Antifa the new Hitler-like Brown Shirts: Challenger to anti-Semite Ilhan Omar ejected from event by masked, weapon-toting thugs
08/18/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Antifa the new Hitler-like Brown Shirts: Challenger to anti-Semite Ilhan Omar ejected from event by masked, weapon-toting thugs

While the Left and their sycophantic enablers in the “establishment” media continue to claim that “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” are on the rise in America and a ‘domestic terrorism’ problem, the real terrorists are coming from their side of the political aisle.

In fact, the case can and should be made often that Leftists who comprise movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are reincarnations of Hitler’s Brown Shirt brigades because they operate the very same way: Militant violence as a means of pursuing political power.

Case in point: The only declared Republican challenger to anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in next year’s election was abused by masked Antifa thugs earlier this month, Big League Politics reported.

Congressional candidate Danielle Stella managed to infiltrate an Antifa event being held in Minneapolis on August 6 while attempting to do some research on the group’s ongoing “Border Resistance Tour,” which is being held to train and gin up support for obstructing border enforcement efforts in El Paso, Texas, from Sept. 1-10. 

“Instead of doing their court cases on the U.S. side of the border, they are applying for asylum at a point of entry around U.S. soil on the border, and then are being sent back to Mexico to whatever border town they were in, and they have to be doing their court process while remaining there,” an Antifa organizer said via Skype during the event, Big League Politics reported.

Stella only managed to record a few moments of the event before she was physically ushered out under heavy Leftist intimidation.

“I was leaving. I went out the back way, and she followed me to the parking lot, and she said ‘nope, you need to get off the property completely,’ and started complaining I wasn’t doing it fast enough,” Stella said. 

The woman who escorted her out then began verbal abuse and threats after being accompanied by male masked Antifa thugs carrying items that could be considered and used as weapons.

“One of the Antifa men had a baseball bat, and another one had a cattle prod. They decided to give me 30 seconds, and they also threatened to call the police on me while holding weapons and wearing their Antifa riot gear,” Stella said. 

Left-wing attacks on government facilities are increasing too

“When you have a whole bunch of you in riot gear and weapons, who do you think you are? A bunch of losers is what you are,” she noted further in a video posted to Facebook.

She also complained that she had been booted out of a public event — one that had been posted online. At one point in the video, a short-haired woman was seen telling Stella that “as a small business owner,” she had the right to eject anyone from her place of business if she chose to.

But the presence of the masked, armed thugs is really the icing on the cake, because while the Left claims they are so against bullying and violence, they sure use a lot of both when it comes to forcing their will on others.

Big League Politics noted further: 

Stella assured her audience that they missed very little from the meeting other than left-wing crybabies whining and complaining about the border crisis while blaming President Trump and conservatives for all that is wrong in the world.

In the past month, a self-identified Antifa supporter and member attempted to firebomb an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, Wash. Since then there have been three additional incidents at ICE facilities around the country, including this week when unknown gunmen shot at an occupied ICE office in downtown San Antonio. 

We don’t expect this Brown Shirt behavior by Antifa to subside anytime soon until they are forced into submission. 

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