Long-range hand gunning tips for preppers
12/03/2019 / By Darnel Fernandez / Comments
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Long-range hand gunning tips for preppers

In the world of weapons, distance usually reigns supreme. Archers and spear throwers would compete to see how far they can fire their projectiles. Even today, snipers are hailed for eliminating targets at extreme distances. When talking about long-range guns, most people’s minds would wander toward assault rifles, hunting rifles and sniper rifles. However, even something like a handgun is perfectly capable of hitting targets at long range – with the right skills to back it up. (h/t to PreppersWill.com)

Tips and tricks for long-range hand gunning

For any prepper, learning how to use their gear’s maximum potential is vital for survival. This involves figuring out what they’re capable of and their limitations. Handguns, for instance, are known for being close-range self-defense weapons. Long-range hand gunning is something not a lot of people are aware of and is a skill that takes a lot of time and effort to master. (Related: Prepper guides: How to choose firearms for self-defense.)

One of the first things you need to consider in long-range hand gunning is your current skill as a marksman. You need to be skilled enough to understand all the fundamentals of shooting, ranging from proper stance to excellent breath control. Another factor that needs to be addressed is the caliber of your gun, alongside the load you are using. Different calibers and bullets can give you different flight characteristics or trajectories. This causes issues the farther away you are from your target.

The easiest way to learn long-range hand gunning is simply enrolling in a program dedicated to this style of shooting. Here, you can learn all the fundamentals of this skill and get training from experts of long-range hand gunning through direct experience. The more practice and training you get, the more you’ll see how handguns could shoot much farther than what you’d expect.

Training to learn long-range hand gunning can be an effective skill in keeping yourself alive. If you’ve increased your effective handgun range from 25 to about 300 yards, this gives you a significant advantage in survival as well as tactical implications. In SHTF, threats can be just around the corner so you have to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately for these threats, you can take them down much farther away than they expect thanks to your training in long-range hand gunning.

In addition, the more you practice aiming at extremely long ranges, the more familiar you get with the trajectory of both your weapon and ammunition. You also familiarize yourself more with the limitations of your firearm. Ultimately, practice makes perfect.

The fundamentals of shooting

In long-range hand gunning, learning the fundamentals cannot be stressed enough. Your knowledge on these will determine whether you can or cannot shoot your hand gun at significant ranges. Here are a few things to remember to help increase your long-range accuracy:

  1. Stance. Stance is important in shooting as it stabilizes your body and your aim. Many shooters use a barricade supported kneeling position when shooting for maximum stability. Others can find more success doing off-hand shooting with the classic Weaver stance.
  2. Grip. If the gun doesn’t fit in your hands, your accuracy will suffer. Not only should your weapon properly fit in your hand, you should also grip the weapon properly to increase your accuracy. The barrel of the weapon is essentially an extension of your arm and, thus, should be held in line with your arm.
  3. Sight alignment. Sight alignment is extremely important when long-range hand gunning. Even the slightest misalignment can cause you to whiff your targets, especially at longer ranges. Considering how small your targets are when you look through the sights, it is critical that you maintain focus on that target at all times.
  4. Trigger control. Smooth and steady movement wins the battle when it comes to trigger control. Avoid jerking the gun or trigger movement that isn’t evenly paced.

Your handgun can offer much more than you think as long as you have the proper training and all the basics down. This survival skill could potentially save your life in the future.

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