TOTAL CENSORSHIP demanded by the Left: Slate now calling for BAN of every free-thinking film and documentary
05/04/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
TOTAL CENSORSHIP demanded by the Left: Slate now calling for BAN of every free-thinking film and documentary

Having written often over a long career in political journalism about the culture war we’ve been fighting for decades, I can now say without an ounce of hyperbole that I’ve never before seen the intensity I’m seeing now from the Left.

Marxist and communist schools of thought have always found a home in the Democratic Party, but in the past, those who full-on advocated for them were usually drummed out or politically exiled. It wasn’t that party bosses weren’t true believers, mind you, but in the name of pragmatism, they had to be very careful about letting the truth out about their party and their own Left-wing biases.

But when Barack Obama won the presidency, I began to see a seismic shift in that old pragmatism. Without question, Obama was the most ‘liberal’ U.S. president in modern history and, save for Woodrow Wilson, in the country’s entire history. 

Over the course of Obama’s eight years, his mission to “fundamentally transform” our country had its successes, but there was no small amount of pushback. Under his reign, the Democratic Party lost control of both chambers of Congress and lost some 1,100 gubernatorial, state and local government seats as well. 

Things have dramatically changed on the Left now that Donald J. Trump is president and he’s begun to roll back practically all of Obama’s progress — hence the vile, vicious Deep State effort to negate his presidency through the courts or by impeachment.

Trump’s election has also created a sort of no-holds-barred mentality on the Left, which has gone full-bore Marxist/fascist (yes, the Left is home to authoritarian fascism, not the Right) in its all-out push to eradicate the political competition which, quite frankly, is only likely to lead to more gains by the Right as evidenced by the Obama pushback.


Alex Jones of Infowars reported on Thursday that uber-Left-wing Slate is now calling for a complete ban on all conservative films and free-thinking documentaries because they’re a “virus” on our society. 

Under the phony guise of combating ‘fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theories,’ the writer, Alan Levinovitz, paints a picture as conspiratorial as those he criticizes, blaming streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu for spreading ‘lies’ and untruths about a variety of subjects including 9/11, vaccines — and Alex Jones. (Related: Censorship is how those in charge control public discourse – and we allow it by not educating ourselves about the facts.)

He begins:

As you read these words, the world’s most powerful minds are unwittingly perfecting distribution systems for weapons of mass destruction. Unaware of the disastrous consequences, they plan new ways to maximize their reach, exposing men, women, and children to high-tech versions of contagious viruses.

Wow. Scaaary. 

Of the streaming services and the allegedly conspiratorial content they “allow” people to watch, he lectures: “Allowing these films on their platform is a jaw-dropping breach of ethics and security, a craven decision to put lives at risk for the sake of clicks.”

And Jones is the out-of-control conspirator?

It’s insulting enough that this hack assumes people aren’t smart enough to think for themselves — a common trait among smarmy, self-anointed Lefties who like to fancy themselves as much more highly advanced thinkers than us ‘knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal’ conservatives.

But later in the piece, Levinovitz lays bare his real intentions: Banning content the Left doesn’t find, shall we say, truthful. He doesn’t come right out and say that, but the tenor of his piece makes clear that he believes there ought to be some way for the Nanny State to suppress points of view that run counter to established narratives (even as he complains about established narratives).

Jones is right: There is a full-on war for your mind — and our culture — and the Left is stepping up its game in the Age of Trump, likely because they see him as the biggest threat to their existence in years.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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