Thank you for your tremendous support – we are seeing record sales at the Health Ranger Store, which gives us the resources to keep fighting for truth, health and humanity
12/01/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Thank you for your tremendous support – we are seeing record sales at the Health Ranger Store, which gives us the resources to keep fighting for truth, health and humanity

A quick thank you to all Health Ranger Store customers who have showered us with unprecedented support over the last several days, taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we still have running until midnight, Monday night.

Despite the extreme censorship, de-monetization, de-listing, news media smears and all the other attacks we’ve endured over the last year, you have gifted us with the resources to keep fighting for human freedom, which includes the freedom to know the truth about natural medicine, the dangers of vaccines, the criminal fraud of the pharmaceutical industry, the knowledge of how to make your own powerful medicine and much more.

All of us here at the Health Ranger Store are watching our real-time sales analytics screens in sheer awe, feeling such an outpouring of support from all of you that it’s deeply inspiring. It tells us that you recognize our work as being profoundly important for humanity, and it spurs us to pursue all kinds of critical projects we’ve promised, including sharing the structured nanoparticle medicine recipe we’ve been mentioning recently. (That’s coming in early 2020.)

There’s so much knowledge we have to share with you, including a lot of breakthroughs we’ve developed in-house that have tremendous implications for health freedom and self-reliance. For whatever reason, God has granted us the ability and humility to understand another small piece of how nature works (in chemistry, botanical molecules, etc.). Perhaps it’s because God knows we are a conduit for shared human knowledge and not here to constrain or limit such knowledge for personal gain. Our goal is to share critical knowledge and health wisdom to uplift humanity, which is exactly why we are being so heavily censored by globalists whose No. 1 goal is now the extermination / depopulation of humanity.


Make no mistake: We are fighting on “Team Humanity,” and it is your support of our online store that gives us the real-world resources to keep moving forward with all our various projects. Prayers alone can’t fund the infrastructure we need to run our operations, including our mass spec laboratory, our interview studio and our expanding editorial team. While your prayers are greatly valued and have granted us divine protection over the last several years, we have salaries to pay, raw materials to purchase, bandwidth to fund and a very expensive R&D team that’s building all sorts of new things that will benefit us all (such as and the new natural health search engine we’re launching soon).

Thank you for putting up with my occasional political rants. Thank you for understanding when we have delays on projects that we hoped to finish sooner (such as testing 1,000 off-the-shelf products for glyphosate). And thank you for sharing our stories and videos even when we’re banned everywhere by the evil tech giants.

Your support inspires us to keep moving forward

Your support has given me not just the resources but also the courage and personal strength to keep fighting for humanity, no matter how large the army of evil that is arrayed against us. But even the most nefarious forces of evil cannot erase the truth from human consciousness, no matter how hard they try. Truth is more powerful than deception, and natural medicine is so abundant, safe and effective that even if Big Pharma controls all the tech giants (which they do), resourceful human beings will still seek out the truth through independent channels like this one.

God wants you to be healthy, and Mother Nature has already provided all the molecules your body needs to achieve perfect health. We’re just here to remind you of what your body already knows… knowledge that may have been pounded out of your mind by a never-ending assault of Big Pharma propaganda, industry disinformation and fake news from the media cartels. In effect, we’re just re-connecting you to who you are, which is a divine extension of nature itself.

Over the last three days, you voted for us to continue this important work, and you did it through free market principles of trading dollars for quality products, completing a spiritual exchange of energy that’s represented in the physical world. It means that you value us, and we value you.

With every purchase, you are voting for us and cheering us on. And with ever dollar of revenue that appears in our store, we gain more resources to carry out our mission for the benefit of all humanity. 2020 is going to be our most amazing year ever in terms of sharing knowledge with the public. Watch for a series of how-to videos on making your own medicine and natural health products. We’ve got a lot to bring you, and since we’ve built the health freedom platforms like, we can no longer be censored by YouTube, Twitter, Google or Facebook. (They can’t go beyond 100% censorship, and they’re already there!)

This means that as long as you support us, we are here to stay. And we will keep building and expanding our platforms, our knowledge base and our dedication to human freedom, human dignity and human knowledge.

I sincerely thank you for all that you have done for us. Your support means the world to all of us who have given up our holidays, weekends and evenings to keep this infrastructure running.

If you’d like to offer us any additional support, our Cyber Monday deals run through midnight, Monday night, and every category of great deals has been activated across the entire store, including personal care products, superfoods, home health, survival & prepping products and much more. See all the great deals here, while supplies last.

Oh, and we’re shipping out from two warehouses this year, and I was just informed that our two fulfillment teams are doing an amazing job of keeping up with the rush of orders, so expect your products to arrive much faster than they did last year.

Thank you again for your amazing support.

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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