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Video shows Bud Light parent firm vowing to purge WHITE MALE employees

May 23, 2023 - The video from November 2022 showed various employees of the Belgium-based beer company pledging to become "more diverse and inclusive." According to the clip, eschewing White, male employees gives way for staff members who "better represent" the woke ideology.

"We're still 40 percent women and 60 percent men, still predominantly White," said senior graphic designer Kara-Jessica Mallett. "There's still work to be done."

Mallett, a Black woman, also said in the video: ...

Google’s Gemini AI trying to eliminate white culture in MASSIVE “white purge” of past, present and future

2 months ago - purge," which seeks to erase white people not just in the present and future but also from the past, including from the history books.

The powers that be who control the United States and much of the West clearly hate white people. Learn more at

Sources for this article include: © 2022 All Rights Reserved. All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion ...

Justin Trudeau throws God, Christ out of Canada

October 31, 2023 - purge of Christianity from Canadian society.Now, his government choose to throw the Christians out of the woke temple he calls “post-modern” Canada. We stand witness as Justin Trudeau pushes the buttons for a revolutionary purge of Christianity from Canadian society.

With a host of half-citizens and foreign-born MPs, our “Prophet of Wokism” continues to tear down the temple of freedom and democracy in Canada.

Read more at: CAPForCanada.comNewsTarget....

Wikipedia does fire drill to downplay Harvard’s Gay plagiarism/antisemitism scandal

December 18, 2023 - purge of conservative media, including Breitbart News and Fox News. -Breitbart

The internal battle among editors continued, with one trimming the contents down to a single paragraph, so as to eliminate specific examples of Gay's alleged plagiarism, claiming "due weight" as the reason.

A fight over Harvard's page ensued as well, with one attempt to mention Gay's controversy rejected by editor Samuel Klein, who previously served on the board of the Wikimedia Foundation, ...

Kennedy schools Dems on free speech

July 26, 2023 - purge the military, public sector, academia, and the corporate world. The moment the New York Times reported that vaccine uptake was lower in states that supported Trump, the Biden administration had its talking points and agenda. The shot would be deployed to purge.

Indeed, five cities briefly segregated themselves to exclude the unvaccinated from public spaces. The continued spread of the virus itself was blamed on the noncompliant.

Those who decried ...

SATANIC BETRAYAL: American Christian pastors coerced congregants to take COVID jabs through covert “Faith4Vaccines” scheme

a month ago - purge much of the population through chronic illness and death.

"In reality, the purpose of the 'pandemic' Purim was to largely target White Christian nations – which had the highest vaccination compliance rates – and the highest death rates due to the 'vaccines' – upwards of at least 20 million deaths and counting."

(Did you know that Focus on the Family also sold out to the COVID cult by pushing its followers to get jabbed for the so-called "virus?")

American ...

Google’s Gemini AI accused of generating FAKE REVIEWS to smear a book about Big Tech’s political biases

a month ago - purge" of past, present and future.)Google's Gemini AI churning out LIES

Hasson noted that of the four examples Gemini provided, only the Free Beacon featured a review of his book. The February 2020 review by the outlet's Charles Lehman praised "The Manipulators" as an "excellent" and "thoroughly researched." Lehman continued: "The story he tells should leave any sensible reader, conservative or otherwise, outraged."

Already aware that the reviews sent him were ...

CBS under fire after seizing confidential files of journalist investigating Hunter Biden

2 months ago - purge of employees, and sources said that staffers at the CBS News Washington bureau where she worked were “shocked and dismayed” that they would let go of a journalist who “brought credibility” to them.

Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg posted on X about her firing: “Herridge was fired just hours after she reported on how Biden may have ‘retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings’… Wild.”

Sources ...

ABSURD: Men’s bathrooms in Canadian military bases mandated to have menstruation kits

December 13, 2023 - purge of Christianity from Canadian society, as the government dismantles traditional structures in the name of post-modern ideals.

Watch Greg Kelly expose the truth about the woke Left.

This video is from the NewsClips channel on related stories:

No diversity for White people.

British Telecom CEO firing Whites, hiring minorities for diversity bonuses.

GONE WOKE: Chick-fil-A embraces woke agenda, names VP for ...

Career socialist activist “pulling strings” on UAW strike, costing economy $7.7bn and 6,000 jobs

October 31, 2023 - purge" all union staff who disagree with this approach.

"Fain has deployed a new approach to the industrial action by gradually increasing the number of union members on strike, rather than calling for a full walkout immediately," reports explain.

"The mastermind behind Fain's approach is believed to be his de-facto chief of staff, Chris Brooks, 39, who has been nicknamed 'Fain's brain' for his influence over the UAW leader."

Brooks, who often appears ...

Creepy Hillary Clinton calls for DEPROGRAMMING of Trump supporters

October 10, 2023 -

The former first lady made a distinction between the Republican Party's more moderate wing and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) wing, with Clinton describing the latter as a "cult." She also highlighted the prevalence of extremism in the GOP's MAGA wing, citing concerns about individuals aligning themselves with it. According to the former head of the Department of State, Trump has a "heavy influence" over MAGA – which essentially means an America-first policy.

"Sadly, ...

NASA successfully retrieves first asteroid samples from OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

October 05, 2023 - purge" was one of the most critical jobs for the NASA team once OSIRIS-REx returned to Earth. Nitrogen doesn't combine with most other chemicals, and subjecting the asteroid samples to a constant flow of it helps prevent earthly contaminants from reaching the samples, leaving them pure for future scientific studies.

The samples gathered from Bennu will assist scientists worldwide in making findings to better understand planet formation and the origin of organics ...

Check out the top 7 organizations engineering the Censorship Industrial Complex

August 01, 2023 - purge its platform of "abused accounts" and "coordinated inauthentic activity."

5) Stanford Internet Observatory

The parent of two foundational efforts at mass content surveillance and censorship at Stanford University's Election Integrity Project, the SIO helps to "fill the gap" of things "the government could not do themselves," including interfering with American elections.

6) Park Advisors

This for-profit firm is funded by the State Department's ...

Biden’s FTC pressed ‘independent’ auditor to punish Twitter for backing away from extreme censorship

July 24, 2023 - purge of journalists from the platform.

Lorenz's suspension from Twitter occurred shortly after the platform implemented new policies on doxing, which she has faced accusations of engaging in previously. Following the confirmation of her suspension, the former New York Times journalist shared a video on TikTok, dressed formally and wearing a wide smile, openly acknowledging to her audience that she had indeed been banned from the platform.

In the video, Lorenz, ...

White male workers to be purged from Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of trans-celebrating Bud Light

May 23, 2023 - In the video, a company employee is seen complaining that there are still too many white males that work at the company – but that can be fixed with a massive purge."

"We're still 40 percent women and 60 percent men, and still predominantly white. So, there's still work to be done," the person states.

The clip then shifts over to a black woman who works at Anheuser-Busch making additional threats against the company's white male employee base, which is ...

Trump frames Gaza conflict as battle between “good” Israel and “evil” Hamas

November 02, 2023 - purge "antisemitism and pro-terrorism" from their campuses could lose both federal funding and their academic accreditation, Trump warned.

The former chief executive ultimately stressed the conflict in Israel wouldn't have happened under his watch.

"For four years, you didn't have any of these problems. Think of it – you wouldn't have Ukraine [fighting Russia]; you wouldn't have Israel being attacked; you wouldn't have inflation; you wouldn't have anything....

New “no-cash bail” provision now implemented in Illinois will make Chicago even more dangerous

September 20, 2023 - purge.)No-cash bail creates LESS equity, not more of it

Prior to the no-cash bail provision being implemented, all felonies in Illinois were potentially detainable by a judge. Now, low-level "Class 4" felonies such as criminal damage to property are non-detainable.

Proponents of no-cash bail say that their only goal is to keep "nonviolent" offenders out of jail before trial, but as explained by Wirepoints, this is a myth.

"[There's an] important ...

Bakhmut falls to Russia, Joe Biden escalates toward nuclear war while America burns

May 22, 2023 - In reality, however, men can't have babies and also men can't block artillery by wishing it so.

While the delusional West remains steeped in lies, mass mental illness and sheer runaway insanity, Russia's military bet on kinetic reality and used the laws of physics to achieve a tactical military victory that Western leaders said would never happen.

(When the US military is rooted in reality and military sense, it is amazingly capable and effective. But when it's ...

Drag queen CEO of United Airlines accused of mocking employees who applied for religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandate

January 18, 2024 - purge of religious orthodoxy."

Even Mark Paoletta from Schaerr Jaffe LLP, the attorney for the plaintiff, condemned Kirby's actions.

"These employees love their jobs, and it’s appalling that United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby would try to force these good people to violate their faith or put their health at risk as a condition for being able to keep their jobs," said Paoletta. "Kirby’s hostility and utter contempt for his employees’ faith and health are despicable ...

Rogue agency CISA connives with Big Tech to censor speech and manipulate the lives of Americans

July 10, 2023 - purge dissent.

The House report further disclosed how Biden's administration bureaucrats are granted too much power over the people while "protecting" them with anonymity and accountability. Unelected officials, like CISA's employees, bask in the ever-increasing control without having to answer for the consequences of their decisions and actions.

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