Survival planning: 4 Types of property to consider when choosing a bug-out location
10/14/2021 / By Virgilio Marin / Comments
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Survival planning: 4 Types of property to consider when choosing a bug-out location

If you live in a city or near an urban center, you’ll want to bug out to a secure place when SHTF because cities are epicenters of chaos. Places that make for excellent bug-out locations are usually situated in remote areas and provide access to water and other natural resources.

Choosing the right bug-out location is an important part of survival planning, so you should invest as much of your time and resources in this part as you do in stockpiling food and water supplies.

Best bug-out locations in America

Here are four types of property that make for great bug-out locations: (h/t to

Mountain cabin

Mountain cabins are popular bug-out locations because they are located deep in the wilderness. When SHTF, you’ll want to live near the woods so you can hunt game, forage for wild edibles and readily pick up logs of wood to start a fire.

Mountain cabins also provide access to water since they are usually located near springs, waterfalls and whatnot. If you choose to bug out to a mountain cabin, you just need to purify the water you sourced from nearby to make it safe for drinking. Lucky for you, there are several water purification methods that you can do at home and in the wild.


Ranches also make for terrific bug-out locations. Thanks to the wide tract of land, you can grow crops, raise livestock, dig wells and even establish an off-grid source of energy. You can set up a small array of solar panels on the same field where your livestock are grazing. Those panels can provide shade in the middle of summer and keep farm animals cool.

In addition, many ranches are relatively close to lakes, ponds and other areas where you can fish and hunt for sustenance. In all, ranches are perfect for homesteaders who want to become fully self-sufficient when SHTF.

Upper seaside property

If you already live close to the ocean, bugging out to a ranch or a mountain cabin is impractical because these locations are usually far from the sea. When bugging out, you need to limit your travel time to minimize the risk of getting seen and being chased by hostile parties. (Related: The best bug-out locations for preppers in the Eastern U.S.)

As such, your best bet is to relocate to an upper seaside property. While properties right on the shore are dangerous due to rising water levels and passing boats, upper seaside land is a safe bet. It still provides easy access to the ocean, but you don’t have to worry about floods or passing boats since it’s a bit far from the beach.

Alaskan property

If you really want to distance yourself from society, then remote locations like Alaska are perfect for you. You can survive for a long time in this state without seeing another person. Plus, the land is abundant in natural resources, such as water, local game and timber. You can be as self-sufficient here as in the three aforementioned properties.

The Alaskan wilderness can be tough, but that’s where survival planning comes in. Research on what it’s like to be a survivalist in Alaska and what you can do to prepare for potential dangers in the state.

An excellent bug-out location offers security, solace and a chance to become self-sufficient. You should keep that in mind when choosing where to bug out when SHTF.

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