Toronto bureaucrats won’t admit radical Islam link to shooting; instead they demand banning handguns from law-abiding citizens
07/31/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Toronto bureaucrats won’t admit radical Islam link to shooting; instead they demand banning handguns from law-abiding citizens

Something rare happened in Canada last week – a shooting in Toronto in what some say was an act of Islamic State-inspired terrorism. Nevertheless, Canadian officials denying that and are prepared to punish their citizens (again) over the incident.

As NewsTarget reported, the gunman – Faisal Hussain – was believed to have visited the Islamic State of Iraq and may also have expressed his support for the terrorist caliphate. But, the report noted further:

The ‘official’ story is that Hussain’s family is claiming he was suffering from psychosis and depression for a year. Most of the Canadian press was reporting that and that alone.

In other words, he had mental problems – Islamic terrorism had nothing at all to do with it. A statement from Hussain’s relatives said he had lifelong “severe mental health challenges.”

For all the world it seems like Canadian authorities and those in Toronto, where the shooting that left two people dead and 13 wounded occurred, are scared to death to call this attack what it was – because they’re afraid of offending the sensibilities of people who are practitioners of Islam.

Never mind that hardly anyone seriously believes that all Muslims are terrorists.

But at the same time, it’s also hard to argue that these days, nearly all terrorist attacks committed in the West are committed by are Muslims.

Why is that so hard to acknowledge? Because of “racism” and because of “bigotry?”

So, what’s a better solution? As Breitbart News reports, some Toronto officials want to blame the attack on guns and ammunition.


The site noted that within days of the shooting the Toronto City Council voted 41-4 in support of a citywide ban on handguns and ammunition. Not that residents of the city could carry a gun with them when they were in public anyway, but liberals always choose the path of punishing the law-abiding in response to even rare instances of gun violence.

As reported by the National Post, Toronto Mayor John Tory reacted to the shooting by saying, “Guns are too readily available to too many people.”

He further noted: “Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all? I know answering questions like this won’t fully eliminate tragedies like this, but even if we can prevent one of these incidents, then in my view it is a discussion worth having and having very soon.”

Is he serious? Of course, he is, and that’s the problem.


Doubling down on failed gun control policies

Again, it’s not as if Canada doesn’t already have strict gun control laws. One Canadian citizen, Mark George, wrote about the arduous process involved in obtaining permission from government in order to better exercise the right of self-defense. Those who want to obtain a firearm must take a 2-3 course, be subject to an extensive background check that includes interviews by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of parents of applicants, previous sexual partners, spouses, and other relationships. The process takes months and it costs several hundred dollars. When George went to renew his license last year, his wife had to sign his application as well, “stating that she was aware I was renewing” the license.

“Though I am now able to purchase certain firearms, Canadian law makes it quite clear that I am not to defend myself with any of them,” he wrote, adding that guns in homes must be stored in a locked safe, unloaded, with a trigger lock, and separate from ammunition.

And yet even this lunacy is not enough for Toronto city councilpersons and Canadian lawmakers who are quick (like American liberals) to always blame the gun and not the shooter – especially if he was inspired by Islamic extremists, while further punishing the law-abiding gun owners. (Related: Dem lawmaker unveils ‘secret’ gun control agenda his party REALLY wants.)

Read more about Left-wing gun control at

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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