Everything the Left believes is complete fiction… “mass hallucinations” are now the bedrock of left-wing politics
By Mike Adams // Nov 27, 2018

Listening to the daily hysteria of the left-wing media is a lesson in just how insane society can become if the masses are indoctrinated with deliberately false information for years on end. Nearly everything the Left believes is complete fiction, and it's fiction by design. The very point of the left-wing media's mass indoctrination of the gullible masses is to turn reality upside down and convince people that false things are real, while brainwashing them into thinking that real things are false.


One of the simplest recent examples of this is how the left-wing media, for weeks before the mid-term elections, condemned any mention of the Honduran caravan as "imaginary" and "fictional." Across CNN, MSNBC, WashPost and the NYT, so-called journalists told the public there was no caravan and that anyone suggesting the presence of a caravan was trafficking in "conspiracy theories."

Once the caravan reached the U.S. border and staged an attempted mass invasion by rushing the border gates, they were repelled with non-lethal tear gas. Suddenly the same media that claimed the caravan was "imaginary" changed course and leapt into mass hysteria mode, claiming the caravan was now very real and full of "tear gas victims" who were being mistreated by mean U.S. border security officials. Of course, this same media never mentioned that the Obama administration used tear gas in a similar attempted invasion in 2013, hoping that no one can remember what happened just five years ago.

Truth is of no interest to the lying, left-wing media. Every story is twisted, exaggerated, ignored or entirely fabricated solely to achieve a political outcome. Nothing is "real," they media propagandists believe, unless they say it's real. And they can weave a whole new "reality" out of complete fiction, on command, and actually convince tens of millions of Americans to believe it's real. For example, a recent poll found that over 40% of Americans believe the Russians altered votes in the 2016 elections -- a completely fictional assertion that even the media itself isn't alleging took place.

Almost everything the Left believes is rooted in complete fiction

As it turns out, all the most prominent assertions of the Left are complete fiction. They've been catapulted into consciousness through a daily stream of fake news media propaganda, repeatedly hammered into the mush-filled minds of gullible progressives to the point where many actually believe false things are REAL.

Here are a few of the most common falsehoods that Leftists believe are real:

#1) Gun free zones stop shootings

Yes, liberals are so brainwashed and cognitively suppressed that they literally believe "gun-free zones" stop shootings. They remain utterly obviously to the fact that 98% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.

To a progressive, gun-free zones are magical places rooted in magical thinking, where the mere declaration of a "zone" somehow eliminates all guns from existing within that zone. The very fact that liberals still believe in the effectiveness of gun-free zone declarations reveals just how brain damaged they are: Only a moron would believe that a posted sign would stop a would-be murderer. And the real-world evidence shows that signs, of course, don't stop shooters.

Imagine that.

#2) Carbon dioxide is a pollutant that must be eliminated

Every botanist knows that carbon dioxide is the "nutrient of life" for plants, forests and food crops. CO2 is in short supply, and plants are starving for it all across the globe. At barely above 400 ppm, CO2 is near the lowest point in the history of our planet, and the simplest way to "green" the Earth is to raise CO2 to double or triple its current level, spurring rapid plant growth, reforestation and an abundance of food crops.

Yet the brain-dead Left has been brainwashed into believing that CO2 is a pollutant that must be eliminated from the atmosphere. If such a thing were to happen, of course, all plant life on the planet would be exterminated, followed by the collapse of animals ecosystems and human civilization. The Left, it turns out, demands all complex life on Earth be obliterated. But they're too stupid to know that's what they are demanding.

Now, the latest hare-brained scheme from the delusional Left demands that the skies be sprayed with sulfur dioxide -- smog -- to "dim the sun" and halt global warming. This insane, suicidal scheme would collapse the global food supply, unleash acid rain on the forests and vector the planet into a new ice age. According to the Left, that's called "saving the planet" from climate change.

The stupidity of Leftists on climate change would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous: These people actually believe all those insane things, and they are quite literally willing to destroy the planet to fulfill their sick, twisted fantasies of imagining saving the planet from a problem that doesn't even exist: "climate change."

#3) Lowering taxes reduces revenue to the government

Trying to talk to Leftists about economics is sort of like trying to teach a cat to play the piano. It only annoys the cat (and the neighbors) while wasting your time.

During the run-up to the Trump tax cut legislation that was signed into law over the last year or so, Leftists vehemently argued that cutting taxes would "deprive the government of revenue." They even twisted the words around, claiming that all wages belong to the government by default, insisting that if people are allowed to keep more of what they've earned, that's "stealing" money from the government and can't be allowed.

Cutting taxes, they said, would be disastrous because it would reduce tax revenues collected by the federal government. But now, over a year later, it turns out that federal tax revenues have significantly increased, not decreased. Liberals are flabbergasted and unable to understand why, but simple economics reveals the answer: Lower taxes spurs faster economic growth, allowing companies and individuals to earn more money that gets taxed. Thus, tax revenues rise when tax rates fall. (Study the Laffer Curve, if you're curious to know more.)

Besides, since when did government have some automatic right to your earnings, anyway? If anything, we should all be talking about ways to drastically cut the size of the federal government, slashing its budget by 90% and bringing it back down to Earth. Sadly, not even Republicans are interested in small government, anymore, but that's a discussion for another day.

#4) Illegal immigrants are all little angels who want to contribute to society

According to the irrational Left, all illegal immigrants are angels who want to contribute to society. They're all incredibly nice people who need our help, and if we would just let them in, they would embrace America, pay taxes, raise children into law-abiding citizens and vote to protect the United States of America. Gosh, they're even better than Americans!

In reality, illegal immigrants are criminals by definition. They are people who refuse to abide by immigration law, and they think they have some special right to cut in line in front of all the legal immigrants, demand entry into the country on their own terms, and overrun America with their sheer numbers. They are dishonest, immoral, law-breaking criminals who should be rejected from any law-abiding society.

Illegal immigrants include rapists, murderers, child traffickers, child molesters, violent felons and fugitives who are fleeing their own home countries where they are often sought for arrest and prosecution. Those who would enter the U.S. illegally tend to be the very same criminals who also violated the laws of their home country. Allowing illegals into the USA is almost like calling for the world's worst criminals to take up residence in your own country, where they can victimize your citizens while avoiding prosecution because "racism."

Migrants are coached and taught how to act like victims so they can achieve asylum. But in reality, many of them can't wait to join the drug gangs and trafficking operations while enjoying protection in sanctuary cities.

For every migrant mother that's plastered all across the left-wing media websites, there are at least 10 military-aged males trying to get into the country who can't wait to take part in criminal activities while collecting entitlement benefits that are paid by U.S. taxpayers.

#5) Biology does not exist, and any person can instantaneously change their sex by simply wishing out loud

As further proof of the mass hallucinations of the deranged, lunatic Left, these "progressives" actually believe now that biology isn't real. They think that sex is determined entirely by wishing, not by DNA or physical bodies. According to the Left, babies are now born "genderless" and have their gender "assigned" at birth, through some arbitrary decision of a doctor. This is literally what they believe.

They also believe that men can get pregnant, not all women have vaginas, and that men's restrooms should have tampon machines. These twisted delusions are all openly advocated by Leftists who obviously don't realize how incredibly stupid they sound to normal people.

The Left is so insane and stupid about gender that a university recently cancelled a production of The Vagina Monologues, claiming it wasn't "inclusive" enough since, they claim, not all people who have vaginas are women. Thus, the Left turns against itself, attacking feminism under the banner of transgenderism, all while claiming to be "tolerant" while insisting that all men are bad, except for the men who have vaginas... or "manginas" or whatever.

It wasn't long ago that society would have simply called the psych ward on these people and had them committed for treatment. Now, they run Netflix and turn every TV show and movie into a transgender propaganda production while parading children around in whored-up wardrobes as transgenders, applauding the twisted sexualization of children to the delight of Leftists.

Just remember: According to the Left, all men are bad and all women must be believed, but there's no such thing as a man or a woman, so even their own assertions are self-contradictory. (A sure sign of an intellectually lazy framework that doesn't hold up to scrutiny.)

#6) There are racists, bigots and Nazis everywhere!

Like little children convincing themselves that scary creatures are hiding in the closet, Leftists have managed to convince themselves that racists, bigots and Nazis are everywhere in society, just waiting to kidnap them (or something).

The same nation that Leftists say is full of racists, of course, elected a black man President... twice! Yet somehow, America is still racist.

Since there aren't actually any notable number of racists, bigots or Nazis anywhere, the Left invents them and uses imaginary "boogeyman" scare stories to manipulate voters. How do they invent them? It's simple: They decry anyone who disagrees with the Left to automatically be a racist. So if you don't promote transgenderism, you're a racist. If you don't buy into the climate change nonsense, you're also a racist. And if you support Trump's policies, you're obviously a Nazi.

On Twitter, if you dare tweet that "men are not the same as women," you are banned for "hate speech." Suddenly you're a bigot for stating the obvious, but that's exactly what the Left is trying to do: Turn common sense into a hate crime. Twitter also openly supports the genital mutilation of little girls now, banning anyone who dares to suggest that the reproductive organs of little girls shouldn't be mutilated by Muslims.

How else can the desperate Left create all their enemies where none really exist? They have to declare logic to be a hate crime, then condemn those who use logic as racists and Nazis.

There are, of course, actual bigots in America -- people who judge others by the color of their skin. Those happen to be the Leftists themselves, who openly claim that being born white makes you a bad person who should be punished, condemned, removed from power and probably just hanged from a tree somewhere. Yes, there are bigots and racists in America, and they're called Democrats.

Leftists are incapable of discriminating between good and evil

Another layer in all this is the stunning fact that Leftists are utterly incapable of discriminating between good and evil. In fact, they think the word "discrimination" is always bad, in every context, so they refuse to practice discernment at all.

As yet more proof of this, a left-wing writer who supports illegal migrants invading the USA recently said that Frodo should have allowed the Orcs to invade Middle Earth and overrun the land, because stopping the Orcs is a form of discrimination. The writer's name is Andy Duncan, and he explained all this in an interview with Wired Magazine, sounding exactly like a libtard: "It’s hard to miss the repeated notion in Tolkien that some races are just worse than others, or that some peoples are just worse than others ...and this seems to me, in the long term — if you embrace this too much, it has dire consequences for yourself and for society."

Do you see how Leftists are incapable of discernment? They refuse to see any difference between good and evil. This is what allows them to promote the mass murder of unborn babies, all while claiming the murder is good because it's "protecting women's reproductive health." (A leap of twisted logic which makes no sense, of course.)

In classic liberal fashion, Duncan believes that nations should welcome all people, including violent murderers, rapists and criminal felons, because "discriminating" against people would be bad. Orcs, he says, should be embraced because we can't discriminate against them based on the way they were born. "A lot of these creatures that were raised out of the earth had not a great deal of choice in the matter of what to do," he explains. And yet Duncan and other libtards openly call for discriminating against white people based on the color of their skin.

So yes, the summary of what Leftists believe is: Orcs good, humans bad.

If you believe in reality, you are engaged in "hate crimes"

In summary, the delusional Left is now entirely founded on hallucinations, fairy tales and lies. Anyone who attempts to cite reality (biological reality, fiscal reality, national security reality) is branded a Nazi or racist. Logic and reason are the enemies of the Left, which has heavily invested in thought control, speech police and public shaming to try to force people to abide by its obedience cult.

In this way, the Left has become a delusional political cult that's run by truly deranged individuals who pose a very real danger to the future of human society. If their policies were implemented, they would destroy human civilization, exterminate life on Earth and punish any who tried to stop them.

The Left is a suicide cult. They are arsonists of society, and yet they believe they have a monopoly on "justice" and "truth" and that anyone who opposes them must be silenced with censorship and violence.

This is why, sooner or later, all human beings who value life, sustainable civilization and planet Earth will need to rise up and defeat the lunatic Left by removing all Leftists from power, one way or another. Google must be dismantled. Facebook must be eliminated from the 'net. Left-wing politicians must be defeated and eliminated from power.

If humanity fails to stop the Left, humanity will be sent down the path of total destruction. Stopping Leftists must now become the No. 1 highest priority for the future of life and liberty on our planet.

Stay informed. Read more daily news about the "Left Cult" at LeftCult.com.

Watch free speech videos at the new alternative to YouTube, Brighteon.com.

Finally, prepare to defend your nation, your liberty and the entire human race using all constitutionally protected means at your disposal. A terrible war against humanity is under way, and we cannot allow the delusional Left to win or they will destroy everything you value.


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