Three powerful, transformative questions you are NOT ALLOWED to ask in our fascist, totalitarian society
06/11/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Three powerful, transformative questions you are NOT ALLOWED to ask in our fascist, totalitarian society

Free speech is one of the pinnacles of a free society. But it’s often the first thing to go when a free society is in decline. Certain forms of unsavory speech are deemed as “hate” speech, and speech that doesn’t conform to the status quo is regarded as potentially terroristic speech. It’s a very slippery slope, but it’s how fascism creeps in and topples a nation.

The United States is blessed to still maintain some level of free speech, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. But certain elements of this precious liberty are being eroded, as is the freedom to bring up certain topics without serious backlash or ridicule.

Fortunately in America, you won’t necessarily go to jail for talking about almost anything that doesn’t involve committing a serious crime. But with the way things are going in society – and if members of society aren’t vigilant in fighting it – there could come a time when talking about subjects like the following three outlined below are completely off limits.

U.S. fiat currency is FAKE; controlled by a private banking mafia

It used to be that U.S. currency was made up of gold and silver notes that were issued by the Treasury. But ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve back in 1913, the money supply has been transitioned to private fiat currency that’s back by nothing. It’s also controlled not by the people, but by a secretive private banking mafia that lends its fake money to the federal government at interest.


This corrupt system, which it’s safe to say that most people are unaware of, is the reason why we have a huge national debt. All this debt keeps the populace enslaved to the bankers, and it’s debt that can never be paid off. It’s not meant to be paid off, either, because it provides cheap labor for the elite, who capitalize on the labor of the populace and use them as collateral.

You don’t actually own your own body

Many people assume that just because they can drive around in cars, go to work, and own a house, that they’re living in a free society. But try not paying your vehicle renewal fees or property taxes and see how quickly your freedom disappears. Or better yet, try treating your child with something other than chemotherapy in the unfortunate event that he or she develops cancer and find out who really owns your child.

If you live in a major city in the U.S., you’re also more than likely not free to drink or bathe in water that doesn’t contain artificial fluoride chemicals (unless you spend thousands of dollars filtering it out). And depending upon which state you live in, you also don’t have the freedom to opt out of vaccines for your child and still send him or her to public school.

Why is using plants like cannabis to heal and expand consciousness illegal?

Of all the things in society that actually harm people, the government seems most concerned about restricting natural substances that support health and lift the mind. One of those substances is cannabis, which the feds classify as a Schedule I drug alongside street heroin, even though it’s a simple plant that grows in the ground.

Meanwhile, truly toxic substances like alcohol, processed foods, and refined sugar are completely fine. But anything that might feed the body and brain, potentially leading to enlightenment and expanded consciousness? Forget about it. If it has the potential to benefit the brain, it’s more than likely illegal. And if these things are illegal, are you truly a free citizen?

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