GRUESOME: MSNBC says we “desperately need” to display images of dead children to promote gun control
06/07/2022 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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GRUESOME: MSNBC says we “desperately need” to display images of dead children to promote gun control

The far-left media is having trouble convincing viewers that abolishing the Second Amendment is the solution to alleged school shootings. And MSNBC‘s proposed solution is to display more gruesome imagery of dead children.

John Heilemann, the substitute host of Nicole Wallace’s Deadline: White House program, argues that forcing Americans to view pictures of dead children and babies is the only way to effectively steamroll the country’s constitutionally enshrined right to bear arms.

After offering resounding approval for The Atlantic‘s proposal that public school children not be allowed to return this fall unless Congress passes more gun control laws, Heilemann offered his own “dramatic proposal” that he claims he has been hearing “a lot” lately from people he knows.

“We need the American people to see what these children’s bodies look like when they’ve been hit, when they’ve been hit by these bullets, and make them face the ugliness of it,” Heilemann said.

“It’ll be a shocking moment, but the only kind of thing that might shock the system enough to get action.”

Shock and awe, in other words, is Heilemann’s proposal for eliminating Americans’ gun right, calling them “fresh tactics that we’re desperately in need of.”

Don’t let either side of the political aisle manipulate you with shock and awe fear tactics

Guest Dave Cullen, a gun-grab advocate and author who also appeared on the segment, offered his agreement with Heilemann’s proposal.


“I think we desperately need some new, fresh tactics and creative thinking,” Cullen said. “And, I like this!”

Everyone who appeared on the segment was in full agreement with MSNBC‘s extreme proposal, even though doing this would violate the privacy rights of said children and their families.

Ironically enough, Heilemann and Cullen’s proposal is actually not new or fresh at all. Back in the day during the war in Iraq, Walter Cronkite made a similar proposal that images of the dead bodies of American soldiers needed to be plastered all over the television in order to turn more people against the war.

Both sides of the political aisle, it turns out, love to use gruesome imagery of death as a means to push an agenda. The right was seen doing this most recently by blaming the Uvalde mass shooting on cannabis.

The MSNBC segment pushing more dead child imagery as a means to erase the Second Amendment was sponsored in part by Amazon, Xfinity, GlaxoSmithKline, which manufactures Flonase, and Servpro.

A full transcript of what was said during the MSNBC segment is available at Newsbusters.

“Our ‘government’ kills kids,” wrote someone at Natural News about the mass deception taking place.

“This is just like how all the world’s resources were put into keeping us ‘safe’ from some bat virus from Wuhan to the point that the solution caused greater suffering than the disease,” wrote another about how gun control would do nothing to stop shootings regardless.

“I expect we will all have to forever put up with a new solution to the shootings that will make normal life impossible.”

Many others pointed out that the Second Amendment is non-negotiable, regardless of how many dead children the corrupt media decides to show during its barely watched “news” segments.

“These so-called elites think they will live forever, but I’ve got news for them: their time is coming,” wrote another about the tyrants trying to take away everyone’s guns. “There will be a reset for certain, but not the reset these maggots want.”

More related news about the deep state’s efforts to take away Americans’ gun rights can be found at

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