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Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, military intelligence, AI wars and Skynet
By Mike Adams // Dec 11, 2023

The following is a partial auto-generated transcript of the Mike Adams broadcast (Brighteon Broadcast News) for Dec 12, 2023. The full episode is available in audio format at this link on Brighteon.com (or play the embed video below).

Welcome to Brighteon broadcast news for Monday, December 11 2023. Mike Adams here, thank you for joining me today. The working title for this podcast is, "Alex Jones reinstated on Twitter as powerful deep intelligence networks prepare to reinstate Trump to keep America alive."

Now, this title may change by the time you see this, but that last phrase is really critical to understand: To keep America alive. And what I'm going to reveal to you today here in this analysis is that the reinstatement of Alex Jones on Twitter is no accident. And it has much larger implications than what most people imagine. Because it coincides with Elon Musk, the military, what I call deep intelligence networks, and how they are now supporting Elon Musk, and they are supporting Tucker Carlson. And they're also preparing to put Trump back into office for a third term. And that's not a typo. This would be Trump's third term, not his second term, although the second term was illegally occupied and overwritten by the anti American Biden regime.

I want to explain this right up front. And then I'll go into more detail in this broadcast. But there are essentially two factions battling for control over America right now. There is on one hand, the globalist faction, which is characterized by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, anti American sentiment. The globalism, control grid is working to destroy America's infrastructure, destroy America's currency, there are actually people inside the Biden administration who are trying to collapse the dollar. And they're doing a pretty good job of it, by the way. They want to make America dependent on energy from the Middle East. They want to destroy America's culture. They want to destroy America's Constitution. They are anti First Amendment, anti Second Amendment. And effectively, they're anti military in the sense that they also want to destroy America's military readiness, which they have done to a great extent at this point. Look at what happened with America's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Now, by the way, a major factor playing into all of this is the defeat of NATO, by Russia, which I'll talk about in more detail. So that's the first faction. That's the globalist faction again, they believe in depopulation. They despise everything America stands for, and they are working meticulously to take America down from within.

Trump is the candidate of choice for the pro-America faction that opposes globalism

Now, on the other side, is the pro America faction, which I want to be clear, is still run by very powerful corporate interests. But they want to see America maintain its power over the world because, well, it's such a great gig. It's a great system to have the petrodollar status, and to be able to just print money and trade money for goods and services around the world. You know, it's great to be near the top of the US military when it's the most well funded military in the world. It's great to get kickbacks from weapons for Ukraine and other kinds of contracts that the federal government is issuing left and right now.

This faction, which I call the pro America faction, they want to see America survive on the world stage. So even though they oppose the globalist faction, the pro America factions still enjoys power and profits, and they love money printing, and they also have their fingers in the pharmaceutical cartels and in the media and so on. They're not, let's say, white hats, but they're also not the black hats of the globalists who are trying to destroy us all. What you could say is that the pro America faction, which really consists of what I call deep intelligence networks, I'm not talking about the CIA. I'm talking about military intelligence, certain factions inside Defense Intelligence Agency, and some other groups, even a few sort of renegades inside the FBI, these deep intelligence networks, they don't want to see America destroyed and they don't want to see America's military destroyed.

They have now gained the upper hand internally, due to the catastrophic failures of the globalist faction and the Biden administration. And even though it's not obvious on the surface, the number one most astonishing failure that has taken place that has actually handed power over to the military intelligence faction is the defeat of NATO in Ukraine. This is sending shockwaves throughout the system, that the United States military could not defeat Russia, and that they had to use the Western media to push out all kinds of propaganda and lies month after month, even now, quickly approaching two years on, just to try to cover their failures, and their failures have been absolutely monumental.

The sanction failures against Russia absolutely failed. Russia's economy is stronger than it was before the war. Russia's currency is more resilient. Russia's energy exports have reached record numbers. Russia has now record munitions manufacturing domestically, and Russia has built a massive domestic munitions manufacturing infrastructure that is utterly unmatched by all of Western Europe as well as the United States. So the the pro America military intelligence faction, which is pro Trump, and pro Elon Musk, I believe worked to get Alex Jones reinstated. This faction got so fed up with America being defeated by the incompetent, historically illiterate morons in the Biden administration, including the State Department, that they began a revolt from within that has now established control over key nodes of influence and decision making, you could call it Executive Decision Making inside the intelligence networks. That now gives them the upper hand to defeat the globalists and quite literally reinstall Trump back into Office beginning in 2025. Trump would then repay the favor by of course, expressing his loyalties for additional funding for the military, industrial complex, intelligence networks, pharmaceuticals, domestic energy, and so much more.

Trump supports America but also supports Big Pharma, Big Debt and big military spending

So, let me be clear about this because this is not a black and white scenario. And I'm trying not to insert my own opinions into this. I'm trying not to say that Trump is good or Trump is bad, but rather just tell you cause and effect here. So Trump supports Big Pharma, big war, big banks. And also you can say big Israel, which is the Zionist contingent of Israel, which also helps support military wars in the Middle East. Trump is all in on all these things, whether you like it or not, but he also supports domestic energy, which I think is good for America to have our own energy supply and our own energy infrastructure, so that we are more self reliant in that way. But Trump also supports massive money printing and artificially low interest rates in order to cause excess money creation or quantitative easing, that ends up pumping up the stock market, pumping up real estate prices, causing inflation and making things temporarily look good from a fiscal point of view. On top of that, Trump will as president approve massive payments to the military. We're talking about over a trillion dollars a year in funding for the US military. Trump will also support massive handouts to the pharmaceutical giants, because they are backing him in certain ways, I believe, in order to make sure he gets elected again, whereas right now, the Biden administration is talking about using government powers to seize the intellectual property of patented pharmaceuticals, taking them away from the drug company.

Biden is essentially claiming eminent domain for drug patents, and then licensing those patents to OEM manufacturers or third party manufacturers who would manufacture those drugs very cheaply, which the government would then purchase in order to dispense those drugs through Medicare, and ultimately state level Medicaid programs. So that threat right there, from the point of view of Big Pharma, is an existential threat to the very profit model of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Big Pharma makes most of its money, the giants do off of just a few key drugs, and usually for just a few years while those drugs are on patent, because all patents expire. And so a typical drug company might have 200 drugs in the pipeline, knowing that 190 of them are going to fail. That leaves 10 drugs, let's say that are viable in the marketplace. And out of those 10, eight of them will just do so so and they might have one or two blockbuster drugs that generate all the profits that covers for the losses of all the other failed drugs. Well, those one or two drugs now, those are the ones that the Biden administration wants to seize, thereby denying Big Pharma that revenue stream windfall that they count on in order to maintain profitability. This is why even Pfizer right now is reducing production of COVID vaccines, and actually laying off many people in certain divisions of the company, Big Pharma needs, you could say, a new shot in the arm. And Trump is exactly the person that they believe will enable them to do that, because Trump will be all in for fast tracking drugs, fast tracking vaccines, and responding to upcoming pandemics in a way that favors the bottom line profits of pharmaceutical companies at the same time.

The deep intelligence networks see Trump as their funding champion and Elon as their gateway to speech champions

Now you might ask, Why then is Alex Jones reinstated on Twitter? And what does Elon Musk have to do with all of this? Well, Elon Musk is deeply involved in research projects for the military. Many experimental projects, which are exotic weapons systems, exotic launch systems, exotic optical systems, and of course, neural link systems, which is human brain interface, both surveillance and active motor control systems. The United States military knows that the future of warfare is going to very heavily involve drones and automated systems. And we'll talk about AI coming up here in a little bit. But part of the answer here is also going to be cyborg systems. Now, if you thought that Elon Musk was developing neural link because he wants to help wheelchair bound people walk again, and that's his sole driver, because he's just a good person and wants to help people get their legs back, then, sadly, you're a fool. This is not about helping wheel chair bound people walking in, although that may be a side effect of it. But the real aim here is to build cyborg soldiers.

Cyborg soldiers will be augmented with exoskeletons systems as well as actual mind controlled drones. So automated drones, both airborne as well as ground based drones, they could be in the format of dogs, or squirrels. These will be at the control of the cyborg soldier, which will be a very effective fighting machine because it will have the mind machine interface, which is what neuro link is all about. It is designed to allow soldiers to control kinetic systems and autonomous systems without having to learn a computer interface. Soldiers don't have time to pull up a screen and choose a drop down menu and issue commands and they don't have keyboards handy. Trying to put those kinds of interface systems on a soldier really doesn't work very well. It's not feasible. Those interface systems, they get blown apart due to shrapnel and so on. Even if If you strap a keyboard or a display to a soldier's arm, well, that arm is probably going to take some hits at some point, and then your whole system is down.

The military understands that human recruits won't cut it for long... here come cyborgs, then fully autonomous humanoid soldiers

But secondly, soldiers, I'm sorry to say this, but the new recruits are not as smart as they used to be. The military services are having more and more difficulty recruiting young soldiers. And so they are dropping IQ requirements. For some sectors of military service, you don't even have to really pass tests anymore, you just have to have a beating heart, and a body that functions and be willing to be trained. And so for these less sophisticated soldiers, in order to be outfitted with cyborg systems, which is the ultimate goal, they need to have systems that are simply more intuitive and less technical. And there's nothing more intuitive than just thinking about what you want to do. If you're a cyborg soldier, even if you're a low IQ cyborg soldier, but you're a dedicated soldier, and you're a loyal soldier. Then, with a neural link implant, all you have to do is think about sending a kamikaze drone dog into the enemy bunker that your augmented infrared system has identified. You just issued the GO command mentally, and you don't have to learn an interface.

So this will enable the cyborg augmentation systems to be more widely available to less qualified human soldiers. And of course, ultimately, the goal of this entire program is to replace the human element and to transition from cyborg soldiers into fully automated humanoid robotic soldiers that don't even have to be trained to think at all because they're just programmed and uploaded with autonomous systems.

So what does this have to do with Elon Musk, and Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump? Well, everything, it's simple. In order for the United States to remain viable, in terms of its military projection around the world, it needs to develop more autonomous drone systems and cyborg systems. It needs to become a world leader in AI, and also neuro link implants as well as other key technologies, such as hypersonic missiles, which by the way, AI systems can help theoretically develop. Elon Musk is seen as a key gatekeeper in this quest for applied technology. Now, Elon Musk is not the world's most brilliant theoretical scientist himself. But he's very, very good at applying science into practical matters. He's a translator of theory into practice. And he's proven this with his satellite systems with his rocket launch systems and his rocket recovery landing systems as well as Tesla vehicles.

Elon does deserve a tremendous amount of recognition for being an aggregator of technologies into practical deployment. And that's what the military is missing right now. And that's what they need. So I believe a deal has been made between the deep military intelligence networks and Elon Musk. And this deal involves the reinstatement of Trump. And Tucker Carlson was activated on Twitter in order to help bring back Trump by going full tilt at the fascist Biden regime. And the loser leftists who are losing our wars in Ukraine, and potentially in the Middle East, and certainly coming soon in Taiwan. In other words, Elon Musk has been given a green light to activate anybody that he thinks is necessary to help turn the tide against the anti Trump rhetoric that's out there. And to expose the truth about how much the Democrats have been destroying America on purpose, in order to reinstate Trump as president, which would require a massive flood of voter support for Trump, and for this reason, I believe Alex Jones has been reinstated.

Why Alex Jones should never have been banned in the first place

Alex deserves to be reinstated. He never should have been banned. Alex has been more right than almost every person in the mainstream media for decades. And so many things that Alex warned about have come true. And we're now living through those things. So he deserves tremendous credit. He was banned because they wanted to shut him up in order to rig the election in 2020, I was banned for much the same reason. In fact, I was banned in I think 2015, if not 2014, I was de-platformed before Alex Jones. But after Elon Musk purchased Twitter, my account was reactivated although it is still very heavily shadow banned. I expect that to be reversed sometime soon.

But also, by the way, brighteon.com links are not allowed to be shared on Twitter. And I certainly hope that is corrected soon as well. Because Elon Musk is going to need all the help that he can get to educate America about what's really happening, and to get the American people ready to ditch the Democrats and to bring in somebody different. The only viable candidate on the GOP side right now is Donald J. Trump, there is no other candidate. So ditching the Democrats really means supporting Trump, other than the fact that there are a couple of independent candidates who I think have valuable ideas to share, such as Dr. Shiva. And some people really like RFK, Jr, as well. But in a practical sense, independent candidates rarely have a shot at winning the White House, it's almost impossible for that to happen. Sometimes they can serve as spoilers by denying the White House to one of the other primary candidates, the Democrat or the Republican. But rarely does an independent ever get elected to any large position, although they can still contribute a lot to the debates and to the overall dynamic of the election.

So again, Elon Musk was given a green light to reinstate people like Alex Jones, and I believe that you're going to see Alex talking very favorably about the defense of America, which is a very important concept. And I agree with that concept. We need to keep America alive. And the importance of shoring up America's military might in order to protect our borders, and to make sure that we don't lose wars overseas, which is what's happening right now. Now, Alex Jones has sharply criticized Trump in the past, and I've been critical of Trump as well on several issues such as Operation warp speed. But when push comes to shove, most people who are aware of what's going on if given a simple choice between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump, if those are the only options, the choice is crystal clear. It's Trump all the way. No person in their right mind would vote for Joe Biden.

I think that the military intelligence linked deep intelligence networks, as I call them, are very much aware of this. Now shoring up the US military and making it competitive in the world is going to take a lot of money. Trump will be willing to support insane levels of money printing as he did during his first administration. So we're talking about trillions of dollars being printed. But Trump may also be able to restore relationships with the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, both of which are turning away from the petrodollar currently, which will have catastrophic effects on the role of the dollar on the world stage. If Trump can reverse that and bring the Saudis back in line with the petro dollar, then he could really extend the lifespan of the dollar itself, because the dollar is currently on life support, thanks to the catastrophic, disastrous policies of the Biden administration.

Trump is in essence being brought in as a kind of combat field medic for the dollar, to patch it up, stop the bleed, and bring the dollar back into viability so that more money can be printed, to hand it over to the military industrial complex to work on more exotic weapon systems such as autonomous drones, Cyborg interface systems, human machine systems, hypersonic missiles, and also exotic space weapons through Space Force. So this is why Tucker Carlson was brought on to Twitter. This is why Alex Jones is being reinstated. This is probably why I was reinstated. Although I probably haven't followed the path that some of these people wanted me to follow. But I do admit that at the end of the day, if it comes down to Biden versus Trump, there's no doubt I'm on Team Trump at that point, even though I have been extremely critical of some of Trump's decisions, I would much rather live in a world where America still exists, rather than a world where we're overrun by globalists, and we're under UN control, and we've lost our Constitution. That's why I say this is a very complex issue for all of us, including you listening to this, you're not going to get a perfect candidate.

... this broadcast continues at https://www.brighteon.com/channels/hrreport



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