Abortion-loving college students create “Tribe for Death” group to harass their pro-life peers
05/22/2022 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Abortion-loving college students create “Tribe for Death” group to harass their pro-life peers

Students who attend the College of William & Mary in Virginia and love abortion have created a new group to both celebrate the death of unborn babies and rub it in the faces of their pro-life peers.

The “Tribe for Death,” as they call themselves, is “Pro abortion” and “Anti pregnancy,” according to the group’s Instagram bio. The social media page currently has 57 followers and 10 posts as of February 16.

As of now, most of the posts are pro-abortion memes that target both the Students for Life group on campus and the pro-life movement at large.

“Hey there tribe for life … DISCLAIMER: this account is 100% a joke aimed only at clowning our campus’s anti abortion group,” reads the Instagram profile for the Tribe for Death.

The College Fix attempted to reach out to the group about its purpose, and to see if there are any other activities it engages in outside of Instagram. As of this writing, the Tribe for Death has not responded.

“The Instagram page is aimed at Tribe for Life, the campus pro-life organization that is affiliated with the national Students for Life of America,” writes Sophia Corso for The Fix.

Why hasn’t Instagram banned Tribe for Death for bullying pro-lifers?

According to Corso, the sole purpose of Tribe for Death, upon deeper investigation, is to harass William & Mary’s pro-life students and their groups. It is a bullying endeavor, in other words.

This would seem to go against Instagram’s “community standards,” but since it is a left-wing cause, it is apparently not a cause for concern. Were it the other way around with the Tribe for Life harassing and bullying the pro-death cult, however, Instagram probably would have already taken action.


A representative from Students for Life of America (SFLA) says it has tried to get in contact with the Tribe for Death, but to no avail. This group has also not released “an official statement regarding the Tribe for Death account on Instagram, but they have attempted contact through direct messages to the account,” said Hannah Wolfe to The Fix in an email.

The group did contact the Tribe for Death account “to let them know that their messaging may be potentially harmful to women who have experienced abortion and come across the things they’ve posted,” Wolfe added.

“The group says they are completely pro-woman and want people to always have a safe space to go and feel that the posts made by the Tribe for Death account could hinder women from finding the support that they need.”

Some of the horrific content on the Tribe for Death page includes posts mocking preborn babies, as well as pro-life tactics that involve educating people about fetal development.

“One particularly disturbing video shows a preborn child as being represented by a spoonful of red jam and then being made into a sandwich for consumption,” an article from SFLA reads.

“The caption of the post is: ‘Hey @tribeforlifewm [the Tribe for Life’s Instagram page] do you want a sandwich?”

Wolfe says that pro-life William & Mary students have repeatedly been discriminated against and harassed both on campus and online despite “consistently attempting” to have a normal and healthy discussion about abortion to try to “find common ground.”

“[I]nstead,” Wolfe says, “they are met with anger and malice.”

In an unrelated but similar type of scenario from back in 2019, a Students for Life event in Rochester, Minn., was disrupted by abortion lovers who cut off Students for Life of America Northern Regional Coordinator Noah Maldonado as he was speaking.

At one point, it was believed that one of the pro-death cult members was carrying a bomb and planning to blow up the pro-life attendees.

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