Health Ranger joins Parler, Stefan Molyneux joins Brighteon, millions of users leave Twitter and Facebook over gross censorship
06/30/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Health Ranger joins Parler, Stefan Molyneux joins Brighteon, millions of users leave Twitter and Facebook over gross censorship

The mass exodus away from the tech tyrants is now underway as millions of people are leaving Facebook, Twitter and YouTube due to extreme censorship and “viewpoint discrimination.” The left-wing lunatic-run tech tyrants have decided that they alone get to decide what views and opinions are allowed to be uttered in the public square, and since they are all run by drooling, sniveling left-wing mobs, they’ve decided that “hate speech” is anything they hate.

And my God, are they full of hate.

So they’re banning everyone who doesn’t bow down and lick the boots of Black Lies Matter terrorists and Antifa soy boy hormone-disrupted basement weenies who think they’re combat ninjas.

It’s no surprise then, that everybody is moving to new “alt” platforms like Parler, Bitchute, Brighteon, Minds, Spreely and others.

Just two days ago, YouTube banned video philosophy legend Stefan Molyneux, who promptly began posting videos on Brighteon. Here’s his explanation of the ban and why he’s not backing down:

Laura Loomer, of course, has been designated a “dangerous person” by Facebook, and is now running for the U.S. Congress on a platform of ending Big Tech’s malicious censorship that selectively silences conservatives.

I recently interviewed Laura Loomer about her being banned, and you can watch that interview here:

Health Ranger joins and after being banned by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo

We’ve joined and are now posting content and comments there:

Official Health Ranger channel, with more personal posts coming:

Official Natural News channel:

Official Brighteon channel:

We’ve also joined, a new Facebook alternative that’s run by patriots. You’ll need to sign in to view the posts:

Official Natural News channel on

Official Health Ranger channel on

We will be posting more content on all these channels soon. Join these platforms and follow our channels to stay informed.

Take action: Join ALL the alternative platforms if you ever wish to speak freely again

Our world is under extreme attack by a radical left-wing authoritarian cult of dangerous lunatics who think they alone get to decide what “speech” is acceptable. And they don’t tolerate any criticism of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, transgenderism, vaccines, abortions or anything else they love (since they are all death worshipers and demon-infested entities).

Your best option right now is to join all the alternative platforms and speak there. Bring all your followers and friends with you, of course, so they can see your posts.

YouTube alternative = or

Facebook alternative =

Twitter alternative = or

Google alternative? We’re working on one, at least in a limited way, to be announced later.

Most importantly, stop using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google! Don’t use the platforms of the very same enemies who are trying to enslave humanity and silence voices of reason. It’s time to move away from evil and embrace the freedom of alt platforms.

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