Vaccines appear to be decimating the NFL and causing a wave of injuries and deaths across professional sports
01/09/2023 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Vaccines appear to be decimating the NFL and causing a wave of injuries and deaths across professional sports

Like never before in history, perfectly healthy athletes are dropping dead “suddenly” and doctors have no rational explanations for it. Sure, there have always been the occasional and rare “healthy” sports players who were born with a defective heart condition, or have a sudden brain aneurism, but since the mRNA vaccines mandate hit the “market” in December of 2020, we’ve seen hundreds of high school, college, and professional sports athletes in all arenas collapse and die on the field or court from a sudden heart attack or stroke. To call it a grand coincidence would be quite the stretch, and to ignore the Covid jabs completely would be a reverse conspiracy theory.

Let’s delve into the real pandemic, and it’s not a virus, but the “treatment” for that virus that’s putting healthy athletes in the hospital or six feet under. We don’t need mass media fake news to confirm any of this for it to be true and really happening, as America watches on their TV or smart device.

National Library of Medicine analysis concludes the rate of NFL injuries last year (2020-2021) “significantly higher” than previous 3 seasons

It’s one thing when players in full-contact sports get injured when they get smashed by another player, and twist their knee, sprain their ankle, or get a concussion, but to collapse on the field out of the blue from a heart attack seems odd, especially when it happens across all sports, all ages, and to hundreds of players every season now, ever since the… wait for it… Covid clot shots.


The National Library of Medicine may not be calling out the vaccines, but they are pointing out the wave of injuries in the NFL since the Covid jabs hit the market, and it doesn’t take a sports analyst, statistics cruncher, or medical doctor to do the math and see what’s happening to the National Football League players, who are some of the healthiest ‘gladiators’ on planet Earth, well, at least they used to be.

NFL vaccidents are happening all over the field, almost every game. Players collapse and it’s not from getting hit by another player, most of the time. The National Library of Medicine has confirmed: “The rate of injury in NFL players during weeks 1-4 of the 2020-2021 regular seasons was significantly higher than during 3 recent past NFL pre-seasons and regular seasons.” That sure does coincide with the gene-mutation-injections for the Fauci Flu, that cause strange rubbery vascular clots, trouble breathing, irregular heartbeats, swollen heart muscle, chronic inflammation, and all sorts of other critical health conditions. Coincidence? We think not.

No sports commentator is ever allowed to even say the word “vaccine” on television for fear of losing their job, yet Sudden Adult Death Syndrome sure seems to be the “elephant” on the field as of late. Can’t talk about it. Can’t mention it. Certainly can’t speculate about it.

Don’t celebrate that touchdown too much, or the penalty might be a clot-shot-induced heart attack, instead of just a yellow flag

No, referee whistles and cold showers are NOT killing health athletes suddenly, ever since the Covid clot shots came out. Those are just sad cover stories for the vaccine industrial complex, and they’re just about the dumbest excuses ever. And it’s not just players in the NFL, because it’s happening to soccer players too. Autopsies of the Covid-vaccinated often reveal strange rubbery vascular clots that can easily cause a heart attack or stroke, even for the healthiest people on the planet, especially when their hearts are working hard during sports to pump blood throughout the body.

It’s happening all over the world, not just in the USA. We’re seeing perfectly healthy athletes in all sports drop dead or simply pass out on the field or court in Germany, Australia, and other countries. The statistics are undeniable. How much longer will it take, and how many more innocent people, including healthy athletes, have to die of “unexplainable causes” and “SADS” before all the Covid clot shots are recalled, suspended, and blamed properly?

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental gene therapy injections the CDC and fake news claim are “safe and effective” when they’re really knocking off healthy athletes right and left, across the globe.

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