Facebook allows washed-up former CNN reporter to determine which conservative websites get completely blocked… massive censorship scandal
08/27/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Facebook allows washed-up former CNN reporter to determine which conservative websites get completely blocked… massive censorship scandal

It’s become more than obvious that Facebook’s well-publicized effort to “battle fake news” on its platform is in and of itself an effort to actually allow it to proliferate while the tech giant continues to censor and ban [conservative] content its Left-wing speech Nazis don’t like.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Facebook is apparently using a ‘fact-checking’ website co-founded by a former CNN entertainment and political reporter, Alan Duke, and a one-time speech recognition technician, Belgium-based Maarten Schenk, to ‘debunk’ several of TGP’s stories, along with others from similar Right-leaning websites.

The website in question — Lead Stories — itself looks hokey and fake, with sensationalized headlines and gimmicky graphics. And let’s face it, the two guys running it don’t have anything like qualifications to decide what is and is notfake news.” They have no experience determining what amounts to legitimate journalism other than rudimentary observations. And if they have to dig deeper than the surface to find accuracy, they clearly aren’t spending time doing that.

Take the seven TGP stories the site deemed “fake.” To wit:

— The story, “Meet Andrii Telizhenko: The Man Who Will Blow the Lid Off of Mueller’s Russian Witch Hunt,” reported, in part, that there were Ukrainian connections to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential bid. TGP notes that the site spoke directly to an embassy employee for the report. And besides, other reporting by sites like Politico also documented Ukrainian connections to Clinton’s campaign. But Lead Stories deemed it “fake news.”


— Stories 2, 3, 4, and 5 “have nothing to do with Gateway Pundit and our reporting” and “were never posted” on the news site.

— Stories 6 and 7 “go to blank pages,” TGP reported. “You can’t even read their reports!”

This development comes as Facebook continues its war against conservative, Right-leaning websites, and all under the phony guise of ‘fighting fake news.’ And though so-called “mainstream” media like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times have published one fake news story about the Trump administration after another, they are never penalized by the platform because they hate the president.

Meanwhile, legitimate independent news sources like InfoWars, Natural News, and others have been completely banned from Facebook. (Related: Google threatens former employee with FBI agents in attempt to SILENCE whistleblower.)

Facebook using fake news sites to ‘fact check’ legitimate news agencies

Other news sites have been punished as well, and for nothing other than publishing news the Left-wing speech Nazis at Facebook don’t like. For instance, The National Sentinel recently had its blue certification check mark removed for ostensibly publishing a number of ‘fake news’ articles that weren’t fake at all, but instead reported critically and factually on some of the Left’s sacred political cows like Antifa. What’s more, Facebook contacted the site and said it would intentionally be limiting the reach of TNS reports, even to the site’s own followers — many of which were paid for through marketing on the platform — because of too many ‘fake news’ violations.

And yet, Parler, a rising social media platform, has named The National Sentinel a media partner.

“Facebook has eliminated traffic to conservative sites, lied about it, then started using a far-Left CNN hack to cover their tracks,” TGP notes. “Their actions have cost conservative publishers traffic, influence and income.”

According to Facebook, Lead Stories is one of more than 25 ‘fact-checking’ organizations worldwide and one of six based in the United States along with The Associated Press, Check Your Fact, FactCheck.org, Politifact, and Science Feedback. 

The AP is guilty of publishing fake news as well, most of it, recently, pertaining to the Trump administration’s “Russian collusion” hoax. Politifact has been criticized as having a liberal bias in the past, as has FactCheck.org, particularly throughout the 2016 election,” Breitbart News reported in Dec. 2016.

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