This is what ‘the enemies of America within’ don’t want us to know! Mass murderer Joseph Stalin would have been proud of Adam Schiff & ‘the cabal’ & their Soviet-style coup attempt
12/04/2019 / By News Editors / Comments
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This is what ‘the enemies of America within’ don’t want us to know! Mass murderer Joseph Stalin would have been proud of Adam Schiff & ‘the cabal’ & their Soviet-style coup attempt

So the first phase of this impeachment farce is over. Step one included such high points as pencil neck Schiff lying to Congress, knowing the citizens of this country we being fed a lie in his “parody.” This was needed because the media covered the lie all day until Schiff finally admitted that everything he said was in the transcript was a lie.

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Another high point was the Soviet-style secret meetings that last took place during the reign of Stalin. Hours of testimony were summarized for those outside the cabal to read and only with a watcher. The so-called witnesses were told to answer Republican questions by Schiff, the chairman of this witch hunt.

The selective leaks from these basement testimonies are what Adam Schiff hopes will change the minds of the American people. They are selectively leaked to picture President Trump as evil. These leaks are much the same lies and innuendo that they have pushed since the day President Trump took the oath of office. The leaks are eagerly lapped up like good little dogs by the media intending to harm President Trump. The cabal is claiming that President Trump is obstructing Congress, a worthless term. They also claim he is obstructing justice by the use of his legitimate use of executive privilege.

Working with the progressive/socialist Lawfare attorneys Barry Berke and Norm Eisen , Schiff has already written the articles of impeachment. Lawfare, the same group that created the testimony for Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in the Kavanaugh case, is formulating obstruction of justice articles with no basis in fact and no legal basis under the law.

While claiming to run everything by due process, the progressive socialist Democrats were in charge of nothing more than a clown show. The public understood that this show was nothing more than a kangaroo court in the never-ending search of something to impeach Trump. All they have right now is a CIA agent that worked with the ICIG and Adam Schiff’s staff on a “whistleblower complaint” that meets none of the criteria even to be a whistleblower.

Once it was found out that the informant worked with pencil necks staff, Adam Schiff decided we no longer need his testimony. The fact that his staff and Schiff himself worked with the CIA’s handpicked whistleblower/informant, that made Schiff a “fact witness.” Compromised by being a fact witness should mean that Adam Schiff should not be allowed to run any investigation concerned with the whistleblower/informant. This the only testimony by the ICIG that has been marked “Secret” by Schiff to hide his collaboration with the CIA agent whistleblower, named by some as Eric Ciaramella.

And it was apparent that Lt. Col. Vindman knew who the whistleblower/informant was because he refused to name who he told his lies to in the Intelligence community. The name couldn’t come out, which is why pencil neck Schiff shut down the line of questioning. The question remains if Schiff did not know who the whistleblower/informant was, why did he shut down the issue. The Senate impeachment trial has a great many questions to ask of the witnesses and Schiff himself if he has the guts to come forward.

Schiff had claimed that he had incontrovertible evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. It seems that he rushed three times a day into in the arms of the sycophantic press to claim President Trump was guilty. When the Mueller report was released, you would have thought that would end this stupidity. A loud purveyor of that no one is above the law, Schiff should keep in mind that he is not above the law as well.

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