11 Ways to make your bug-out vehicle SHTF-proof
12/14/2020 / By Virgilio Marin / Comments
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11 Ways to make your bug-out vehicle SHTF-proof

Your bug-out vehicle is your first line of defense against the dangers of SHTF. It’s your temporary shelter on the road while you make the trip to your bug-out location. Therefore, it’s important that your vehicle is durable and capable of protecting you from the elements.

Take a look at the following tips to make your bug-out vehicle SHTF-proof: (h/t to SurvivalSullivan.com)

1. Upgrade your car’s battery and alternator

Heavy-duty batteries and quality alternators can prevent sudden ignition failure and keep your car running longer. Upgrading these components will especially come in handy when the car’s electrical system has to cope with the additional strain induced by chargers and additional lights.

2. Add extra light fixtures

Extra car lights will illuminate the road better and serve as backups when one of the main car lights get broken. There are several options for lighting, like solar power lights, thin light bars mounted just above the windshield and A-pillar light mounts. Consider adding side and rear lighting to give you 360-degree illumination in case you need to camp out.

3. Install a power inverter

A power inverter provides you with a mobile power supply by enabling the use of standard household plugs. This is useful for charging multiple phones, power banks, GPS devices and other electric equipment.

4. Install a bullbar

Bullbars are also known as brush guards, push bumper, winch mounts and nudge bars. These accessories will protect the front of your car from scrapes and collisions and provide a sturdy platform for mounting vehicle accessories like winches.

5. Install a winch

A winch is a hauling or lifting device comprised of a cable winding around a horizontal rotating drum. This device is a life-saver when your vehicle is stuck in the mud, has slid off a road or has gotten stuck or high-centered on an obstacle. However, a quality winch is not cheap and requires skill and training to be used safely and effectively. If not properly installed and used, horrible accidents can happen. Save up and start practicing how to use a winch.

6. Add a vehicular medical kit

While you probably already have a medical kit in your bug-out bag, it is ideal to have another one inside your vehicle in case of an emergency. Secure your vehicular medical kit within the passenger cabin in a brightly colored bag. Be sure it’s easy to detach and access in the event of a  roadside mishap.

7. Store a bag of doom

A bag of doom contains extra ammunition for your primary and backup firearms. In case you wind up in a serious altercation on the road, you can use your bag of doom to quickly access much-needed ammo and have something for self-defense.

8. Get a gear organizer

It’s important to keep things inside your bug-out vehicle organized so they’re accessible. A great way to do this is by using gear organizers.

9. Keep a CB radio in your car

Citizens band (CB) radios are reliable devices that allow you to contact a loved one or a survival partner even when cellphone towers are already destroyed. When supported by an antenna, vehicular CB radios have a range of up to 11 miles, which means you can communicate with someone within that distance. (Related: 5 Must-haves for your bug-out vehicle.)

10. Keep a farm jack

Farm jacks are an indispensable tool for any prepper on the road. Also known as a hi-lift jack, this must-have tool  puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pulling, winching and clamping. Be advised that farm jacks are best stored on the exterior hardpoint of your vehicle, as they can cause significant damage if left loose inside the cabin.

11. Convert your car to an armored vehicle

Armored vehicles are built to last: They can withstand bullets and major crashes and prevent flat tires with their passengers alive and well. If you have the means, consider converting your car into an armored bug-out vehicle.

A sturdy and well-equipped vehicle factors greatly into your chances of survival. Upgrade your car to bug out safely and survive the dangers of SHTF.

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