How to pack the ultimate EDC kit
11/07/2019 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
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How to pack the ultimate EDC kit

Preppers come from different backgrounds, but if there’s one thing most preppers agree on, it’s that an everyday carry kit is a must-have for your daily preps. (h/t to

What’s an everyday carry kit?

An everyday carry (EDC) kit or bag includes items that you usually have on your person as you go about your daily tasks. These items are useful for both “normal” situations and in an emergency.

The minimal list below aims to keep your kit or bag as light as possible. Feel free to add or remove items to meet your particular needs.

The items in your EDC kit should help you deal with any unexpected emergency so you can head to a safe location or get back home with access to only basic gear.


Your emergency money should include loose change to make it easier to buy small items like batteries, food, and water from stores to replenish your supplies. Avoid large bills so looters don’t think you’re worth targeting when SHTF.

When traveling with an EDC bag, bring a second wallet with cash and extra copies of your IDs, travel documents, and passport. Hide your second wallet in a different location.

If a pickpocket manages to steal your main wallet, you can still get home with the money in your second wallet.

Mobile phone (and a fully charged power bank)

If the communication lines are still up, you can use your phone to call loved ones or as a navigating tool. When the grid goes down, a phone has other useful features like a calculator, flashlight, or various survival apps.


You can extend your phone’s battery life with a portable power bank for at least one more day.


You’ll need a sturdy hand-held flashlight when the power goes out or if you need to navigate in the dark. (Related: Prepping basics: 4 Lists of essential survival supplies.)


A high-quality multi-tool combines useful features like a bottle opener, knife, scissors, screwdriver, and tweezers in one handy tool.

EDC knife

If you need a handy self-defense weapon, a knife will do the trick faster and better than fumbling around with all the features of your multi-tool, which all have their uses when you’re not in a hurry to fight off an attacker.

An EDC knife can also be used for cutting things or food prep.

Food and water

There’s no need to overpack your EDC kit, which is intended to help you reach your survival hideout as fast as possible. Keep several food bars and a filled water bottle in your EDC kit.

First aid kit

A mini first aid kit in your EDC bag could save someone’s life when disaster strikes. Make sure your first aid kit includes basic items like alcohol, wipes, bandages, burn cream, disinfectant, and gauze.

Include personal medication like asthma inhalers or insulin injections if you have medical conditions.

Waterproof poncho

An umbrella is useful, but it may take up too much space in your EDC bag. The next best thing is a waterproof poncho, which will help you stay dry if it starts to rain on your way home.

Survival whistle

If you get lost when SHTF, use your survival whistle to call for help.

Use the SOS code: three one-second-long blasts, followed by three three-second-long blasts, and another three one-second-long blasts.

Notebook and pen

Use your notebook and pen to keep track of important details like emergency contact information. You can also use your pen and a piece of paper to leave an emergency note for your survival group if you get separated.

Keep your EDC kit as light as possible by regularly checking the gear in your bag and removing items you don’t use. Rotate the items in your bag and bring your EDC kit with you each time you leave the house so you can get home safely if (and when) SHTF.

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