when he actually won the election. They weren’t prepared for the possibility of a Trump presidency — mostly because the mainstream media had convinced them that he didn’t stand a chance against Hillary Clinton — and now we are seeing that firsthand.

After Trump was announced as president-elect of the United States, leftists rushed the streets and began violently rioting in protest of the way that the democratic republic of America works. Because that’s the way these people think it is socially acceptable to behave. Even worse, they have actually made death threats towards Donald Trump.

While you have to question exactly how dangerous a bunch of sensitive leftists could actually be, it is extremely important that these threats be taken seriously as they are an attack against democracy. Luckily, it appears as though all of the threats made toward Donald Trump through Twitter are currently being investigated.

Joshua Rhett Miller of The New York Post reports:

But a security source told the Post that the Secret Service would investigate all social media postings containing credible threats, adding that there’s a difference between someone saying they’re planning to kill the president and suggesting that someone else should attempt an assassination. Generally, indirect threats are not prosecuted, according to the source, and investigators will ‘prioritize’ them before determining their credibility.

These kinds of threats that have occurred through various social media networks are cowardly to say the least, but that has become far too common for the Regressive Left. These are people who hear mean words and crumble to their knees in fear, yet somehow they get off making extremely serious allegations about the future leader of the free world? This just goes to show how many cultural issues there currently are in our country.

Hopefully everyone that has made a death threat directed towards Donald Trump is caught, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent in order to send the message to all of the leftists out there that this behavior will not be tolerated. While that may sound a bit extreme to some, these responses are a bit extreme. In America, we should be allowed to criticize our government to the fullest extent — but death threats are always off limits.






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