MIND-BLOWING: WikiHow web page tells kids “How to get vaccinated without parental consent” and then lie about their vaccine injuries, too
02/04/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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MIND-BLOWING: WikiHow web page tells kids “How to get vaccinated without parental consent” and then lie about their vaccine injuries, too

That’s right, wikiHow has gone and done the unthinkable. The unfathomable. The editors, publishers, and writers at wikiHow are outright medical criminal propagandists as they attempt to con American children to get dangerous, untested, experimental vaccines without parental consent. Google is surely pushing this up high in the search engines for children to find, just as they push everything “Wikipedia” or “wikiHow” writes that’s bad for your health decision-making process, whether that’s regarding food, medicine or personal care products. This, though, crosses the line. The message – the headline at the top of the page tells American children outright “How to Get Vaccinated without Parental Consent.”

The wikiHow message to American children and teens is this: Lie to your parents, lie about vaccine injuries, and lie that you researched it

“You are allowed to lie to your parents if it’s the only way you can get the information you need to protect your health. Later, you can say that you researched it and realized you don’t have a vaccine injury.”

Wait, what? So in this propaganda advice, the vaccine industry is readily admitting that vaccines are likely to cause damage to the child, but that the child should lie to their parents and say they researched it and realized they don’t. Why else bring up the vaccine injury debate? Because the industry knows they’ve paid out $4 billion to vaccine-injured families, and most of that comes from those mercury-laced flu shots, not to mention the deadly HPV jab and the autism-linked MMR.

“Get vaccinated in secret (if your local laws allow it). Run the risk of your family finding out.” Take a look yourself right now. It’s unbelievable. This is not fake news. This is not some “anti-vax” rant. This is pro-vaccine-violence and chemical medicine abuse instructing children to take the world’s most dangerous “pre-medication” – a.k.a. vaccinations, without parental permission. This is what is published right now on Wikipedia’s WikiHow. Seriously. There’s more. It gets worse…

“Figure out what (if anything) to say to your family. You can say that you’re going out, and not specify where. You can also tell a white lie, like saying that you are visiting a friend to study or hang out.”

America, you can’t make this up. This is happening. This is real. The vaccine industry that you can’t sue (there are really just 5 major vaccine manufacturers that are like monopolies in America) is conning your kids into injecting human abortion cells, formaldehyde, mercury, and African Green Monkey kidney cells all WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION.

Is this message to all children of all ages in America? Should a 5-year-old lie to their parents and report to the flu-shot pushing school nurse’s office? We’re talking about the vaccine industry that literally spreads infectious diseases, including influenza and Measles, all over America using live “weakened” viruses in vaccines that are genetically modified and combined with E. coli bacteria. It’s called shedding and it’s real, folks.

New Health Insurance Law literally cuts parents out of their kid’s “medical decision-making”

You must be the worst parent in America. Your kids are being advised to seek medical advice and dangerous intervention experimentation from the most corrupt medical industry in the country – the “Evil Pharma-5” vaccine manufacturers. Haven’t you heard of the new laws, coming to a state near you, and then your own? It’s already in effect. No more medical freedom of choice in America. The Left is enforcing abortion on the day of birth (think New York infanticide), vaccines at gunpoint (think HPV for 9-year old girls), and now they’re telling your kids to do all this without your permission and then lie to you about it all.

Your children are not under your medical authority. You are not worthy. Not in America you’re not. The flu shot cripples children’s immune systems. The MMR cripples their central nervous system. Washington State has a Senate bill (5889) that just kicked in January 1st, 2020, allowing your children at 13 years young to withhold their medical information from you – the parents. This is part of the mass movement to turn all children into demented perverts (like the Leftist radicals) who want to cut off or alter their genitals, all while causing cancer.

Watch out! The gig is on. America is under siege from medical furors who want to convince you that your children are not yours, and that they can be seized at any time to be shipped off for medical experimentation by the State, abused at fake “Day Care Centers” across the country, and finally sold on the dark web (virtual black market) into sexual slavery.

Tune your natural health information dial to Vaccines.news for more reveals of propagandists at WaPo and Wikipedia that push toxic chemical medicine for cold hard cash payoffs from evil pharma.

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