Actors reading stats about illegal immigration are blown away by the facts — have YOU heard them yet?
04/06/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Actors reading stats about illegal immigration are blown away by the facts — have YOU heard them yet?

Recently a group known as Fleccas Talks held a ‘casting call’ of sorts for actors to come in and read facts about illegal immigration in California and the rest of the country off a teleprompter. They were all amazed at what they’d been instructed to read; none of them had ever been exposed to the truth.

Here are some examples of what the four actors read:

— “Did you know government expenditures on illegal immigration totals $135 billion annually, while illegal immigrants only pay $19 billion in taxes.”

— “In California, illegal immigrants and their children make up almost 11 percent of the population.”

The producer then asked, “So what are California taxpayers supporting?”

— “Illegal immigrants receive $14.4 billion for education, $4.02 billion for healthcare, $792 million for public assistance, $4.44 billion for justice and law enforcement, $1.6 billion for general government services, [and] $1 billion for auto insurance.”

There’s more. Illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers more than $25 billion annually in state and local expenses in California alone, or about 2,370 per legal household in the state.

“A lot of dough,” says one of the actors.

It sure is, and if you couple these expenses with others related to California, you can quickly see that most of them are self-inflicted by the Marxist Democrats who own the state:

— Californians pay the highest taxes in the country.

— Six out of seven of the least affordable cities to live are in California.

— The state cannot meet a lot of basic needs because it is smothering under a debt of $1.3 trillion.


As you will see in the video (posted below), the actors asked to read the stats — to which they had been exposed for the first time — were completely flabbergasted by them and, perhaps, even a little perturbed.

They should be. In fact, my guess is, if all Californians were exposed to those facts, there might be some kind of rebellion in the state, electorally speaking. Because every single one of them can be tied to one political party: The Democratic Party.

But instead of providing these facts, liberal Democrats and their allies in the Pravda media treat us to other narratives about illegal immigrants and illegal immigration that have nothing to do with the reality of taking in so many of them.

We’re told that somehow illegal immigrants are nobler than American citizens, more deserving, more wholesome, altruistic and pure of motive. (Related: California hikes college tuition — on citizens, not illegal aliens.)

But yet they break our laws to get here and then continue to flout many of them after they arrive (and in California, lawlessness is rewarded with “sanctuary” policies forbidding local police from interacting with federal immigration law and the agents tasked with enforcing them).

What’s more, nearly a quarter of all murders in California (22 percent) are caused by non-citizens. Add in 18 percent of all fraud, 33 percent of all money-laundering, 29 percent of all drug trafficking (during an opioid death epidemic) and 72 percent of all drug possession convictions, and its easy to see why tens of millions of Americans voted for the presidential candidate who identified illegal immigration as a top priority the day he announced his candidacy and then ran on that platform throughout.

President Donald J. Trump has been fighting the good fight against illegal immigration since he took his oath of office. He’s been opposed every step of the way — by California, by Democrats, by Republicans, by Corporate America, and the Deep State.

But in end, with the help of key administration officials and the publicizing of the facts contained in the following video, he’s going to come out on top. If a majority of Californians don’t care, most of the rest of the country does.


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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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