Texas children’s transgender clinic gives $250,000 bribe to Gov. Abbott, other Republicans
06/01/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Texas children’s transgender clinic gives $250,000 bribe to Gov. Abbott, other Republicans

Campaign finance records show that the “Friends of UT Southwestern Medical Center PAC” has been giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans to buy their support for the transgender mutilation of children.

Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, House Speaker Dade Phelan and others collectively received more than $250,000 from the UT Southwestern Medical Center, which hosts a program called “Gender Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support” (GENECIS) that says it is the “first and largest program in the southwest that provides multidisciplinary care to transgender children and adolescents.”

While the program does not specifically offer “sex change” surgery to underage children, it does offer so-called “treatments” like hormone therapy, menstruation suppression, and puberty suppression that in effect cause chemical castration.

“Our team has impacted thousands of youth across the country and is a vital resource for patients, families and communities,” the GENECIS website explains about its mission.

“We support youth of all gender expressions and identities, and provide evidence-based, gender-affirming care in a supportive and safe environment,” it adds, further claiming that “gender identity is unique for every child and may be different from the sex assigned to them at birth.”

After GENECIS gave all that cash to Abbott, Patrick, and Phelan, the trio of “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only) proceeded to shut down multiple pieces of legislation that would have prevented underage children who identify as “trans” from receiving hormone treatment and/or surgery for their mental conditions.

Abbott, who reportedly led the charge against these bills, took in $85,000 from GENECIS back in 2015. Patrick took in $120,000 that same year while the newly-elected Phelan received $50,000 during the 2020 election cycle.

Rep. Stephanie Klick, another Republican who could have supported these bills but chose not to, received $4,000 from the transgender clinic’s PAC back in 2015.

Texas GOP “needs a housecleaning next primary,” says former state representative

Klick reportedly declared a recess on the day that S.B. 1311 had a chance to be passed, effectively killing it. The bill would have stripped liability insurance from doctors who engage in transgender surgery or chemical castration.

U.S. House candidate Chris Ekstrom, who has repeatedly tried to push the passage of this and other similar bills, told National File he was shocked to find out that Klick was in on the corruption. (RELATED: The AMA is also in on the corruption, calling it “dangerous” for doctors to “deprive” children of access to transgender chemicals and surgery.)

“I wish I could say I’m surprised that Dan Patrick is taking money from the chemical castration lobby. But during the last session, to my horror, I realized that Dan Patrick was totally unaware of the Monuments Protection Act until we forced him at a meeting of the True Texas Project to acknowledge that Republicans expected him to do something about it,” Klick stated.

“After the meeting, he promptly pushed it through the Senate, where it then died in the House, just like S.B. 1311. Is this déjà vu? $120,000 isn’t chump change, and apparently Dan knew which way the wind was blowing in the House.”

Another similar bill, H.B. 1399, was also killed by Republicans through a “team effort” led by Phelan. It was “slow-walked,” according to former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, by Reps. Klick and Burrows, “presumably under orders from the Speaker [Dade Phelan].”

“The fact that House Republicans would work so hard to preserve sex change surgeries for minors is beyond contempt,” Rinaldi added. “The Texas GOP needs a housecleaning next primary.”

Abbott’s silence and inaction on the matter could, and hopefully will, result in him facing a serious primary challenger for the Texas governorship in 2022.

More related news about the transgender mutilation of children can be found at Gender.news.

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