If taxing feminine hygiene products is “unfair” because women (and apparently now men) need tampons, then why tax ANYTHING that people need in order to live?
10/26/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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If taxing feminine hygiene products is “unfair” because women (and apparently now men) need tampons, then why tax ANYTHING that people need in order to live?

The state of Ohio recently passed a bill outlawing taxes on feminine hygiene products like tampons because leftists won’t stop complaining that taxing female necessities like this is “unfair.” So what about all of the other products that are necessities for women, including toilet paper, fuel, food, toothpaste, and deodorant: Will these things also have their taxes lifted?

If female necessity is now the only requirement for making a product tax-free, then many other common household items sold in grocery and drug stores also need to have their taxes removed. Since all women use toilet paper, for instance, we can help to create more “fairness” and “equality” throughout society by making all toilet paper tax-free. The same goes for deodorant, which women need in order to smell nice.

Biological men who identify as “women” also use toilet paper, and apparently now tampons as well, so we also have to make sure that transgenders aren’t being unfairly taxed. Women and transgenders also drive cars to get to work, so vehicle taxes need to go, as do all taxes on vehicle fuel.

What about people’s homes? Women and transgenders need a roof over their heads in order to live, so it’s about time that all property taxes be repealed. In fact, it might just be time to get rid of the taxation system entirely, seeing as how it was concocted by the “patriarchy,” which we’re told is inherently oppressive against women and “minorities.” Thus, the time is now to end all oppressive taxes once and for all.

The tampon tax brigade is actually right: It’s time to demand an END to taxation of life’s necessities

One wonders if all of these “woke” politicians out there pushing for the repeal of tampon taxes in the name of “women’s rights” are brave enough to remain consistent in their removal of taxes that oppress women. All taxes negatively impact women, causing them harm, which thus means that they all need to be repealed – end of story.

Oh, we know, we know. None of this will ever actually happen because politicians need our tax money to make themselves rich. They’re only removing taxes on tampons to virtue signal their support for the deranged leftists whose gripe of the week is having to pay a few extra cents for menstrual products, which they claim is “unfair.”

Not to give them any ideas, but perhaps these same politicians will eventually decide that only straight, white men have to pay taxes, while women, transgenders, and everyone else who isn’t a straight, white male will be exempted from taxation. We give it about two years before someone out there suggests this in all seriousness.

At the same time, the movement to stop taxing tampons is illustrating for the general public a very good point: that taxation is theft, especially when it’s applied to life’s necessities. We actually agree with the notion that taxing necessities is wrong because people need them in order to survive. If the government is going to tax anything, it should be exclusively luxury items that people could do without and still be able to live.

Now, it’s arguable which items fall into this category and which ones don’t. But the fact of the matter is that the American people are really starting to think about just how much money they’re having to fork over in taxes for pretty much everything they need in order to live, which is driving some of them to start demanding that these taxes be repealed.

Our nation’s founders never intended for massive government bureaucracies to collect taxes on housing, food, or medicine – so why is this happening? It’s time to stand up, America, and say enough is enough.

To learn more about why taxation is theft, be sure to check out Tyranny.news.

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