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Truth Social shares climb 30% following Trump’s assassination attempt in Pennsylvania

3 days ago -

During the New York Stock Exchange's early trading on July 15, the stock price of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) – Truth Social's parent – spiked by 30 percent to $40. Its shares began rising in pre-market trading immediately after the assassination attempt. The numbers were the highest for the stock in more than a month, but still well below the peak of about $62.

At current prices, Trump's 114.75 million shares in TMTG are worth nearly $5 billion up from $3.5 billion ...

Trump’s would-be assassin reportedly flew a drone over the fairgrounds before the speech and could have dropped explosives on Trump

19 hours ago -

Well, it’s supposedly not too much for a “lone gunman” who’s twenty years old and can’t shoot a watermelon with a rifle from 100 yards away. They’re saying Thomas Matthew Crooks worked alone to try to murder former President Donald Trump, but did he? If he was working alone, why did he have drones, multiple ladders, multiple encrypted cell phones and a homemade IED with a detonator (but he supposedly did not do any research on how to construct a bomb)?

The bigger question ...

Trump shooter climbed up building with a LADDER and a RIFLE while snipers were stationed inside

2 days ago -

Authorities are piecing together the movements of the 20-year-old shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, in the days and hours leading up to the attack. The day before, he reportedly went to a shooting range he belonged to and practiced firing in what now appears to be practice for the attempted assassination. The rifle range at the club is 200 yards long, which is longer than the shots he took at Trump.

On the morning of the attack, he purchased a five-foot ladder from Home Depot ...

Microplastics in the bloodstream linked to 4.5 times HIGHER stroke and heart attack risk, warn researchers

2 days ago -

Microplastic pollution in the environment is a worldwide problem with many negative side effects. Several studies have also suggested that once microplastics enter the human body, they can increase the risk of health problems such as heart attack, stroke and even death.

Plastic is a crucial product in industrial production and it is pervasive in daily life. However, when plastic products break down, they turn into microplastics or nanoplastics, which are much smaller....

Left-leaning MSNBC, former RNC chair imply Trump wasn’t really hit by a bullet

19 hours ago -

The journalists implied that Trump was not shot in the ear. According to them, everything was staged and he had a fake blood pack that he immediately put on his ear when he hit the ground to make it appear like he was grazed by a bullet. There were also "conspiracy theories" that instead of the bullet, Trump was hit by shards of glass from the teleprompter. They cited that these were the reasons why the former president's doctors had not released any information about the supposed ...

ICJ declares Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories ILLEGAL

19 hours ago -

ICJ President Nawaf Salam stated: "The sustained abuse of Israel of its position as an occupying power through annexation and an assertion of permanent control over the occupied Palestinian territory and continued frustration of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination violates fundamental principles of international law and renders Israel’s presence in the occupied Palestinian territory unlawful."

The court's ruling goes beyond declaring Israel's settlement ...

FLASHBACK: In 2016 and beyond, deep state called for Trump to be impeached, imprisoned and KILLED

3 days ago -

A wild card that apparently nobody in politics or media was expecting, Trump has shaken up the deep state's plans so much that the corporate media has never been able to contain its hatred for him.

The video below from Alex Jones features a montage of media segments starting in 2016 that depict the sheer level of hatred the establishment has for Trump as it continues to pursue ways to remove him from the equation.

"If he takes the risk of going to trial and he's convicted, ...

“FDA Dragon Slayer” attorney Jonathan Emord joins Alliance for Natural Health as general counsel to help protect Americans’ health freedom

19 hours ago -

ANH-USA aims to protect the rights of natural health practitioners and the rights of consumers in choosing the treatments they prefer. They do important work in protecting alternative medicine, which is often unfairly derided by conventional medicine as untrustworthy and ineffective. They’ve been working to help promote the idea that a healthy lifestyle and diet and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals can go a long way toward avoiding the need for surgery and medication.

Emord ...

California court rules children have no free speech rights – only old people covered by First Amendment?

19 hours ago -

The incident stems from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) psy-op which saw essentially the entire country shift its educational format overnight to elevate dark-skinned people above light-skinned people. In this case, a young student at Viejo Elementary tried to support her black classmate following an indoctrination session about the superiority of black lives, only to be punished by her teachers and administrators for supporting her in the "wrong" way.

The child reportedly ...

Food prices soar in Poland as costs outpace inflation predictions

19 hours ago -

(Article republished from

Experts from UCE Research and Warsaw’s WSB Merito University have observed a worrying trend in the pricing of food products in Poland, with their latest report painting a less-than-optimistic picture.

They determined that prices in May saw a year-over-year increase of 2.9 percent, following rises of 2.4 percent in April and 2.1 percent in March.

“It’s clear that prices are consistently rising month after month, fulfilling ...

Photo editor for major news outlet wants to BURY iconic Trump picture over “free PR” concerns

19 hours ago -

Reclaim The Net reported that the editor, whose identity remains undisclosed, called the picture's continued publication "free PR" for Trump. The editor also emphasized the potential danger in glorifying such an image. The picture in question is the "clenched fist" image of Trump taken moments after the failed assassination attempt against him by Thomas Matthew Crooks on July 13.

According to the photo editor, "no one was talking about how these photos could impact public ...

Secret Service absent from Trump rally – whistleblowers to senator

19 hours ago -

(Article republished from

Shots fired from the roof of a nearby factory nicked Trump’s ear, killed one audience member, and injured two more before the sniper was taken out by law enforcement.

“Whistleblowers tell me that MOST of Trump’s security detail working the event last Saturday were not even Secret Service,” Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, said on Friday, accusing the Department of Homeland Security of assigning “unprepared and inexperienced personnel” to ...

Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee dies at age 74, was part of Secret Service oversight committee

19 hours ago -

Back in June, Lee announced to the world that she had been diagnosed with the disease and was receiving treatment, releasing the following statement to the public:

"My adult life has been defined by my faith in God, my love for humanity and my commitment to public service," Lee said. "As a member of Congress, I've been honored to be one of the leaders in the fight for justice and equality for all; especially the disadvantaged and the dispossessed. Today, my fight is more ...

Joe Biden claims he has done more for Palestinians than anyone else

19 hours ago -

The comment was made during an interview with host Chris "Speedy" Morman on Complex's "360 With Speedy." During the interview, Biden defended his administration's response to Israel's invasion of Gaza and the massive death toll in the region, with current statistics claiming over 38,000 Palestinians dead, the majority of them children. (Related: Israeli national security minister calls for EXECUTION of Palestinian prisoners with "shot to the head.")

"By the way, I'm the ...

Must-have items for your heatwave emergency kit

19 hours ago -

Before disaster strikes, stock up on food supplies and prepare a heatwave emergency kit for yourself and your family. With the necessary supplies, you can ensure that your family is well-fed and comfortable even if things get a little too hot when SHTF.

Hopefully, the power will be on even during a heatwave. But if you experience a blackout during a heatwave, items like battery-powered or manual fans can help everyone stay cool. (h/t to HereComesTheApocalypse....

World scrambles to restore normalcy amid biggest IT outage in history

19 hours ago -

Many people were caught off guard by the sheer severity of the issues caused by the outage, and one of the most serious consequences is its effect on healthcare systems. Emergency response systems were down at various healthcare providers and police agencies in the U.S., with some areas having to dispatch police cars and ambulances manually. Elective surgeries and hospital visits were canceled at hospitals throughout the country.

In England, meanwhile, the country's National ...

Biopsy specialists from Japan confirm COVID jabs cause deadly heart failure

19 hours ago -

Dr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto from the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Narita-Tomisato Tokushukai Hospital in Chiba, Japan, led the following team of people in determining the cause behind the global spike in cardiac deaths that occurred after Operation Warp Speed was launched:

This powerful team of scientific experts produced evidence showing that COVID injections cause vaccine-induced myocarditis, also known as VAM. If left untreated, VAM can kill ...

Musk removes cloud security CrowdStrike from “all systems” of his companies following major IT outage

19 hours ago -

On July 19, an update broke Windows, causing systems to crash and display the blue screen of death. This caused a major disruption in airports, banks, hospitals, broadcasting networks and many other industries' operations, impacting 8.5 million computers around the world.

"All-In" podcast host Jason Calacanis asked on X: "I guess CrowdStrike doesn't do staged rollouts?" Musk responded to the thread confirming the deletion of the software "from all our systems, so no rollouts ...

Political analysts: Biden’s withdrawal from presidential race has left the Democrats IN TURMOIL

19 hours ago -

On July 21, the 81-year-old Biden announced in a post on X that he would step aside as the Democratic Party's nominee in the 2024 presidential race and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris as his replacement. He followed this up with an address from the White House. The announcement came after weeks of mounting pressure from fellow Democrats due to a disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump in June.

However, Kyle Kondik, the managing editor for ...

John Deere abandons WOKE DEI corporate policies following backlash from conservative activists

19 hours ago -

On July 9, conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck exposed John Deere's engagement with LGBT activists by recognizing "preferred pronouns," providing gender identity training and sponsoring a "pride" event for children as young as three in a video posted on X. Starbuck also pointed out John Deere's total commitment" to the "diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) framework. (Related: John Deere goes woke, sponsors LGBT Pride event for kids as young as 3.)

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