Trump declares Pravda media’s ‘FAKE NEWS’ our greatest threat: Here’s why he’s RIGHT
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Trump declares Pravda media’s ‘FAKE NEWS’ our greatest threat: Here’s why he’s RIGHT

(National SentinelSpot-On: The establishment media has been so obviously and outrageously hostile to President Donald Trump since before he took office that recent studies have found that he received negative coverage 90 percent of the time.

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This, despite the fact that things are good in America and that is due largely to the president and his policies.

He’s had a bit of help here and there from the Republican congressional majority — tax reform, most notably, and in repealing burdensome, expensive regulations imposed by Obama on his way out the door.

The results have been momentous: Rocketing stock market growth, economic growth, historic low unemployment, manufacturing jobs coming back to the U.S., and progress in renegotiating horrible trade deals.

At the same time, Trump has managed to reaffirm America’s global leadership role while staring down Russia and China and moving closer to an actual denuclearization deal with North Korea.

There has been plenty of good news to report. But the Pravda media refuses to do so, and in the process has relied instead upon concocted narratives like “collusion” and “obstruction” based on fake information passed along by “anonymous” sources to create phony news — all in an effort to undermine Trump’s presidency.

What’s more, the Pravda media know this Russian collusion story is a hoaxThey know there is no evidence to support such a claim because no evidence exists. It didn’t happen.


But they continue to report as though it is true.

Now, the president himself is calling out the Pravda media by declaring that its fake news reporting is harming our country and his ability to conduct domestic and world affairs. He sees that as our nation’s biggest threat…and he’s right.

As reported by CNS News:

Criticizing some of the liberal media’s coverage of the U.S-North Korea summit on denuclearization, President Donald Trump said “Fake News” outlets NBC and CNN are trying to “downplay” the summit, a deal they would have praised a year ago, and added that America’s “biggest enemy is Fake News,” which is “so easily promulgated by fools!”

In a June 13 tweet, the president wrote, “So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN. They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea.”

argued before that these tactics, along with those employed by obstructionist Democrats, are harming our national security at a time when the world is more dangerous than ever, not less, and for no good reason.

They are doing these things just to ‘get Trump,’ and they don’t mind putting all of us at risk to do so.

It’s more than just frustrating — it’s like they are giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

We have a word for that: Treason. There is no other.

When what you’re doing is helping our enemies and hurting our country, that’s the textbook definition of treason.

This isn’t an attack on the Constitution. The First Amendment grants the press freedom to publish and freedom to opine and freedom to analyze and all that goes with reporting on events.

It says nothing about the freedom to aid and abet our enemies with lies, innuendo, and fake news designed to undermine our duly-elected president.

We’ve said it before: Freedom of the press is one thing, but the media should not have the right to publish D-Day invasion plans or similarly important information because that is treasonous.

We would be among those shouting the loudest if any president or Congress were to move to suppress legitimate functions of a free press. But POTUS Trump isn’t doing that. He’s merely pointing out the obvious.

By ignoring so much good news and only focusing on ‘getting’ the president, the Pravda media and their fake news products have indeed become our biggest enemy.

They are doing the work of our adversaries.

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