Prepping safety tips: How to use a flashlight for self-defense
10/23/2019 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
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Prepping safety tips: How to use a flashlight for self-defense

A flashlight will help you navigate in the dark, but did you know that you can use it for self-defense if you don’t have a proper weapon? (h/t to

Buy a sturdy, high-quality flashlight with a bright beam

The ideal flashlight for self-defense has many useful features, several modes, a sturdy body, and a heft that makes it a great weapon.

Learn about all the features of your flashlight

Inspect your flashlight. Figure out the power settings, internal settings, and examine its metal construction. Use these features to your advantage when SHTF.

Memorize the SOS Morse code

In a dangerous situation, you can ask for help using the SOS Morse code.

Go to a safe spot, make sure only someone you trust can see your flashlight, then send out the code: three short flashes, followed by three long flashes, then three short flashes.

Contrast the flashlight settings and strike unexpectedly

Adjust the settings of your flashlight to maximum brightness, then switch on your flashlight when you’re about to strike.

Flash the light directly on the eyes of the attacker. While they’re disoriented, hit them with the hard end of your flashlight.

Shining the flashlight on your attacker’s face should blind them for a couple of seconds. Seize this opportunity to fight back.

Practice a forceful strike using your flashlight

Practice striking with your flashlight using your dominant hand. Aim, then strike the target as hard as you can.

Be patient, but strike fast

A flashlight isn’t the best weapon, but it’s better than nothing. Hide in a safe spot and if you are being chased, use your flashlight to strike your pursuer.

Aim for their chin to disorient them. Other targets include a pressure point under the chin that’s close to the ear. This spot under the chin is very sensitive.

If you’re taller than your attacker, aim your flashlight at their temple, between the eye and ear.

Use your flashlight to break glass windows

If your attacker traps you, wait until you have the chance to use your flashlight. Break a glass window so you can escape.

Use your flashlight as a diversion

Exercise caution when using your flashlight as a decoy. If you miss, you’ll lose your only weapon.

But if you time the diversion right, your flashlight can buy you enough time to escape. Switch on the flashlight, then throw the flashlight as far as you can. Escape while your attackers are distracted. (Related: Top 12 NECESSARY items for survival when SHTF.)

Turn your flashlight into a DIY weapon

If your flashlight has aluminum parts, turn it into a more effective weapon. Remove the inner parts, then fasten it on top of the flashlight to make it sharper.

If you can’t blind your attackers with your flashlight, you can at least stab them with it. Alternatively, you can remove the glass bulbs and use the pointy ends as a sharp weapon.

Combine your flashlight with other tools

A gun and flashlight pairing is a great weapon when SHTF. Use the flashlight to illuminate your target before firing.

If you’re outside, grab some stones or anything hard you can throw. Shine your flashlight to disorient your attacker, then use the stones to hit them hard and fast.

Preppers stay calm during scary and dangerous scenarios. Even if armed only with a flashlight, use your wits to gain an advantage over your attackers so you can strike unexpectedly.

When SHTF, consider your options. Fight when you have no other choice but to defend yourself, but flee if you can to fight another day.

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