Those who practice natural medicine and the healing arts must denounce the pro-infanticide Democrat party… no longer compatible with healing or compassion
02/05/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Those who practice natural medicine and the healing arts must denounce the pro-infanticide Democrat party… no longer compatible with healing or compassion

People who practice natural medicine and the healing arts must denounce the Democrat party, which has now become the party of infanticide.

The post-birth murder of living human babies is now applauded by Democrats, who claim that murdering a human child is “a woman’s choice.” Instead of calling it murder, of course, they deceptively label it, “women’s reproductive health,” twisting the murder of children into an innocent sounding health issue.

Just recently, New York Democrats voted and signed into law a shockingly violent abortion law that quite literally legalizes the killing of babies who survive abortion attempts and are born alive. That same law also legalizes abortion right up to the due date, openly allowing the murder of babies as they are being born (partial-birth abortion).

To the horror of every empathetic human being, not a single prominent Democrat in America denounced the NY law. There was exactly zero push back from anyone with a (D) next to their name. In fact, the new law spurred celebration and rejoicing across the liberal, left-wing media, with Hollywood lunatics chiming in and applauded the new “right” of women.

Not long after that law was passed, the Democrat Governor of Virginia — Ralph Northam — publicly endorsed infanticide of human babies that were already born. When pressed on the issue, he doubled down and insisted that “women’s rights” includes the right to murder a child that has already been born. This is what Democrats have now become. They no longer hide what they truly believe, and they believe in extreme violence against infants and children. (These are the same people who pushed SB 277 in California that mandated the toxic vaccine injections of all California children, essentially at gunpoint.)

It should be obvious, but needs to be stated for clarity: Murdering human babies after they are born has nothing to do with “women’s health.” The child is already apart from the woman. Yet Demoncrats now openly advocate the murder of this child merely because the new mom decides she doesn’t want it. That’s not abortion… it’s infanticide, plain and simple.

NY law could technically legalize the murder of infants of any age by calling it “women’s health”

Notably, there is no time limit in any of these bills specifying exactly how long after birth a woman may “decide” to kill her baby. With Democrats now arguing that new mothers may abort their babies for their own mental health reasons — i.e. the mother decides she can no longer deal with being a mom — the stage has been set to allow infanticide at any age.

Under this new wave of abortion violence being fronted exclusively by Democrats, children could be murdered at age five and deemed nothing more than “unwanted tissue.” Even while the child is screaming, “No! Don’t kill me!” a New York Democrat could simply declare that such speech is a mindless, automatic response, much like bacteria moving away from light. The dehumanization of human children has already been accomplished by the abortionists who say that even after a child is born, it still doesn’t count as a human being unless the mother wants that child.

This is what Democrats have become: Murderers of children. It’s no longer a secret agenda; it’s being advocated right out in the open. If only babies were born with guns in their hands, they could shoot the abortionists in self-defense. Every human has the right to defend herself against violence, including newborn babies. (This is another reason why violent left-wing abortionists also want to take away firearms from citizens… because they don’t want anyone being able to defend themselves when the fascist left-wing murder squads are unleashed.)

The murder of children is incompatible with natural medicine and the healing arts

Obviously, murdering children is utterly incompatible with natural medicine and the healing arts, which aims to protect life by promoting healing and health during all stages of life (including during pregnancy).

Any natural medicine practitioner who associates with the Democrat party is now complicit in the systematic murder of children. All those who seek to protect life and end human suffering must denounce the Democrats and leave the party forever.

No practice involving essential oils, herbs, massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, Reiki or any other form of naturopathic medicine can coexist with a political party that openly espouses the violent medical murder of human children.

It is time for all who practice natural medicine, holistic healing and the healing arts to denounce and leave the Democrat party forever.

Never vote for a Democrat again, not for the rest of your life. Any vote for a Democrat is a vote for murdering innocent children.

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