Lester Holt fabricates total LIE about Alex Jones “battle rifles” incident… deliberately deceives Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
08/18/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Lester Holt fabricates total LIE about Alex Jones “battle rifles” incident… deliberately deceives Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The establishment media, working in tandem with the Left-wing titans of Big Tech, are continuing to wage a propaganda war against Alex Jones and Infowars in an attempt to justify their decisions to deplatform, defund, and censor him.

On Wednesday, NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt, during an interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, actually hinted that Jones is responsible for inciting violence in the wake of being banned temporarily from the platform.

At issue is a video statement Jones made earlier in response to a plethora of Left-wing violence that has steadily increased against conservatives and Trump supporters, including the shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana last summer and the beating of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., earlier this year. And those incidents are in addition to the many direct calls for violence, “resistance,” and revolution in the streets, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., actually suggested in recent weeks, Jones pointed out.

Jones noted further in his video statement that it was imperative conservatives who are being constantly targeted these days make sure to sleep with a “battle rifle” handy – not that conservatives should be using them to target political opponents, “Antifa,” and journalists.

Self-defense is the polar opposite of attacking people.

“They think they can really take down America. And this is it. So, people need to have their battle rifles and everything ready at their bedsides and you got to be ready because the media is so disciplined in their deception. Antifa attacked all these people at the White House, beat up reporters, beat up women, children, no coverage. And they’ve got discipline folks, they’ve got criminal discipline because they’re a bunch of followers,” said Jones in his video statement posted to his Periscope account.


“It’s the truth being murdered that gets me upset,” Jones said in response to Holt’s allegation that he, and not the unhinged Left, is responsible for stoking violence and in response to Twitter’s ban. (Related: ‘Mainstream’ media pushing us toward more political VIOLENCE by refusing to call out Antifa.)

Outright hypocrisy from the ‘mainstream’ media

In his interview with Dorsey, Holt, however, mischaracterized what Jones said.

“Alex Jones, on Twitter, posted this week what essentially was essentially a video calling for people to get their ‘battle rifles’ ready against the media, saying it’s time to act, it’s gotta be done now, ‘move criminally against’ people…” said Holt. “It sent a chill up my spine, how about yours?”

“It did,” Dorsey responded. “I mean, there are a number of actions we believe help a call to incitement to violence, and those are the things that we need to make sure that we’re taking action on.”

Jones said that Holt was purposely cherry-picking content from a “20-minute clip” to make it appear like he said something other than what was spoken and intended.

“I mean, I could take what Lester Holt just said and turn it around and say, ‘Lester Holt said that,’” Jones said. “This is total fraud.”

Without question, Jones’ assessment of which side of the political aisle has been more violent – the Left – is spot-on. Left-wing extremists in droves have joined groups like Antifa and “It’s Going Down” to show up – armed, in many instances, with various weapons – at conservative- and Trump-supporter-staged “free speech” events specifically to do battle. There is no shortage of documented evidence of these acts of violence in print and in video.

The objective isn’t just to silence the voices of conservatives. It’s getting to the point where Left-wing extremists are now threatening conservatives with death. And ‘mainstream media’ like Lester Holt refuse to inform the American people about those threats.

As The National Sentinel reported, Antifa protesters at a counter-demonstration in Washington, D.C., last weekend carried a banner vowing “bullets” for conservative Trump-supporting opponents.

Where was Lester Holt’s spine then?

Read more about the coming civil war at CivilWar.news.

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