4 Hacks to build confidence while shooting
09/08/2019 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
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4 Hacks to build confidence while shooting

Shooting requires precision, and self-confidence is essential if you want to improve your marksmanship. Follow these four tips to develop your confidence so you can defend yourself and your loved ones when SHTF. (h/t to DoomsdayMoose.com)

Train with an expert.

Most preppers teach themselves essential survival skills such as firestarting, but when it comes to firearms training, it is better to learn from an expert.

Before you can accurately shoot a target from a distance, you must learn from an experienced shooter. Training with an expert will help build your confidence in your shooting skills and accuracy.

Spend enough time training with a skilled firearms teacher to learn tips and tricks that will build your confidence in your abilities. The most effective firearms educators will teach you everything you need to know, such as how to properly grip, aim, and fire your gun.

A firearms trainer will teach you the finer points of your chosen firearm, and these tips will allow you to use your gun effectively when SHTF.

Learn everything you can about your firearm.

Various types of firearms have unique pros and cons. A handgun has a different balance, grip, and feel with the trigger and the safety compared to a rifle or shotgun. Quality weapons like AR-15 rifles, old-fashioned revolvers, and shotguns will feel different even if they perform at a similar level.

Spend as much time as you can learning about your firearm so you feel comfortable whenever you’re training with it. This is crucial if you want to learn how to use your gun well, especially during time-sensitive survival scenarios. (Related: Simple strategies you can implement NOW to significantly improve your home security.)

Nothing beats personal experience.

No one can become a skilled marksman overnight. You need to train regularly to get a feel for your gun, so train at the shooting range whenever you have free time. Better still, make time for training every day.

There is no shortcut to developing marksmanship, and there is no substitute for target practice. Every hour you spend training will improve your skill level, and delivering a large number of rounds through the gun will help build your confidence.

Train regularly to develop the balance and muscle memory required for unparalleled accuracy and consistency with any weapon.

Wear proper safety gear while training.

The fear of getting injured during gun training can significantly affect a beginner’s confidence. If you find it daunting to learn how to use a gun, ease your worries by always wearing proper protective gear and firing your weapon responsibly.

Wearing eye and ear protection at the range will let you concentrate on the recoil and control of the weapon instead of bracing yourself for eye and noise hazards. When training with a larger long gun like a rifle, wear shoulder padding for protection.

Doing something as simple as wearing protective gear will help ease your fears so you can confidently fire your gun.

Gun safety tips

As you work on building your confidence, these gun safety tips will help you learn how to use your firearm properly.

  1. Treat every gun as if loaded. Always check the magazine, receiver, and chamber to see if your gun has ammo.
  2. Keep your gun muzzle pointed to a safe direction. Whether you’re in the shooting range or hunting outdoors, point your muzzle away from others and anything that will get hurt if you accidentally pull the trigger. Keep in mind that bullets may penetrate ceilings and walls and that they can ricochet off of hard surfaces.
  3. Keep your fingers off the trigger. Accidental discharges are common among gun owners and aiming and pointing at your target before resting your finger on the trigger will help prevent any accidents.
  4. Before you pull the trigger, make sure your target and other objects are downrange.
  5. The importance of protecting yourself while training can’t be emphasized enough. Always wear proper protective gear, especially for your eyes and ears.

As a prepper, you must take the necessary steps to build your confidence with a firearm. Learn how to use your gun responsibly and train regularly so that when disaster strikes, your marksmanship won’t fail you.

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