Insane Democrat base demanding nothing short of impeachment for Trump but the party knows it can’t deliver
05/24/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Insane Democrat base demanding nothing short of impeachment for Trump but the party knows it can’t deliver

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have created an illusion among their insane, fanatical far-Left supporters — that some day soon, President Donald J. Trump actually will be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The problem is, congressional Democrats are waking up to the sobering reality that they don’t have impeachable offenses with which to charge Trump, let alone the support in both chambers of Congress to deliver.

That’s why we saw senior members of the party attempt to temper expectations last week during a news conference that, while highlighting what they claim are Trump offenses, sought to downplay any real expectations that he was going to be tossed out of office anytime soon.

“No one ought to, in my view, rush to embrace the most extraordinary remedy that involves the removal of the president from office,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee in Intelligence, as reported by The New York Times.

Others who appeared with Schiff “took great pains to show they were not seeking to railroad [Trump] out of the White House,” the Times reported.

Nevertheless, this isn’t to say there aren’t rank-and-file Democrats who aren’t continuing to stoke these nonsensical expectations. At the same time Schiff was speaking at a hasty news conference on Wednesday, one of the party’s leading goof balls, Rep. Al Green of Texas, was on the House floor crying, “The president must be impeached!”

He’s not alone, of course. For months now, another far-Left goof ball, Rep. Maxine Waters of California, has been making the rounds on the far-Left establishment media circuit (which is pretty much every outlet in D.C. with a few exceptions) shouting, “Impeachment! Impeachment!” into ever camera she can find.


She did it again last week in a speech to the uber-Left Center for American Progress. “I know that there are those who are talking about, ‘Well, we’re going to get ready for the next election,’” she said. “No, we can’t wait that long. We don’t need to wait that long. He will have destroyed this country by then.”

Sigh. If we survived Barack Obama — and we did, though only barely — we will be fine under Trump.

But the point is, more realistic Democrats understand that without substantial majorities in both the House and the Senate, there is no way Trump is going to be impeached. To return articles of impeachment requires a majority vote in the House and two-thirds majority of those present in the Senate, the latter being the higher bar. But even before a vote can be taken, there has to be evidence that the president has committed impeachable offenses and frankly, outside of some fake news reporting and breathless claims by pundits, there is no such evidence.

The realistic Democrats know that, which is why they hastily called the news conference last week — so they could tamp down expectations ahead of the 2018 election cycle. Still, some politicos believe Democratic voters will try to use the next election cycle as an opportunity to rally pro-impeachment candidates. (Related: Read All those times when Barack Obama committed impeachable offenses.)

“Do you know the Democrats are out there focus-grouping and polling impeachment? Now, what does that tell you?” Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh posited these questions last week after a story surfaced that Democratic groups were measuring the appetite among the public for impeaching the president.

“It tells you there’s no crime here,” he continued. “It tells you that there’s nothing really impeachable out there. They’re just polling people to see if they’ve got a political case maybe they can make for it.

“Three Democratic leaders are trying to slow all this impeachment talk down, and there’s a reason for that,” he added.

But okay, Limbaugh’s a conservative radio pundit, not a lawyer. So what does Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer who also happens to be a Harvard law professor and supporter of Hillary Clinton, say?

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in recent days, Dershowitz says even if some of Democrats’ claims about Trump’s actions — like collusion with Russia — did happen (though there’s no evidence of it), Trump would not have committed any crimes.

“That’s political wrongdoing, but it’s not a crime,” he said. “Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated. And a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime,” he added, referencing the naming of Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor last week by the Justice Department.

The Democrats don’t have a case, period, no matter how many times they shout it from the rafters.

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