Twitter caught blocking ads to conservative news outlets
11/20/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Twitter caught blocking ads to conservative news outlets

It is now being reported that an online activist group known as “Sleeping Giants” has partnered up with Twitter to block all advertising to Breitbart News, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and many other conservative personalities and news outlets.

According to journalist Nick Monroe, Twitter executives have been quietly meeting with Sleeping Giants founder Matt Rivitz to strategize about this latest Big Tech censorship effort, which aims to eliminate all free speech threats to the deep state narrative by cutting off funding to the channels and pages that contradict it.

On his blog, Monroe tells the story of how his Twitter account was suspended under “suspicious circumstances,” and how he’s been trying to get it back ever since. To make a long story short, Harlow discovered that Twitter is once again up to no good – and for trying to tell people about it, Monroe has essentially been unpublished by the “gods” of Big Tech.

Harlow learned that Kelly Huffman, Twitter’s Senior Manager of Business Development and Growth Marketing, as well as “Self-Serve Ads,” knows full well that Twitter is establishing partnerships with anti-free speech groups like Sleeping Giants that are scheming in the background to silence all “wrongspeak,” using any means necessary.

“The Sleeping Giants have scared anywhere from 4100 to 4300 advertisers away from Breitbart,” Monroe explains on his blog. “That’s the group’s tactic. They apply it to Breitbart or wherever they politically see fit.”


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Twitter is threatening legal action against The Gateway Pundit for reporting about its collusion with Sleeping Giants

A growing number of Twitter employees are also now secretly working for Sleeping Giants in that they’re targeting the accounts of Twitter users with the group’s censorship agenda in mind.

Twitter’s Global Agency Development Lead Travis Freeman, as one example, was instrumental in hassling Amazon to implement its own censorship policies, as was a former Twitter Android engineer, according to Monroe.

Twitter Engineer Matt Massicotte is also listed by Monroe as a type of secret agent working on behalf of Sleeping Giants to silence free speech on tech platforms, as are many others.

The entirety of Monroe’s investigation is available on his blog, which you can access here.

Interestingly enough, The Gateway Pundit, which recently published its own article about Monroe’s investigation into Twitter’s partnership with Sleeping Giants, is now being threatened with a lawsuit simply for running the story at all.

In other words, it’s now a crime in 2019 to tell the truth about anything. Whistleblowers are called “traitors,” even though the real traitors are those in charge at Twitter, Facebook, et al. all of which are infringing upon the First Amendment without consequence.

This is no joke, people. If Twitter and the rest of the tech cabal gets away with the treason they’re currently engaging in, it’s only a matter of time before they up the ante and usher in the next phase of tyranny. And the more you use their platforms, the more you’re supporting their anti-free speech agenda.

Unfortunately for Monroe, he’s desperately trying to be allowed back on Twitter’s platform, which is a dead end unless he wants to become just like them – which based on his blog work doesn’t seem likely since the guy is devoted to honest journalism, which is something that Twitter absolutely won’t tolerate.

“These ‘tech’ giants need to be broken up yesterday,” commented one The Gateway Pundit reader about the situation.

“The FEC, FTC, and FCC need to get involved,” wrote another. “There are too many issues with Big Tech, election meddling, anti-trust, and internet/communication laws. The USA can’t allow monopolies more powerful and richer than many small and medium countries.”

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